Saturday, January 06, 2007
what a day ...
couldn't wait to run out and see Children of Men last night, which came out yesterday ..
I've been anxiously awaiting it's release since first watching the theatre previews months ago.
I was not disapointed.
Sure the storyline is inconceivable, but they pull it all together quite well and for 2 hours you believe it's happening and are riveted (at least that was my experience). Clive Owen , Michael Caine, Julienne Moore give equally (and typically) amazing performances. That's all I'll say, make sure to catch it somehow in film or DVD.
moving right along ..
As planned, I snagged My Chemical Romance tickets at the presale yesterday morning.
Work stressed the hell out of me yesterday, the calls & requests never let up
(my boss still absent now, it's going on week 4 with no end in sight).
any other Stephen King addicts out there?
I've been reading quite a bit of late (for a change) and am now on my 4th of his works I've attacked since I stopped partaking in the hooch exactly ONE MONTH ago today (insert *proud grin* here). In any case I've read since early December Thinner, Desperation, Bag of Bones and am now a third-way through ..
This one is my favorite yet. It's his most recent.
Oddly I have never been a big fan of fiction. My reads have typically been Histories, Biographies, and the occasional historical Fiction (I have also attempted on several occasions to contribute , with little success thus far. I love to write, and in my bedroom closet you will find dozens of notebooks containing my numerous attempts to complete something of substance. Perhaps some day I'll finish one of them).
Anyone else had a go at Lisey's Story? Better yet, Cell (his other 2006 release,
it's next in my queue after Lisey, this man has been quite prolific of late) ?
I'd love your input should you have started or even completed either.
It will be an amazingly beautiful day today in New England I'm told. We should expect temperatures in the 70's. I will be picking up my little monsters in about an hour, perhaps after (yet again) tackling the malls to liquidate their numerous Christmas Gift Cards they will agree to a walk along the River (we have an incredible bike path not far from my Condo, which in summer the three of us often take advantage of).
Hope everyone has a great Weekend!!
thought I would upload one of my (overplayed a tad but still)
favorite My Chemical Romance tracks in celebration of my recent lucky snag..
My Chemical Romance -- The Black Parade
S30 150

I love The Black Parade - that whole album is amazing. You're so lucky to be seeing them soon! Hope you and the kids enjoy this unseasonably warm weekend - take care.
PS - Congrats especially on the one month mark...

Blogger Doghigh said...
Hi cutie!! Happy New Year and Welcome Back!! SO good to see you after your hiatus.

I am dying to see Children of Men. So good to see that a personal endrosement from someone I trust...

Did you see The Science of Sleep?

Blogger M- Filer said...
Happy One Month Anniversary!

Blogger Lemuel said...
You give me so much hope about your future when you talk about what happened with Duke - first that you could spot the danger early and that you are able to pick up and move on. Someone *worthy* is going to snag my favorite Persian soon! :) He's too good a catch to be left on the market.

Blogger matty said...
I'm sorry this guy turned out damaged but am glad you were able to catch it before you got in deep. Good for you.

So, I should be seeing that movie, eh? Okay. I will see it.

You sound like you've been able to deal with the Duke "difficulty" without going into emotional backwash. I'm sorry it doesn't seem to be working out, but I'm really glad you seem to be handling it well.
The right guy will come along for you, I know.
I want to see Children of Men, too.

Blogger Doug said...
I'm really sorry it didn't work out with Duke, but it's good you're out before it got too involved.

Wow, 70's in New England in January. Who'd'a thunk it?

Hope you had fun with your kids!

Blogger Patti_Cake said...
The Duke thing will sort itself out and when it's time for you to find "Mr Right" he'll come along. Enough cliche's for you? Thought so :)
I am a bigger fan of Stephen King's earlier books, Salems Lot being my absolute fave. I might check out Lisey's Story. I heart a good scary book

Blogger Polt said...
Sorry about Duke, man.

i've read a lot of Stephen king, but nothing really recent. LOVE Salem's Lot! And the Stand, the LONG version, is great. It clock in at over 1000 pages, but I've read it three times in the past 20 years, and I love it still. Definately recommend both of them.

Cujo was a bore for me, I'd steer clear of that one. but that's jsut me.


Blogger Phoenixboi said...
Was gonna say something about Duke when you posted his pic but decided not to and to wait and see.. our instincts are similar you know but I was hoping it would have been different this time.


Anyhow.. I was just thinking the other day what happened to Stephen King. And you have answered my question there. Let me know what the new books are like and if he has changed in his style of writing to what his older works were like.


Blogger vuboq said...
I very want to see The Children of Men.

As for Mr. King ... I am not such a big fan. I find his writing style not to my taste. I've read a couple of his books like "Thinner," at the insistence of friends. My brother said I should read "The Stand." I'm not sure if I'll like it.

Blogger TigerYogi said...
Sorry to hear about "Duke". (It must be something about those telemarketers...)

Isn't the weather CRAZY?!! Hubby went out for a bit yesterday, and people were in tank tops, shorts and flip-flops!!

I read a few of Stephen King's early stuff (Christine, The Dead Zone) but when I got to a selection of his short stories (I can't remember the title, but the cover had a scary wind-up monkey toy on the cover) one story freaked me out to the point where I said ENOUGH!

Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen for your trip to the mall today! ;)

Blogger Jason said...
I heard Children of Men was a good one, I'll definitely check it out next weekend. Thanks for the confirmation.

I was given the audiobook to The Cell, so I will check that one out. I wasn't aware of another Stephen King release. It always seems like he pumps these books out fast!

Hope you have a good week, and My Chemical Romance rocks!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Congrats on day at a time.

My favorite Stephen King is The Stand...loved it. I read it back when I was bored in high school...I read a lot in class...the teachers didn't mind b/c it was one less kid to yell at.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I remember reading Thinner, that one was good :)

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
Wow! I need to see that movie... I love Julianne! And yes, I like Stephen King too :)

Blogger Joshua said...
Well, apparently you've been back for a bit, but I'm now realizing it! Yayy!!!!! Hope you are well :)

Blogger potusol said...
I saw Children of Men today and I agree that it was a very good movie. I loved the way it was filmed. It made me think of a VERY possible future with bits and pieces from things we experience today. It was a little heavy for a Sunday afternoon flick but it got us out of the house. : )

One thing that did bug me though had nothing to do with the movie itself. I can't believe how expensive it is getting to go to movie theaters. Between the five of us we spent $100 for tickets, snacks and soda. I think we all decided that it's going to be DVD dinner parties from now on unless it's a really special movie event.

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