Monday, December 04, 2006
on time ..
Meaningful Monday
(inspired by my buddy Spider)
seems like time is slipping away more quickly these days ... the older I get.
Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset,
two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes.
No reward is offered, for they are gone forever.
(Horace Mann)
The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life,
the clearer we should see through it.
(Jean Paul)
"something's lost but something's gained, in living every day..."
(Joni Mitchell, Both Sides Now)
Sunday, much like the day before, was uneventful for my sons and I. What I mean to say is we hardly left the Condo, basically hanging out, eating, watching TV and playing Video games. We intended to go see the new Van Wilder, but when the time came to leave they decided it would be better to catch it this coming Saturday (they were very much into what they were doing at the moment and didn't want to pack up and go just yet).
Yesterday evening I spent listing (on Ebay) 58 of these delightful (gag) little "treasures" for my mother. She's decided to liquidate her collection as she begins the overwhelming process of downsizing in order to sell her primary home here in Massachusetts and remove permanently into her two places (alternatively depending on the season) in Florida and Rhode Island. My condo is about to become overloaded I suspect, there are just some things you can't dispose of.
This one typically sells for over $100.
I've been reading this for about a week now and when I do get the time to sit down with it I am riveted. Essentially an account of the founding (primarily by English & Irish convicts) of Australia. The book details through incredibly vivid accounts and civil records, the lives of both the "whites" who arrived on her shores and the native population who initially found the newcomers to their land a curiosity, then later turned (naturally) fearful and aggressive toward them.
Given the nature of many early immigrants it is no wonder the Island became riddled with prisons right from the start. They were a motley group for sure. The Author details many cases of Murder, Rape (both hetero & homosexual) the brutal anniliation of thousands of native Aboriginies and in gruesome detail, horrifying accounts of cannibalism. It is a very disturbing testament to what happens when you remove every trace of civility and reduce man to his most primal urges and behavior. Pick this one up if you get the chance, it may keep you up nights, but as a reviewer from The Los Angeles Times reports:

"One of the greatest non-fiction books I've ever read ... Hughes brings us an entire world"

and without further adieu ...
Middle Eastern Monday
Pick your favorite Persian







and as a bonus!

Have a great Monday everyone!
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Blogger Lemuel said...
First of all, I'll take what's behind door #2, although door#1 comes in a close second.

I know what you mean by the swift passage of time. And it seems to go faster the older I get. Remember this when you have time with your sons. enjoy those moments to the utmost. You will turn around and they will be as old as you!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
The book looks great! I had a similar Sunday - hanging out around the house.

I pick the longer hair.

Blogger Spider said...
"The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life,
the clearer we should see through it." - how true this is...

And I am pleased and honored that something on my blog would inspire you... that gives me a big warm fuzzy feeling...

and I have to vote for #4...

Blogger Mark said...

Blogger patti_cake said...
I agree with the swift passage of time...

Blogger Ryan Charisma said...
#3 gets my vote.

Sadly, the group as a whole is not as good as usual.

Blogger Polt said...
geez, Persian, I don't know, i don't think any of them are really that great this about #5?

Blogger Doug said...
Not sure how we can slow the perceived passage of time.

Your mom has 3 houses?! I hope you charge a handling fee for listing all those little do-dads. ;)

Blogger The Persian said...
lemuel: My sons are getting big fast, much faster than I am ready for!

steve: Just hanging out around the house is relaxing for a change.

spider: I love that quote myself, and it is very true.

I'm glad you got a warm fuzzy feeling, you are one special guy my friend!!

Mark: Excellent choice! :)

patti: faster and faster for me these days.

ryan: I know what you mean, but essentially it is an entire college in Iran, so there will be often weeks like this. The fact that they do not smile certainly doesn't help!

polt: I know Polty, read what I said to Ryan. :)

doug: Yes she does, but it will soon be down to 2. Her father passed away about 10 years ago and left her a considerable amount of money, she retired instantly and has certainly been enjoying life since. It also helps that she and my step-father have always owned their own successful businesses.

I'm sure Mom will give me something should they sell.


Blogger vuboq said...
I'm voting for #5.

Happy Monday!

I vote for #1!

Blogger TigerYogi said...
I choose #5!

Blogger Rich Brown said...
It's funny time does pass us by so quickly and I think we get so wrapped up that we don't even realize it until it's too late.

Blogger Jason said...
That sounds like an interesting read. I knew Australia had odd beginnings. I'll have to add it to my book list.
Hope you have a great week!! Love that photo of the hallway too!

That's a great book...Australia had such a tragic colonial history. The Originals were considered legally non human until 1970.

This week is a little difficult, as they're all kind of cute. I'd have to go with #4, though. He looks like the "sensitive" type.
And Sister Marie Elephant scares me!

Blogger Jeepy said...

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