Sunday, November 26, 2006
When I was 5 years old my Grandmother's older sister Lena passed away. We are a small and relatively close-knit family and even at that young age I had spent a great deal of time with her. I have a couple very clear memories of this period. I don't remember my reaction to her passing, which I am sure seemed more like she was away in a far distant land than the reality of her death. She was just there one day, cooking me gnocchi's and the next gone.
My mother, always trying to do everything "the right way" thought it best to expose me for the first time to the reality of life and death. She brought me to the wake (now this is one vivid memory) and had me touch her as she lay in the coffin. I remember her being very cold and that she didn't look anything like the Aunt Lena I knew and loved. But of my earliest memories, it is this one which sticks out in the clearest of detail. In fairness to my mother it actually served her purpose, I was never after that point upset or hesitant to attend a wake or funeral. I just had no anxieties about them afterward. That brings me to Friday...
My Brother-In-Law's father passed away last week. His wake was this past Friday. I decided to bring my older son with me. Well, I asked him first, and since he knew the deceased very well (from nearly every major family holiday and birthday) and also is relatively close to my sister's husband (his son) he wanted to go. So after work Friday I picked him up and we set out for the Funeral Home. This man was very well connected in local politics, and had a huge family. It was a two hour line outside the home and one hour line inside. We got in line at 4:30 and finally reached the casket and receiving line at 7:45. It was very cold and my hands were beginning to get numb by the time we got inside. I have never seen such an outpouring of support. He was very well liked needless to say and this was certainly evident by the number of mourners in attendance.
My son got choked up upon reaching the casket, kneeled, said a prayer and greeted both my (step) sister and her husband with a handshake and hug. They were touched that he came, given his young age, and while he was at a loss for words, he hugged everyone in the receiving line and expressed his sympathy with one repeated phrase "I am so sorry for your loss". I was so proud of him, he's becoming a little man.
Afterward, while walking to the car my son told me how glad he was that he went. This was especially meaningful as he had plans with friends for 7:00 that night and given the unanticipated 3 hour line he wasn't going to get home until 8:30.
moving along to yesterday...
My kids insisted we go see this ...

Tenacious D & the pic of destiny

I really can't stand sitting through anything Jack Black does, how anyone can is beyond me. But it was their choice (as it should be) and I took them regardless, enduring it somehow. He was of course his usual grating humorless self, nothing new there. The supporting cast (much like with Nacho Libre) took the edge off it and I had a few laughs. They really enjoyed it so when all was said and done it was a fun afternoon.
I took them home for 5ish and came back here. I had plans with a couple friends to go out.
Is anyone having trouble loading up my blog? Patti posted a comment to that effect yesterday.
Hope everyone has a pleasant Sunday :)
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Blogger TigerYogi said...
You must be so proud of your sons!

P.S. While the blog loads a little slow sometimes, I'm not having any other problems with it.

Blogger Spider said...
You have done a WONDERFUL job with your sons - you should be SO PROUD...

Blogger Rian said...
You're right, your sons become adults now. And I'm sure you're a very good dad, otherwise they wouldn't have turned out that great.

P.S. I'm not having any troubles with your blog either.

Blogger Jeepy said...
I remember my first experience when I was younger, its definately not easy being faced with death at such a young age. Oh and I cant stand Jack Black!!!

Blogger Doghigh said...
No problems with your blog either here or at work...

And Jack Black? BLECH. So glad to hear someone say exactly what I think!!! He annoys the living snot out of me!

Blogger GayProf said...
Like the others, I do not understand the interest in Jack Black. He seems neither clever nor funny to me.

Your son sounds like a good kid.

Blogger Michael said...
*blush* kinda wanted to see that myself. I'm not a huge Tenatious D fan but I found them entertaining at least.

And Kudos to your son. You've obviously raised him right :)


Blogger Tony said...
We sometimes don't give children enough credit for what they can handle. It's obvious you have prepped your son well for life. Sounds like you had an interesting weekend otherwise. have to admit I am not all that enticed with J. Black either.

Blogger patti_cake said...
He is awesome. I can't stand Jack Black either. Nacho Libre makes my skin crawl. Your blog is coming up okay now!

Blogger Claude said...
Jack Black had promise, but he made the mistake of deciding to play "Jack Black" in his movies instead of playing the characters. Of course, the same is true for Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken. They don't play characters, they play themselves. But it works for them because they had, oh, 30 years or so of actually being good actors and playing good character. Jack Black took a short cut and he'll fade from our reality soon enough.

Blogger madamerouge said...
I second Tony's point.

I remember my first brush with death as well. Running down the street in hysterics in a pink striped dress. I haven't been good with the whole death scene since. I like to skip the whole funeral bit. So be very proud of the son, he's stronger than I.

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