Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Road (parking lot actually) Rage..
Yesterday I ran to Stop & Shop to pick up a couple things. The lot outside was pretty full. This SUV was pulling out of a spot right in front, so I pulled up a bit, threw my blinker on and waited. It took them a couple minutes to actually pull out and then I saw her in the distance. An elderly woman driving a massive Cadillac. She saw me, I saw her and then out comes this gigantic hand from under the dash (it looked about the size of her head) and hits her signal blinker.
I was sitting there with my mouth sorta open. The SUV pulled out and I proceeded to head into the spot. That's when Granny gunned it and shot right in, nearly hitting me head on (I was partially pulled in). Ok so my mouth is wide open now. The people in the SUV had stopped and were staring at Noah's ark and it's ancient pilot, the driver (of the SUV) just looked at me, shrugged in disbelief and drove off. Stunned and unable to think I pulled away and found something (eventually).
The old witch started fiddling with something on her front seat when I walked past her car into the store. She waited until I was inside before getting out, as I could see her from the lobby window.
Why is it that the entire time I was in the store I had this irritated and unsettling feeling?
You know it's easy to dismiss the "Road Ragers" as lunatics...
but seriously ... I don't think it takes a lunatic to be livid over something so unimportant
It's almost like the blatant lack of respect really hits some sort of nerve..
Oh well, I got over it eventually
tho I did stare her wrinkly ass down in the Deli section..
Fixed her good I did! :)
Studies have shown old people aren't rude, just uninhibited
Last night my friend and I tried to get Audacity to tape both sides of a conversation (we're considering a podcast in the near future). I would have been happy just having each of us record our own audio and then I can bring it together later. The problem is it records both of us, only the other person is barely audible, just enough to be heard but certainly not enough for the final cut. So when I merge the two files there will be an echo... I think I messed up my XP Sound settings while trying to sort it all out. Now I need to find a way to reset them. Ugh...
anyway ...
Is the media going to alert us each time this boy falls in and out of a relationship?
I admire him heaps for coming out, but still ..
I thought this was too funny :)

and the winner of yesterday's
Pick your favorite Persian is:
S1 154
Blogger Lemuel said...
The vid is too great! I admire whoever has the talent, tools, and time to make stuff like this - it both parodies Harry Potter and the pop song video genre. I loved it.

On the road rage thing, I had an encounter with a school bus driver (woman) last week (driving in the opposing lane - head on towards me) who thought because she drove a school bus she was above the law. GRRRRR...

I heard about the Bass-Lehmkuhl(sp?) breakup, but I did not hear why. So soon after Bass came out, it makes me wonder.

Blogger Spider said...
You are a better man than I am - I would have walked up to her car, knocked on the window and let her have it... age is no excuse for stupidity or rudeness...

Blogger Marko said...
Ive gotta say, Lance has one HOT boyfriend, they look really happy together.

Blogger vuboq said...
Back when I was driving regularly (which would be what? 15 years ago?), I *knew* I was going to die in a Wal-Mart parking lot. There is something about parking lots that brings the CRAZY out of drivers.

I started parking in far away spots simply to avoid the madness.

And, might I add, that -once again- I have picked the most popular Persian! I must have an eye for hotness!

Blogger patti_cake said...
Most old people I know have that "outtamyway" mentality.
You handled it well, better than I would have i'm sorry to say!

Blogger Stephen said...
I told Granny if she kept this crap up, someone was going to pull a gun out one day and shoot her wrinkly old ass. She just won't listen, her being hard of hearing and all. Kidding aside, there is nothing that makes me any madder than inconsiderate people, no matter what age.

The video was a great find, thanks for sharing.

Blogger john said...
I'm not buying the "uninhibited" bullshit. It's rude, it's inconsiderate and shows a lack of good breeding. I don't find the excuse of being elderly as one for being blatantly selfish.
I would have let her wreck into my car and then we'll have seen who was on top. You had a witness--the people in the SUV, plus the fact that the accident would have shown who was at fault--based on where your car was hit.

Blogger Kalvin said...
I would have flipped out. Of course it's upsetting. Your car is very valuable and the stunt is very dangerous. I would have confronted her. Most definitely. Old people need to be stopped, or maybe you could have reported her and they could have checked her vision again, maybe she didn't see you. :P

Blogger Doug said...
We get that shit all the time down here in Florida. I usually park at the back of the lot, but at a convenience store, there's not much option. And you reacted about how I would have. Blatant "me-first" attitudes like that always piss me off. I want to say something, but usually don't. The look of death is usually the most I can muster without strangling the person.

I feel bad for Lance. I hope his breakup wasn't too messy.

I wonder who has a bigger wand: Harry or Draco? ;)

Blogger Cooper said...
I would have done exactly what you did. A parking space just isn't worth destroying either your car or your peace of mind. People like her will always exist, and age has nothing to do with it.

Blogger Scott E D said...
I she older folks do things that are dangerous in parking lots all of the time. Mostly backing up with out looking. All drives should be re tested at some time in their driving career.

Blogger Amy said...
sheesh... there's just something so 'in your face disrespectful' about those kinds of things - and it seems sooooo personal... i've been told 'hey! don't waste your time thinking about inconsiderate jerks like that'... but still.... pft.
enjoyed your post - this was my first visit.

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Poor Lance, but let's be real: Reichen dumped that uber-hottie husband of his, Chip, so I didn't see where Lance stood much of a chance as a long-term relationship.

Blogger TigerYogi said...
Gee. What a surprise than Lance and uber-ego didn't last. I. am. stunned.

People who steal other people's parking spots, especially at the holidays, should have their tires flattened. You like that spot so much? Stay there! :P

Love the story of the wrinkly in the ark. I got a little more vocal with a woman some years ago who parked in the fire lane at the drug store when there were plenty of parking spaces to be had only a few steps away. I followed her into the store and watched her cut in front of a line at the Rx counter, and I walked right up to her and said loudly so all the other people in the line could here me, "I wish I were so special as to park in the fire lane, you don't look disabled to me!!" She was not pleased and as it was the Christmas holiday she berated me for not having much of a holiday spirit. Sometimes people need to be called on their actions when they are just plain unreasonable. I'll prolly get shot someday for speaking up.

Blogger Sorted Lives said...
I definately would have said something. Like Spider said, you're a better man!!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Don't get me started with the lack of respect that seems to be growing in our world. I think you handled it the right way - it does tear at your soul - if you give into anger, it tears away more. You've got to look at each incident as a learning experience - something is positive - it's just hard to find it sometimes.

As the LDS say, "choose the right" and I think you did.

I'm proud of you :)

Yeah, they know you'll pull your punches, and so they fight dirty.
Those old lady whuppings are the worst.

Blogger . said...
We did a joint PodCast with Brett Cajun and had the same problem but I think I had my sound up and didnt' realize it...not sure. We recorded here and HE recorded and then he sent me the file to put it all together...I had echo. I tried to edit some of it out and it was a freakin nightmare!

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