Friday, January 19, 2007

I got my W2 this morning at 8AM from the receptionist
I had E-Filed my federal and Telefiled my State by 8:35
$1181 in total ... I will be as rich as Midas in 2 weeks
I want to get the PS3 for my kids
Yea ok $599+tax (and the games) is a bit steep but still ... we'll see
Sorry guys I haven't been around much lately work has been madcrazy
life hasn't been much easier
Here is a video clip I think you guys should take a look at .. wait for the young Persian man to speak (half thru an interpreter) before shutting it off. Propaganda is a very dangerous weapon. It is quite obvious watching this that it is pretty effective as well. I mean some of us will view the clip doubting the mans sincerity. I do not. What I do doubt however is the integrity of my own government. I mean they (my distantly related brethren) are supposed to detest Americans aren't they? Let me know what you think.

I guess that's it for now
Have a great weekend everyone :)
Blogger Doug said...
Congrats on the refund!

I hope things at work and in general get more happysane for you. I know when things seem out of control, it feels like they will always be out of control, but this will pass and your life will return to a more normal pace. Just hang in there.

Re: the video, I honestly don't know how Iran in general feels about the U.S. The kid didn't seem to be lying or faking enthusiasm. He's not worried about us attacking Iran, but I think it's a real possibility.

Whose integrity do you doubt? The U.S. government's or Iran's? Or both? I think both are in question. Their motives are not as simple as to protect the lives of their citizens.

Blogger Timbo said...
Thanks for posting such an interesting video. I'd add that what is happening on the ground is often light years ahead of what's being conveyed to us back at home.

My uncle worked for the US State Department for many years. Over the course of his career he worked in many exciting posts, usually in places that later held great historic importance. One such post was Kabul Afghanistan, prior to the country's fall into the hands of the Russian puppet government. I still remember getting letters in which he wrote about the sorry state of affairs and that the Russians were about to take over the country while the US Media said little to nothing about these developments.

I doubt most Iraqis wanted what their country has become. It's now the largest refugee crisis on the planet with 2 million displaced people. That represents a number I can't even imagine.

I doubt many Iranians support many of the policies of their government, just as few Americans are still with the President. I do think military action against Iran is on the horizon-how extensive remains to be seen. But I also know that human nature is such that even if someone in your family is in the wrong, the best pressure to influence change has to come from within. When outside pressure is applied, it only seeks to rally everyone together. Lets hope Iranians are able to influence change from within. Just as Americans seem to finally be on the same path. Let's just hope its not too late.

Blogger M- Filer said...
I too think a military provocation, led by our Government vs Iran is emminent. In fact the aparatus is floating right now in the Persian Gulf as either an active threat or as a target , so the American President will have his "excuse" to strike. Can you say "Pearl Harbor"?

I have no problem believing the sincerity of this kid. In fact I want to date him.
Congratulations on the moolah $$$$

Blogger Benji said...
i don't understand what you're saying about the video.

both the US and Iran have very worrisome governments and questionable attitudes, but i think the people by and large know that.

Blogger Lemuel said...
Who-hoo! nice refund! enjoy!

As for the video, I was struck with sadness as I watched on a number of points.

I recalled as a youth in the 1950's how our government instilled in us fear of the Russians (Soviets) and implied that the Russians hated us. This was not true. It has been my impression that most people of most nations respect and admire each other. We would leave each other alone to live in peace. But governments and those who have power or financial interests will not have it be so.

I was also saddened by the young man's optimism that our country will not attack Iran. One cannot trust madmen to do what is rational, and we have madmen in charge. I am convinced that the surge has nothing to do with Iraq. It is a scheme to provoke and to attack Iran.

Blogger Jake said...
Geez...I miss the days of getting a refund. I use to file my taxes as soon as I got my W-2, but for the past few years, it's April 1 before I even think of doing it.

Blogger Jason said...
Congrats on the nice refund. I just got my W-2 yesterday also. Only expecting a few hundred back so no big hurry for me to file.
I hope your kids enjoy the PS3. I'm looking at getting the Wii in a few months. Your kids might like the interaction with that game console, and only $250 a pop. Hard tof ind now though.
Hope you have a great weekend, and things get better for ya!

Blogger Jeepy said...
I am one that was amazed with what the young persian boy said about the US. We are let to believe that the world hates Americans. Just cant believe everything Georgie tells us these days.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
in my family the expression is "rich as roosevelt"
Midas did not keep his money; FDR did.

Blogger Spider said...

As for the video - I think this world is so screwed up and we have all been lied to so much by so many people that we have no idea of what is going on any more...

Blogger TigerYogi said...
We received our W-2s in the mail yesterday, so I'll have to get cracking on them shortly!

Very interesting piece on the Iranian teenagers. Maybe there's hope for this world after all...

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
As someone who doesnt live in your country and looking at both sides of the picture I can say it is sad to see. For one I hope that the teenagers are still alive after having that video plastered all over the net and publicly denouncing their president.

What the American people need to realise.. and I guess what all people need to realise is that it isnt the people that the people hate, but the government just like what the kid said. Looking from the outside in, America these days seems more like Communist China than Free America. Your government is tapping your phone calls, reading your emails, checking where you spend your money, taking away your freedoms ironically in the name of freedom and the funny thing is You are letting them!

This is what baffles me the most.

I think this year is going to be a strange one. I dont think the threat is Iran. I see China as a threat for your nation. Time will tell.

Hope your not freezing your balls off Jim!. x

Blogger patti_cake said...
I can't see the clip at work.
Congrats on the refund, I will probably have to pay the b*astards this year *hmph*

Blogger gayborhood gringo said...
Congrats on the refund. I'm hoping for a return, although it's most likely going to be a much smaller amount than yours. Then again, it's better that way since that means it is less money the IRS had tax free.

If it was a choice between George Bush or the kid on the video, I'd choose the kid in a second. The hate speech coming from Iran is most likely the Irani President's way to divert attention away from his miserable performance in stimulating their economy, which is is in terrible shape. Iran is China's poodle and the neocons hate it.

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
Hey Bello... check this link out!!

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Congrats on the refund!

And glad to see you're back.

Blogger Steve said...
I hope everything is not mad-crazy anymore!

Blogger Kalvin said...
Congratulations on your refund! You really must be mad crazy!

Blogger Joshua said...
Woo Hooo that's some serious dough coming your way!!!!

Blogger Marko said...
I know what you mean about work bro, Im wrkin 3 jobs right now since my return from vacation...UGGGH!

Have a great weekend PG!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
1 W-2 and ZERO 1099's. Must be heaven.

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