Friday, November 24, 2006
Y'all are mad if you go shopping today :)

Anyway I don't even have that option, I'm working :(
I'm kind of broke at the moment anyway, so maybe that is a good thing.
Yesterday was very relaxing, spent the day at my Mother's with the kids.
I lost my wallet two days ago, and am stressing out big time about it, I have to get a new license, debit card, ID Badge (for work) and a slew of other things. I had only a $1. bill (sad right?) in the wallet so whoever found/stole it certainly didn't hit the jackpot. My only concern is that my current address will not be found as nothing has been changed over (I'm a slacker sometimes). Also the forwarding on the old addy is long since expired, so mailing it to me will not help.
Essentially I'm f'cked!

I have a wake to go to after work today
(my brother-in-law's father passed away)
with my older son
means I have to shave, buzz my head, and Iron (ugh)
time is short, much to do, need a shower
This is for my Cesco..
Crank Call Friday
Japanese VCR repair
S1 157
Blogger Donald said...
Hope you have a good weekend.

Blogger Polt said...
Sorry about the wallet, the wake, and the sahving, ironing, etc.

but on the upside, that photo of you is pretty hot. :)


Blogger cajunwolf said...
Sorry about your rotten luck buddy! I hope your weekend gets so much better!


Blogger Doug said...
Man, that sucks about your wallet. Silver lining: your new driver's license will have your correct address.

I have a sick fascination with holiday shopping carnage. Something about the primal greed being displayed.

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Hey Jim

No shopping for me and I'm off of work. CRAZINESS! Sorry about the death in your family.

Take care buddy.

Blogger Jeepy said...
Ill opt for shopping on the internet :)

I think Gary Craig and his phony phone calls are funny :)

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
I went out this morning and was back in record time -- with every item I went for and in just a hair over 2 hours. I was, however, not witness to any of the fun(?) as displayed in your pics.

I've lost my wallet twice in the last ten years so I can sympathize with you.

Sorry to hear about the death in your family.

Blogger Sorted Lives said...
The CNN coverage at one of our Wal-Marts makes me proud (NOT) to live in this town. Could we be anymore trailer park trash???

Blogger Knottyboy said...
Christ hon, losing your wallet sucks ass. Glad you were able to turn everything around so quickly. I'm sure though they all made you jump through hoops to do it. I press a nice shirt my dear and I do have an assless French Maid's uniform.

Blogger TigerYogi said...
You could not pay me enough money to ever suffer through that kind of carnage!!

I hope that your wallet turns up intact, and I hope that your weekend gets better! :)

Blogger NeiLDC said...
Hi Jim,
I hope you will solution for your lost wallet. anyway i was happy of your thanksgiving post. last night i have been into one of my american friend here in madrid, we had a thanksgiving dinner... and lots of very ahppy that there are people who are really there and support you. I was happy on your post to you stepdad.. im proud of you my friend.. so a big Hug for you!!

Blogger GayProf said...
I hope that you had a good holiday! Sorry about the wallet. Those types of things are really annoying.

At least working keeps you out of the holiday shopping pandemonium.

Blogger Rich Brown said...
I agree going shopping today, at least in the morning is stupid. I don't know why people put themselves through so much unnecessary stress. Sorry to hear about loosing your wallet buddy, I know that can be a real pain. :-) You're boys are cute too, you're so fortunate and lucky to be a father, I'm jealous. Enjoy your weekend.

Blogger matty said...
Sorry to hear that your brother-in-law's father passed away. It is so hard to lose someone, but it manages to be even worse when it happens at the holidays. Bummer about the wallet, too. least you don't have to be trampled at Walmart or anything.

I don't go there. I try to shop at the Indepents if I can. ...but I have to find a stuffed animal today. So, off to the little stores I go. The sun is out. I've got Goldfrapp q'd up on the iPod. I'm ready for anything!


Blogger Steve said...
Sorry about your wallet... ouch. And, I love Republican Jesus! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and have a good weekend.

Blogger Michael said...
I *almost* thought about trying to go to Target this morning before work to see if they had any more Wii's in stock. (can you say obsessed?) Instead, I got to sleep in a bit today which in the long run was much much better. Those pictures are actually pretty terrifying. I mean, geezo, what is WRONG with people?!

Sorry to hear bout the wallet. But hey, you got everything taken care of one can use any card or anything like that and if they try to...well you'll know who's got your wallet :)

Take care buddy. I'll talk to you soon!!

Blogger Jim said...
Oh yeah, I hate shopping anyway so going out today would probably land me in jail :)

Sucko about the wallet, its that naked feeling and not in a good way.

I see you are back to sexy orange :)

Blogger Mikey said...
The missing wallet Sucks!!! Why people fight over stuff in the middle of a store is beyond me!!!

Blogger Ur-spo said...
i have a theory Black Friday resembles the first level of Hell
Your photos lend support to such theory.
What a fright.

Blogger Spider said...
That's my city - I am SO proud!

Blogger . said...
man///things will get better. I am with you on the whole shopping day. I used to go wihen i was married but this year (as in the past 4 or 5) I am FLAT OUT broke!

Blogger jefftexas said...
For about 2 minutes I toyed with the idea of standing in line for a $249.00 laptop, but I decided I'd rather pay 3 times that amount on Dell than to be a part of the madness!

Sorry you lost your wallet and have a wake to go to-I hope your weekend is tons better :)

I'm drunk, but not blogging-only commenting, it's safer that way :O Jeff

Blogger Stephen said...
Made the mistake of doing the shopping thing on Black Friday once, never again! Sorry to hear about the lost wallet and all the things that go along with it, maybe the weekend will bring better things.

Blogger patti_cake said...
For some reason it takes your page an age to load (and I have hi-speed) ... I went shopping but did not engage in any fisticuffs
Sorry about the wake, I have to go to one tomorrow night.

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
Mate..hey round eyes.. if you didnt loose your wallet then you wouldnt have all your details updated right?..hehe.. maybe it's the universe telling you to let go of the old and start bringin in the new.

Thanks for the crank call!! love ya

Blogger Lemuel said...
I add my regrets about your losing you wallet. Even if cash lost was minimal, replacing all the cards is a royal pain!

I loved the Republican Jesus - maybe he should have been a bit more obviously blonder and blue-eyed. hehe.

I realize that it is appropriate for you to "clean up" for the wake, but, fella, I'd prefer that you come to my wake looking hot like you do in that picture. I'm sure you'd see me rise! ;)

Blogger Jimmi said...
Sorry to hear about the wallet! That totally sucks, I can only imagine how that would be. I would be lost without mine! It is almost crippling to loose your wallet.

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