Thursday, December 14, 2006
things are going well ...

So some people might be like "what's the big deal?" but anyway ....
This is the 5th day that I have not had a drink
Since roughly March 2003 I have (with the exception of 5 months back when I started this blog as been drinking pretty much every night. Oh and by the way don't go there, spammers picked up that URL after I deleted my original blog and it will take you to one add site after another without you having to even touch your keyboard.
But I digress, anyway .. coming home, having a friend or two over (although not always) and pouring a great big Screwdriver became a way of life for me. It was something I looked forward to. I would have three before the night was over. It "took the edge" off the day. Yea right ...
I will mention that this is the longest I've gone since the 5 months mentioned above. It's a good sign, for two reasons. The first being, well it's been the longest as I said and the second reason is that I have a new perspective on kicking this messy habit. In the past, to stop drinking, I would replace the alcohol with something else. The most effective substitution has always been working out. Running, crunching, lifting, eating incredibly healthy foods (I naturally refrain from fast food and high sodium content meals so I suppose that isn't such a big deal). What I have learned recently from talking online to others is that you must first abstain and live your life normally as you had before, just sans the hooch.
Why is that you ask?
Because ... if you do replace "drinking time" with some other activity and for some reason (an injury for example) you cannot continue on with the replacement activity, you almost certainly will view it subconsciously as a failure and start drinking again. It's just that simple. This is advice coming from people who have been sober for (in some cases) 20 years or more. People who tried to kick this nasty addiction repeatedly over the years before they got in touch with what it takes to stay clean.
I realize that everyone is an individual. The same method is certainly not going to work for the masses. However this time, I'm really feeling something substantially different. I have not changed a thing in my daily routine and it feels amazing. Sort of like I am back in the days when I didn't drink at all (pre-27 my marriage years). I look better, feel better and yea I know it's been less than a week but something is just different this time.
moving right along ..
This will be the last night of 2nd shift. This morning I ran over to the main office, put $20. on my laundry card and started bagging up (yea ok I'm an uber slob) my laundry. It's um *cough* been a while. Thank god I have enough clothes for 6 people or else I'd be in real trouble. I still have tons more (although most of what is clean is not on my ropas favoritas list) but am sick of having to spend 20 minutes figuring out what to wear each day because I don't like what's still clean. I did find a yellow shirt and a pair of gray boxer briefs that were hidden in a drawer however and it is with them that I present:

Laundry HNT


Happy HNT!!
S5 156
Blogger LadyXandria said...
Congratulations on your 5 days. I hope it works out for you this time. You sound really determined, so I'm sure you'll be fine. LMAO about the laundry. I've been in that predicament before... a closet full of clothes, but all the stuff I want to wear is dirty so I stand there forever trying to figure out what to wear.


Blogger Brad said...
Good luck to you, my friend! I think if this is something that you really want, you'll be successful. That's some smokin' hot, Persian HNT, by the way!

Blogger Joshua said...
Congrads on the lack of drinking and I think I need a tall glass of lemonade after looking at those pics :P

Blogger vuboq said...
Congratulations on the not drinking! Keep it up, mister :-)

As for laundry, I did that last night. I hate doing laundry, but I lovelovelove folding it when it's fresh from the dryer.

mmm ... warm laundry. so nice.

Blogger Spider said...
How come MY basket doesn't look like that - either one of them!

Blogger Jeepy said...
Good going on 5 days...hope you keep it up!



Anonymous Anonymous said...
Good luck.

Blogger Sorted Lives said...
Good for you. I wish you the best!! And, nice undies.....

Blogger Lemuel said...
I am so happy to hear of your accomplishment. I'm with you so that it can continue. You go, guy!

As for laundry HNT, ... [drool...] - and where do we cast our vote again for our VERY favorite Persian?

Which leads me to my final comment for the post... as a self-proclaimed "flag nut" (vexillologist), I not only drooled over HNT but over your new avatar!!

Blogger Stephen said...
I'll come over and help with the laundry if you promise to wear those grey boxers while we fold clothes. Congrats on the not drinking, 5 days is a great accomplishment so far, keep it up.

Blogger Princess PinkLady said...
Congrats on the not drinking...and HHNT!

Blogger M- Filer said...
I never read this post before you went on Hiatus....duh!

Anyway, I agree with you to a point in terms of not replacing the addiction with another addiction. Of course replacing an addiction with a new healthy habit, well that's not the same thing. But I will say , in AA, we say it's not the "alcohol", but the "ism", that is the core issue. Meaning that there is a spritual and mental malady that needs to be addressed additionally. Getting off alcohol just being the first, but necessary , step in that process.In other words alcohol addiction is merely a symptom of a larger issue(s). I think you "get" that part of it.

I have a lot of respect for you and what you are doing. Keep it up!

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