Thursday, January 11, 2007
dia treinta y cinco ..
(random google image which I found particularly interesting ... obviously not me )
not too bad .. the momentum has kicked in certainly
and that is the key here .. momentum (gets me everywhere)
and this my friends is a thirteen minute post ..
ready... set ... go
yesterday was absolutely insane at work. My highest superior informed me my boss will most likely not return from his illness leave. They just still can't figure out what is wrong with him. (not to gross anyone out but...) Essentially the poor fellow has been urinating blood now for 6 weeks. The Doctors (as I said) are clueless despite numerous tests. Poor guy. I like him heaps. We will be holding his position indefinitely but soon must find a temporary replacement.
one last thing/question...
I have noticed so many of you switching to Wordpress ... and am thinking of soon following suit
any pointers? do I lose my old blogger posts or need I just link the old blog to the sidebar?
any advice/experiences would be more than appreciated
I am sort of rushed this morning .. not that anyone would notice if I was a tad bit late...

My Chemical Romance -- Teenagers

Blogger patti_cake said...
Morning Hon! Sorry about your boss. That's weird they can't figure out what is wrong with him.
Love the piercings

Blogger Lemuel said...
Unfortunately the absence of your boss seems to be double-edged - you do not have someone around you like and you do not have someone around to help with the work load. the condition sounds ominous.

The piercings look sharp on you.

Re: WordPress - if you have not upgraded to the new Blogger then you can import the text and comments, I think from old blogger into WordPress. I think there is a utility to do so. As I recall my reading it will not bring along the pictures, though. And if you went to blogger beta or new blogger, the only way that I know of is "copy and paste".

Blogger Spider said...
If you are in old blogger - everything comes over - pictures, comments, archives - the whole 9 yards - old blogger stays - the only thing that happens is that if you try to post in old blogger again, it will not recognize paragraphs and he like - it makes it all one big paragraph -kinda like this one! LOL

I re-did my blogroll person by person - took me about an hour but it was no big deal - I LOVE wordpress and would be happy to give you a hand if you need one - I certainly am not the most knowledgeable guy out there about it - so there are sharper guys who could help you - but will be happy to help with what I can...

Blogger "W" said...
That's too bad about your boss, I really do hope they can figure out what's wrong soon.

Does that mean if he's not returning, you could take his place? After all, cute young genuius told you there's better things out there for you (and he's right)!

As for your comment on my blog about Persian backsides...yes I agree...and you are definitely included in that category!


Blogger M- Filer said...
Why not stay where you are with double the salary. I think people in general--not you specifically-- are timid about advocating for them selves. As if it's a sign of immodesty. Well, I suppose it is somewhat, but who cares. Your good and you are needed. Point that out sooner rather than later.

Blogger Mikey said...
Hey bud! A lot said in a 13 minute post! Be smart with work and talk about how you feel with them. (providing it is that type of company)
I am staying with blogger...they have been giving me free blogging since I started so I have no reason for changing. It does all that I need it to do.

Blogger Steve said...
Sorry to hear about your boss... especially since you like him. Back in '01 when I got sick, they had no idea what was wrong with me. Finally, after many, many weeks in the hospital and seeing an ass-load of doctors, someone figured it out - celiac disease. Not the same symptoms as your boss, but the point is, hopefully, some doctor will figure it out. The Wordpress thing: Don't you find it a pain in the ass that the comments link is at the top of the page? You scroll down reading the post, scroll up to hit the comment link, then scroll all the back down to the comment dialog box? Arrggghh. Of course, I'm still on Blogger, but I do like some of the Wordpress templates.

Blogger TigerYogi said...
My only issue with changing to Wordpress would be that I would have to buy access to a server to host a blog through them(I think?).

Even though my degree is in Computer Science, I got it 25 years ago (YIKES!) and I'm a little behind the times now...

Good luck if you attempt it though! :)

Blogger Kalvin said...
Don't abandon me alone in blogger!!!

Blogger Doug said...
Hope your boss gets better.

Love the piercings. They look like 16g or maybe 14? I have two in my left ear, both 18g, captive ball like yours.

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
More amazing than your piercings is your neck...dude...very nice. I haven't changed to wordpress as I've been happy with what I've big issues. I've got enough change going on in my life already :)

Blogger matty said...
Your poor boss. Scary stuff!

I think I am about to switch to wordpress of whatever it is called. Google/Blogger is driving me crazy and I guess I've been blogging so long that I can't move to the new one with my current blog. ....which is really pretty stupid.

...but I know nothing much about it yet, myself.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
I too am seeing the 'flight' to Wordpress, and they seem OK with it. I haven't decided; I am doing OK where I am but am keen to try something fresh/new.
Maybe in February, after a few more go and have it figured out.

Blogger Rich Brown said...
Sorry to hear about your boss, those sort of issues are always hard to hear about. Blogger can be a pain in the ass sometimes but I'm going to stick with it, as it seems like too much trouble at this point to change. I hope you have a great weekend!

Blogger john said...
Have a great weekend!!! Good thirteen minute post!!!
I don't think I'm going to swtich to wordpress just yet. I'm going to hold on.

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