Friday, December 01, 2006
ok three quick things...
numero uno
a question...
Is it worth the switch?
I have heard a lot of negativity, and not so many people pumping it.
If you are using Beta, would you mind sharing your opinion?
Thanks :)


anyone want Gmail? I have heaps of invitations to give out.
By the way, I thought Gmail was intended to prevent spammers.
I have tons of spam lately where I had almost none before.
Can someone please help me figure out how to install the code for my sidebar which will make it easier to check out who has updated their blog? I know most of you have this already, and would really appreciate your help.

Just another picture I found this morning and wanted to post of my son when he was little.
He was just too cute.
S1 155

Blogger Lemuel said...
Frankly, I switched to beta and I don't think its worth it. Some features are now a royal pain. I was invited to join Gay Men Rule and I cannot because I cannot sign on with beta. I either have to get anew "old" one or bow out.

Blogger The Persian said...
Wow...see this is the kind of thing I was hoping you guys would share!

I wonder what the issue is preventing you from joining GMR?

Blogger Polt said...
"He is just too cute"...

Just like his papa. :)


Blogger Jihadist Jerry said...
No difference to me, then again I no go into GAY MEN RULE, sounds kinda pervy.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
I've heard only negative comments, no positives ones - about switching to beta.
Count me out.

Blogger Brad said...
I like Beta. The neatest thing is how it lets you tag your posts and then files them under catregories. Plus, instead of knowing all the code for a template, it's a windows style interface.

You can change your entire template in 10 minutes. Really!

As for Lemuel, I was invited to join It's Raining Men and GMR, and it is not a big deal to have an old blogger site and a Beta site. Just two different passwords. It's really not a problem, as far as I'm concerned.

If you want to switch, do it. You'll get used to the little quirks (which are getting fewer and fewer) over time.

Blogger Doug said...
Me no switchie. Too many bad comments about it.

That pics is adorable!

Blogger john said...
I had tried to switch, but it wouldn't let me. So I'm still with the old system.

Blogger vuboq said...
hm ... i'm still debating the switch too. am liking the constructive comments :-)

Blogger TigerYogi said...
When I created my new blog I switched to Beta. I haven't really used many of the new, improved, features as yet.

I do like being able to catagorize my postings, and updating my blog with a change is almost immediate, as opposed to the several minutes (sometimes) that it used to take...

Blogger Spider said...
I am staying with regular Blogger... why leave a good thing...

Blogger patti_cake said...
I know nothing about Beta and am too scared to switch.

Your son is adorable! That horse is HUGE

Blogger Will said...
Somehow switching to beta sounded extremely complicated. I was worried that I might lose a lot of my blog's past if for no other reason that there was no specific reassurance that I wouldn't. For a while, every time I logged on to enter a new post, I got a mesage that I would soon have to abandon old Blogger and go beta. That lasted for maybe a week and now I don't get these messages any more. So maybe they've given up.

Blogger Donnie v2.0 said...
Switching to Beta was a pain for about 5 minutes, but now it seems easier than the old way to me. Publishing a new post just takes one click - it's a lot faster.

Regarding the blogroll thing - blogger doesn't have the feature where it shows who has updated their blog, but if you sign up with, you can do it. It's also easier to add new blogs to your sidebar.

Good luck!

Blogger NeiLDC said...
Its a lot faster and i am a beta user, use the side bar, usimng blog roll.. thanks for the visit pal!!

Blogger The Persian said...
polty: aww thanks buddy :)

Jerry: But I bet you secretly like pervy!

ur-spo: ditto I think, I'm still undecided.

brad: A positive comment about Beta! :) I like that it simplfies template editing, that has been quite the learning experience. If I do go with it and have Lemuel's trouble then I might just create another profile for that purpose.

doug: Yea I've heard them also. We'll see.

john: I heard that people have had issues switching, even been denied before. That is weird!!

vuboq: Yes I am very much liking them as well.

tigeryogi: If anything will sell me on it, it is that you guys mention the publishing improvements. I know those delays all too well.

spider: Well I was hopeful that perhaps quirks in the regular Blogger would be remedied, and it seems like some have, unfortunately new quirks have surfaced with Beta.

patti: Thanks, he was soo cute back then (now he looks like a little man, cute doesn't apply anymore lol) they grow up too fast. Actually that was our welsh Pony, and he wasn't very big at all. Next to my little son tho he does look much larger.

will: Hm.. I never got those messages.

donnie: once again with the ease of publishing, sounds really great. I'm going to later, thanks for the info!

neil: Thanks buddy for the comment, you are cementing what everyone else has said. I love your template by the way, it's beautiful!!

