Saturday, November 11, 2006
was kind of a boring day for them...
was a little low on fundage so tried to at least do something with my monsters...

just tried this place out for the first time. For the three of us the tab came to $46.00, my Veggie double melt was barely edible, soggy and void of any flavor, the kids each had this Prime Rib Steak and Cheese sub (at $11.99 each) which they said was so grizzly and peppered they could barely get through half of it. 75% of what we bought ended up in the trash.. and to make things worse the lady ringing us up was about completely rude and unpleasant. She was getting irritated because it took us a couple minutes to look through the menu. I mean we were the only people in the place (and it is no wonder why).

I have always been fascinated by the story of Tennessee's Bell Witch . I think I must have been about 10 years old when I first watched a documentary on the subject. You can read the interesting series of events (which took place primarily between 1817-1820) by clicking on the link above. Imagine my excitement when this afternoon I discovered at Best Buy this new release, which had a fairly impressive cast (Donald Sutherland, Sissy Spacek), always something I check for these days, cheaply made and incredibly dreadful B movies have been making their way into Video Stores and Media Chain shelves much more often these days, usually with impressive artwork which offers a false draw.
So I was expecting something exceptional. Unfortunately I was disappointed. To begin with the film isn't historically accurate, especially the ending (which I won't give away of course) , secondly (and most importantly) it never held my (or my son's) interest. It was actually a chore to follow, and the effects left much to be desired. Donald and Sissy (as would be expected) gave amazing performances, given the script they were forced to adhere to, but even this could not save this boring and uncaptivating film. A renter at best, and only if you have time to kill. There are so many more worthy films out on Video at the moment.
so I guess today didn't turn out so well, but I still enjoyed the day
saw the strangest thing this morning. This Puerto Rican lady in front of me at a red light gets out of her car, adjusts her shirt (she was one of those 5' tall 250 pound hoochies in a skin tight sleeveless shirt and hip hugging jeans which look like they were spray painted on). Her hair was died some shade of orange and looked fried to death. She pops her trunk (the light is green by now) starts shuffling around the heap of garbage in there, and after about 30 seconds doesn't find what she's looking for. She stops briefly on the way back to her door to pound once on the drivers rear window at her two (that I could see) small children (who couldn't have been more than 3) and who were trying to climb out of a half open window (um seat belt law? child seats?) and then raises her hand like she's going to hit one of them, which served to drive the little kids back inside. I honked (the light had been green a while) she flipped me off high in the air without even looking my way, adjusted her shirt, opened the door, got in, sat down, did something inside for a couple seconds, then shut her door, then took about another 5 seconds to turn around and yell something at the kids (the light is red again by now). When the light finally turned green she floored it like a nascar driver, cut some kid in a mustang off and was back on her way to wherever.
You have to really wonder sometimes what the hell is up with some people.
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Blogger Polt said...
All that and you were not laying on your horn because.....why?

I would have been all over my horn. Perhaps even passed her if it were possible. I have zero patience for stupid people when I drive.


Blogger TigerYogi said...
I couldn't agree more about Quiznos! We walked in one once. Saw what they were charging for a GRINDER(!) and walked right back out!

P.S. I would have been on the horn with that woman too...

Blogger Donald said...
I have always found Quiznos (here in Toronto) to be reasonably priced and the food OK.

Blogger DanNation said...
I swear that some people need a good kick in the ass sometimes...!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Bad meal, bad movie, bad, you had a crappy Saturday. I hope your Sunday is better :)

Blogger Jim said...
I saw that movie in Blockbusters the other day but didnt pick it up, I think Im glad now. Instead I picked up Cache, which was very odd but enjoyable.

Blogger Askinstoo said...
Quiznos is super expensive, and yea the service sucks.

That woman was a

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