Friday, January 05, 2007
last night ...
arrived home about 4:30 after yet another chaotic work day (my boss being absent still)
took a shower, relaxed a bit, and then around 5 Duke arrived
Set off almost immediately to BIG Y
We bought a bunch of stuff to make Chicken Salads and they were amazing
afterward we sat and talked a bit and then popped in a movie
Darkness Falls was his choice from my 300+ DVDs
He's a difficult read. I am not so sure where this is going.
But it was a decent evening in any case.
Is it just me or does the old "getting to know you phase" seem exhaustive of late ..
maybe that in itself is a bad sign... I dunno

ok so on to something more positive (my kids, who knew?)
I snagged tickets over The Holidays for two events...
Taking Back Sunday
(my younger son)
UMASS Amherst Mullins Center
La nozze di Figaro
Shubert Theatre
(my older son, who has developed an adoration for Motzart of late)
I have heard much from him about the Historic Shubert Theatre
Evidently it was the first venue Playwright Arthur Miller ever attended.
very much looking forward to both, as are they.
I am also picking up tickets for this show when the presale goes live at 10AM today..

My Chemical Romance
Saturday, February 24, 2007
New England Dodge Music Center
Doors: 6:30 | Show: 7:30 pm

I'm in a better mood already ... thinking about the kids always has that effect on me.
running a bit late right now, I sort of overslept a tad
my track of the week (usually means it's getting excessive play)
Jack's Mannequin - Miss Delaney
Duke didn't like it so much .. hehe imagine THAT! :)
S29 151

Blogger Lemuel said...
Sorry things did not work out as you might have wished, but perhaps it is a sign of your own maturity that you can spot the trouble early in the game, before either of you have too much invested in the relationship. I know that does not ease your present frustration in finding a soul mate, but it does prevent future horrors down the road.

Blogger J.P. said...
Most old souls I've met have been the most broad minded. It's the newbies that are closed minded. :)

Blogger vuboq said...
ugh. dating is such a pain. i'm really feeling reluctant about putting myself out there again. i hope you find your special someone!

*happy friday smooches*

Blogger Polt said...
Well this is why it's called a "getting to know you" phase. What originally seemed like a shiny brand new model, has some chinks and dents on in upon closer inspection. Yeah, it sucks, and yeah, it's what dating is all about, and yeah, that's why dating sucks.

Oh, well, good luck my friend.


Blogger Ur-spo said...
alas, people do get more complicated and jaded in time; less plastic too. even more the rule is 'take them as they are'
good luck.

Blogger patti_cake said...
You do seem a tad picky about dating but then again, when one has discriminating tastes that is not a bad thing :)
Sounds like you have some great things coming up with the boys. I plan on going to the Nutcracker with my girl next Christmas. She'll be three then and I hope ready.

Blogger Ryan Charisma said...
"Everyone is nice, until you find out thier weird."

it's so true.

Have fun tis weekend. I love Figaro.

Blogger Doug said...
:( I wish things were going better with Duke. Not all relationships start out with an instant click, though, so maybe things will improve.

It's very cool your son is getting into Mozart. Culture!

I love how excited you get when you talk about your kids. It's very heartwarming.

Love the song, btw.

Blogger M- Filer said...
A few points to make:

-yes people DO get more quirky as they age, especially gay men

-having children, as you do, will keep you less so. I think for myself and a lot of other gay men, we live our lives totally for our selves, there is no built in relationship that forces us to think of someone else first. I think parenthood is a great thing; the absence of which will probably be my biggest regret.

-dating sucks, especially in the very beginning. It tends to paint an overly flattering image of someone or the oppposite: An unrealistically unflattering image of someone. If I held my closest friends to the same litmus test that I hold potential boyfriends, I wouldn't have any friends either. I have a lot of friends. See my point?

Blogger TigerYogi said...
"Why is it people get so damn complicated, quirky and jaded the older they get?"

Because, Life just beats it into you sometimes...

Blogger Joshua-Myles said...
With dating, there are no set rules especially with the 'mos. All these hang ups and barriers that you have to overcome just figure each other out, and often we give up quickly because that is a lot of effort to put into something new. So he likes country music and wazherface and that isn't exactly clicking with you. Make something together to be excited about, I dunno maybe naked finger painting, or blind charades! Get over the hurdles first kid, you are a great guy. He'll catch on when he needs to wake up.

Blogger john said...
I don't think I would even know what to do on a date.
"Getting to know you" is still something that would be new to me.

Blogger Steve said...
You said: Why is it people get so damn complicated, quirky and jaded the older they get? Hey! I resemble that remark. I think as people age, they find themselves in that 'set in their way's' mindset. I remember a roommate I had when I was like 22. He was 30 and I thought he was the biggest, old fart to ever walk the earth. He was just set in his ways. I mean, Holy Shit! It's happening to me... just ask Chris. I know we've touched in this in person and I told you that old, tired cliche: 'just hang in there.' Yeah, dating does suck and even though I thought I'd be alone for the rest of my life, BAM! I found Chris. I'm old now, dammit, so do as I say! I kid. Hope you have a great weekend!

Blogger gayborhood gringo said...
I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going quite as you had hoped. maybe the third date's the charm.

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
S29...that's something to be happy about too. Jim, I can TOTALLY relate to what you're saying about dating. Keep in mind what you've already proven that you can have the kind of connection that you're looking've had it twice with your ex's. Certainly you don't think that they were the two last guys on Earth with whom you can connect? If Duke's not the one, and it's beginning to sound like he's not, there are other guys out there. Keep the faith, and in the mean time, you've got us ;0)

Enjoy the concerts with your sons...they're very fortunate to have such a cool dad.

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
After reading more posts, I'd have to agree with're probably more mature. Don't EVER let anyone tell you that you're too picky! I've been told that - you're just wanting to protect yourself and chidren from unneccessary should have standards...take your time, find the right will're too smart, personalble, and cute for it not to.
Okay, I feel better now :)

Blogger Kalvin said...
I think it's probably too soon to say a lot of things about him. Who cares who is more mature? I think you just have to work things out to see if you truly like each other. The sheer concept of maturity is code for "I know better than others" which I think is arrogant. Best of luck, and glad to know you're still enjoying salads.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
hey there handsome......take some time, enjoy eachother , and get to know eachother....,may be surprised....first impressions don't always pan out in the end....

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