Blogger Marko said...
As Im sure you have seen on my site, I have asked people about this switch. I have done some tests and it works really well. I tried switching it over but it said they couldnt switch me at this time. Apparently if you have a large blog you cant switch, whatever.

Blogger tornwordo said...
I'm afraid to switch. If it works, don't fix it I always say. And blogrolling made my life much easier.

Blogger Rian said...
Here's my belated comment on Beta ...
The switch itself was no problem at all. But I wasn't able to log in for about 48 hours after the switch.
One thing I don't like is that my browser doesn't log me in anymore, i.e. doesn't remember my identity. I need to log on myself every time. And if I wrote a comment but forgot to log in ... then it's a little hassle. I don't recommend a switch.

Blogger Michael said...
I keep hearing stuff about Beta and well...I'm not entirely sure I would switch. Granted, Brad's comment made sense, two accounts basically.

And I know what you mean about Gmail. I still have tons of invites too and .... well no one has accepted the ones I offered :\

I agree that is pretty fantastic. Once you have signed up there's even a feature to put up on your toolbar so with a click you can add someone's blog to the list. And it's free...or at least I didn't "upgrade".

Have a great weekend buddy!!

Blogger Steve said...
I put off switching to Beta, but finally did it a couple of weeks ago - no problems here. And I'm trying to un-load some g-mail invites, too. Guess you don't need one. Hope you have a great weekend.

Blogger Vince said...
Blogger Beta blows because it won't let me play.
I hate Gmail and love the new Windows version of Hotmail.
What was the other thing?

Blogger Rich Brown said...
I personally switched over to beta but then again I think I'm in a different situation then most of us, I only use blogger as an authoring tool and the posts are stored on my own webserver. I actually was haveing more problems and downtime with non-beta blogger so for me the switch to blogger beta has actually improved things for me. The spell checker is much better in blogger beta then the old system. I dunno, I guess both have their pros and cons. You may just want to wait for a while until the bugs are worked out a bit better.

Blogger M- Filer said...
I hate Beta. It has caused me problems and hassles.

1. Having to log in every 5 seconds
2. Have not been able upload from YouTube since beginning Beta!
3.Tried to update sidebar and lost formatting ability and now can't upload a normal pix aaaarrrggh!
Fuck it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I like beta.blogger for some of the tools that were missing on the old blogger (labels, widgets,etc).
I persist with beta.blogger in the hope that more objects will become available as it is developed.

However, at this stage, a few tools on my blog site require HTML editing.
Some sites that use Wodpress appear to have more flexibility and a great collection of templates to choose from... is the best way to manage your links. You have to pay if you want more than one list.

Good luck, Paul

Blogger Sorted Lives said...
I am like most, I will not switch. To get the updates of bloggers, you have to go to You then create your account. A few things I have noticed, if they are not a, they do not update. Also, not all blog styles accept it or show it. Spider can't get it to work on his. Good luck!

Blogger Jeepy said...
That picture is just too cute!


Blogger The Persian said...
Thanks everybody, this is Exactly what I was hoping for! I think I am going to wait a bit longer before I switch over then. While the publishing aspect sounds like it is a major improvement, I don't want to lose the functionality I have now in terms of posting comments or in posting.

*giant hugs*

Blogger Jimmi said...
I have heard a lot of bad things about Blogger Beta but its mainly from people that like to be able to write their own code I think. If you like it simple, I guess that is the way to go. I don't think I will be switching over too soon because I like to be able to change stuff.

I LOVE MY GMAIL! And the chat is great because you don't have to download anything to chit chat, so it is work safe (shhhhh)

If you want something to keep up with your blog reading use Bloglines. I am using it and it is WONDERFUL. You can even download a little "Notifier" that will let you know when there are new posts. It is actually good because it only tells you when someone posts, not when someone updates like our blogrolls do. I was getting irritated when my blogroll would say someone posted but it wasn't at all it was just an update or something.

Blogger Jimmi said...
P.S. Vince is a Negative Nancy! But I LOVE the honesty! LOL

Blogger . said...
I know I am late weighing in, however I am NOT making the switch because I hear it doesn't work well with templates that are NOT blogger.

As for the update is part of blogrolling. Let me know if I can help you (if you haven't already got the help.

I only get to catch up on reading blogs on the weekends right now so I have to catch up on about 300 posts!

Blogger jefftexas said...
I made the switch and the only thing I didn't care about was that it switched both of my blogs and made one profile for both of them. Other than that I haven't noticed anything else.

Hope you are having a good week-Jeff

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