Monday, January 01, 2007
wow where did the last year go so fast??
Hope you all had a decent New Years Eve ..
this was the first one in a while I stayed up past midnight
the thing is I didn't really want to, but I was sort of obligated
I had this second date thing
it was not so much fun , bored to tears would just about cover it..
about 7:30 he picked me up and we headed north to this local gay Mecca called Northampton.
conversation was lacking, I found no common ground with which to draw something out.
the attraction wasn't there either , but that isn't always the most important thing.
Dinner was ok, Japanese. Once again the conversation was far from stimulating. Afterwards we hit a gourmet chocolate shop, and then Startbucks. The more time I spent with this guy the more I felt like I needed to escape. I mean he's a really sweet person, but there was just something I can't put my foot on that made me want to tell him I wasn't feeling so well or that I needed sleep so I could catch a midnight flight to Melbourne.
In any case I at least got him to take me home, but felt obligated to at least see the New Year thru with him. We started watching The Hours (one of my favorites) and then switched to NBC to watch the ball drop and catch the second performance of Panic! . Poor Carson Daly, I just can't help but wonder when that boy will start eating again .... I started "yawning" right after and (thankfully) he left. There will not be a third date ...
This guy gives the phrase "older than his years" a whole new dimension ..
so backtracking a little .. those chocolates from last night are calling me right now
*wipes vanilla truffle off chin*
The weekend (apart from last night) was amazing, we (the kids and I) had lunch with Grammy & Aunt at this horrible place near the former's condo Saturday. My older son wouldn't even order and his younger brother complained afterward how much he wished he had done the same. Gram in her typical style of late ordered something (with much coaxing from the rest of us) and then proceeded to complain as soon as it had arrived. There was one point we were afraid she was going to throw it at my poor Aunt. (It was in the air guys and the way she was holding that plate it was anyones guess as to where she was tossing it)
Thankfully we convinced her that it was something she usually enjoys (a pasta / broccoli dish with garlic and olive oil). She's such a hoot! afterward the three of us headed to a music store so my younger son could pick up a case for his new guitar .. then we came back here and (at his request) made a video of him playing a little ... he's so adorable. I sometimes forget he's just 12!! here it is ..

He's not had any lessons since age 8, and has taught himself to read sheet music! I am incredibly proud of the little guy. I mean he's 12! Sometimes I forget because of his size (5'10 200) that he's just a little kid inside, it's pretty easy to do considering his maturity level.
one more thing ...
On Friday evening I finally gave in and met this guy I've been talking to a while now online. We met at a local mall and walked around talking for 2 hours. It was a lot of fun. We (unlike my New Years Eve date) have heaps in common. He's quite interesting. It also helps that I think he's very good looking. 6'3 170 Steel blue eyes and a year older than I am. He could pass for 26.
He's coming down for a visit today .. we are going to lunch and then maybe a movie or something. Maybe the fact that he was on my mind last night didn't help me deal so well with my date's inability to interest me. I swear when it rains it freaking pours around here.
but hey, I'm not complaining ..
this sobriety thing is agreeing with me big time.
S25 150
Blogger Ur-spo said...
happy new year to you!

Hey there - I'm just glad you're back - you were missed! Sounds like your new year is already shaping up to be a good one - live it up!

Blogger Polt said...
looks like this year you're gonna be a date magnet, eh? :)


Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Hey Jim...GREAT JOB on S25. I hope the date thing today is much better than last night. Happy New Year, and I look forward to reading more about it.

Hugs to you ;0)


Blogger Doug said...
Too bad about NYE guy, buy YAY on Friday guy! :)

Your son has a lot of talent! Amazing he's teaching himself.

FOOOD FIIIGHT!!!!! Sorry, I have this image of your Grammy and Aunt slugging it out with pasta and broccoli flying all over.

Happy New Year! May 2007 bring you a downpour.

Blogger Steve said...
Best of luck on the date... with the second guy! We stayed in and watched the ball drop last night, too. It's kinda painful watching Dick Clark these days, but he's still doing it. Happy New Year! You need to send along your #. I thought Chris had it... I'll ask him again.

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
Happy New Year :)

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
Happy New Year :)

Blogger M- Filer said...
Hey, welcome back. I was excited to see that you started posting again. I wondered if alcohol may have played a part in your Hiatus. Well-good job; the benefits of sobriety snow ball with time, and even if you just take a break you'll feel the difference, as I am sure you already are.

I remember Northhampton in January; it was before Global Warming so it was FREEZING!

Blogger Rian said...
I hope you're having a great time with the "good guy".
Hard to believe that your son is only 12, he looks way older. I guess it's ok to say that in his case. Kids are usually happy when you think they're older. But that'll change fast...
Happy New Year to you as well!

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
Wow that video of your son playing is amazing! He is 12? Congratulations Jim, his level of maturity shines through he is going to be amazing at whatever he puts his mind to.


Blogger Spider said...
Youngest son is a handsome man! Well, at least you got white chocolate out of the second date... not a bad deal - good luck with "mall guy"... he sounds like he has potential...

Blogger . said...
WOW! That is great. HE sounded pretty good. I guess you have heard of all my drama of the past few days? I looked for your number to call ya but didn't have it anymore. The X found my blog and all HELL has broken loose. I removed MANY posts and deleted ALL the pics of my kids.

Anyway, Sorry the date didn't go so well. Keep in touch.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Loved the video of your Son, hoping you have a Safe and Happy New Year.



Blogger gayborhood gringo said...
Happy new year and welcome back! You were missed.

I'm sorry that your date didn't go very well, but maybe something will come of the other one that you've known for a while online.

Blogger patti_cake said...
Hi Hon i've missed your posts!
Happy New Year to you and yours.
Go for the cutie patootie and no more boring dates in 2007 k?

Blogger patti_cake said...
Oh and your son is adorable and SO talented. I'm impressed.

Blogger madamerouge said...
happy new year

son age 12 and 5'10" = chip off the old block!

Blogger john said...
Happy New Year!!

Blogger Rich Brown said...
Happy New Year, I hope you have a great year!

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