Saturday, December 09, 2006
In God we trust....

Spent the day loafing with the kids, ordering a Pizza and then a quick trip to Best Buy to pick up a replacement copy of Donnie Darko I lost somewhere in the move here. My older son asked me about the film this morning, and since it is one of my favorites, I figured why not go and buy it again. We had little to do today given that Van Wilder 2 switched to night showings only. Ugh.. I hate when that happens.
My son's latest issue is with Religion..
It's always refreshing to hear a young mind examine something it does not understand.
Basically he is struggling with the pressure society puts upon us to believe in God, and I am having great difficulty (since these things always seem to fall to me to sort out for him, his mother is not exactly what one would call articulate) trying to explain the whole concept of faith. In my opinion it isn't necessarily what you believe in, but rather that you conceptually believe there is a higher power beyond the tangible/physical world we live in. I went through a brief history of the formation of organized religion and how since time immortal people have gained strength from their faith, often utilizing it's "power" to endure incredible hardships and as well overcome grief and addiction.
He's a brilliant kid, at the top of his class,
you have to explain things to him in detail. He insists upon it.
I'm still struggling to get my point across (to him)
I realize that, as parents, my ex-wife and I have probably fallen short in the "spiritual example" arena (probably as the result of our own equally hazy if not non-existent "spiritual" parental role model) I mean yea, I was baptized, made my first communion AND even confirmed, but still, neither Mom nor Dad (from my memory) ever stepped into a church unless it was for a Christening, Marriage or Funeral. I'm still not sure why I was forced to endure the Nun's ruler (I went to Catholic School) CCD classes or the whole Confirmation Prep. thing....
My ex-wife was baptized. We married in her church (Methodist) and that was that (for her).
The Priest who baptized my older son made a point to inform me (in front of everyone present) that he (my son) was illegitimate in the "eyes of the lord" because I was not married in a Catholic Church. Whatever to him. I won't even type what I'm thinking right now (he was one of many local priests recently accused of molesting young boys under his "supervision" ).
ugh it's no wonder I am having difficulties explaining these things to my son
In any case he wanted to see Donnie Darko because of this song...
Gary Jules -- Mad World
much like he wanted to see Closer after hearing this song...
and watching that film together sparked the whole religion debate mentioned above because Donnie often questioned his faith, and my son easily identified with his internal struggle.
Blogger Benji said...
are you gunna go see Kal Penn before i take my exam then?

That seems to be one of the big questions for kids around his age. A lot of guys become militant atheists for several years, just because they feel like they were expected to believe as children.

Blogger Lemuel said...
I also think its natural for everyone to struggle with faith. Many people come out of that struggle with differing answers for differing reasons. Unlike many in the gay community I was raised in a religious home in which my parents strictly adhered to their faith, and thus set an example. There was no question in our home on a Sunday morning about whether or not we would be going to church. To be sure I have rejected many of the tenets of my parents' faith, but I am to this day a person of faith (but not the same kind as our wing-nut friends). Let your sons ask their questions. Answer them honestly. Don't give them more information than they are asking for - in the sense that sometimes their questions are simpler than we adults would think - not in the sense of "withholding" pertinent information. When their minds have processed or if you have not told them enough, they will be back for more, if they sense that you are speaking honestly and from your own base.

Now to my own cynicism (and please forgive me for what I am about to write), but, with regard to the illegitimacy of your son, bullsh*t! - you obviously just did not pay the priest enough! I thought that crap went out with John XXIII. (BTW, I am a protestant by heritage, but J XXIII was a great man in my book).

Blogger Spider said...
You son is a lucky man to have a Dad like you... someone willing to take the time to answer his questions honestly and openly... you are a wonderful rolemodel for him my friend!

Blogger Marko said...
It is hard to explain religon to kids, I was always in sunday school and church when I was a kid.
I still have yet to see Donnie Darko, my best friend and I were going to watch it when he bought it. It wouldnt play in the player, odd. Im gonna have to rent it.

Blogger Jeepy said...
Excellent songs. I havent seen Donnie Darko yet, but nw i want to!

Blogger Ryan Charisma said...
Mad World was re-recorded for Donny Darko.
It was written and originally performed by Tears for Fears back in the 80's

I love them, and this very mellow redition is beautiful.

As for the religon, tell you son it's a devise, that the powerful have used for ages, to control the masses. It's only a good thing when you question it. Just like politics.

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Your sons are lucky not only to have a father but to have one as loving and open as you are.

No Kal Penn viewing? Damn. He is yummy.

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