Wednesday, January 17, 2007
freeking New England Winters.... my car on the way in..
I have I been slacking lately ... well here anyway
It's just that work has been so insane and I get kind of stressed out (they are still interviewing my boss's potential replacement candidates) with the work overload, by the time I get home I am void of energy and just want to lie down or something. Blogging from work (as I have typically done) is now impossible (not for an an abundance of supervision certainly, more correctly the absence of any free time).
ugh and when they do finally find somebody ... the training I have to do is going to be insane
I trained my boss in fact (well for the most part)
we bought out a company he had 25 years service with and it was part of some understanding he would head our IT department here. Somehow I didn't mind his taking on the position, I like him heaps (but I think I said that before). I hope he gets well soon and can come back to us.
ok enough boring talk about work..
funny how when it rains it pours...
so what have I done since Saturday...
Sunday was a laid back day with the kids, and we went to see A Night at The Museum.
ehk it was horrible. Great cast however, especially it's really cool to see Mickey Rooney is still alive and at work. Yikes he must be 200 years old (ok maybe that's a slight exaggeration but still, the man has been around for an eternity). I looked it up and even my 82 year old Grandmother was like 5 when he made his first film. Talk about a long career!!
nothing really to report on the last two days. Work, nap, dinner, workout, read sleep.
this coffee isn't kicking in sadly and I have 10 minutes to jump in the shower
ever try to catch an unwilling cat for a quick picture?
she's a stubborn little punk...

laters :)
Blogger Lemuel said...
I hope you get a break soon!

(cute kitten!)

Blogger vuboq said...
HA! You did post pictures of your pussy!! *LOL*

Have you ever considered applying for your boss's position? I mean, really, if you trained him ...

Blogger Scott E D said...
I was only 8 when I came to work this morning. It's been a pretty warm winter here so there is no reason to complain.

Cats make me sneeze. Achoo!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
why aren't you applying to be your own boss?

Blogger Ur-spo said...
cute cat.
Hang in there with work and the weather.

Hang in there, buddy.
Just a silly question, but have you asked them about considering you for the position? You're obviously capable, and the money would be better. As a downside, you'd probably have more hours and more headaches.
But you could spend it all on your kids!!

And by the way, scot e d looks pretty mature for his age.

Blogger Doug said...
Funny how the hiring thing works: once the new person is in, the company expects twice as much work to get done right away.

Hope things improve soon!

Blogger Marko said...
We got out first real blizzard of the season on the 14th. Its been bitterly cold, minus 20 overnights and like 2 during the day.

Blogger Steve said...
Ha! I laugh at your 10 degrees! It was 1 here this morning and tonight, it's supposed to be near 0. Sorry you're feeling beat. Get some sleep!

Blogger M- Filer said...
AWWWW....what's your cats name? How old?

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Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
that is a pretty kitty!

Blogger Will said...
Jim, I hope it lets up for you and you get some time to breathe. And I hope at least some of those dates have been positive experiences. Hugs from Boston.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
your cat is gorgeous!!!! :) what's her name? :)

Hang in there, im sure everything will work out fine.

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Your cat is adorable! What's her name?

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