Wednesday, November 22, 2006
two posts in one day, but anyway...
Kelly Ripa on the hours following the "traumatic" experience Clay Aiken inflicted upon her
she was quite distressed but then...
"My day was actually made when I went backstage and I got the best phone call ever from Howard Stern and his girlfriend Beth, and they made me laugh soooo much sort of ........pause........(tries to think of what to say next, it's a live show remember)......pause...... giving me their take on the show"
You know people can call Rosie O'Donnell whatever they like.
Yes she is often abrasive and loud and obnoxious etc
but she was right on the mark
I just had to say that for what it's worth.
I have lost much respect for Kelly (not that there was much to start, but I thought she was always cute and entertaining to a degree). I am not so sure what she hoped to gain by mentioning that phone call, but she did nevertheless. You can see the video of the above quote animated here.
Blogger Doug said...
Hehe, amazing the range of opinions on that. Some think Rosie's dead wrong, some thing she's right on. I'm not sure I care either way, but Clay should probably know better than to do what he did, and Kelly's remark was pretty rude. I'm guessing any on-screen "banter" exchanged between the two during the show was fake, cuz it sounds like Kelly doesn't like Clay very much.

Blogger The Persian said...
It is the Howard Stern element which (for me) completely cements Rosie's point.

Blogger Jimmi said...
I wrote about this today, and posted some videos of all the events as well. Check them out. I don't hate Rosie but ever since she has come out she has been crying "homophobia" all over and this is an example that I felt it was not justified. If someone did that to me, I would have bitch slapped them!

Blogger Polt said...
I haven' heard anything about Stern,but I saw the original clip and the discussion on the view.

My thoughts: Kelly's remarks wasn't homophobic, just off the cuff. And she very well may have said just that to Mario Lopez...although I doubt he would have put his hand over her mouth.

Rosie, gotta love her. I think she's crying wolf, BUT, she's got a right to her opinion, and she's got a talk show that allows her to voice her opinion, so you go girl.

Bottom line to me: too much hype over crap that doesn't matter. Soldiers being killed by the dozens in Iraq, people dying from AIDS worldwide, the poor getting poorer here at home while the rich get richer...and we're worried about some off the cuff remark by some hostess of a talk show who's all fluff herself?


Oh and have a happy Thanksgiving, Jim! Hugs a'million!

Blogger Claude said...
I think Kelly would have said that about anyone that she didn't really like. And it's clear that she doesn't like him. I think she was taken aback because this flash-in-the-pan celeb disrespected her on HER OWN SHOW. He basically told her to shut up, when he did that. I don't think her comment was homophobic.

I think when you get to a place like where Rosie is, where being gay defines who you are, instead of it just being a small facet of one's personality, you go searching for things like this. Rosie should and does "know better."

Blogger Stephen said...
Stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, my it be filled with love and joy spent with your family.

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
I don't see the big hoo-hah about this Kelly/Clay thing. I see nothing "homophobic" about any of it. I wouldn't have wanted him to put his hand on my mouth either.

Blogger The Persian said...
1. The video was edited to cut out the part Just before he puts his hand over her mouth where he says to Kelly "Are you going to let me ask a question? and kind of jostles in his seat a bit, she smiles or something, ignores his question and continues on asking her questions. His move was wrong (and he realized that instantly) but nonetheless how else do you shut her up? He had scripted questions to ask in his hand!!!

2. The "Best phone call ever from Howard Stern and his girlfriend....and made me laugh sooo much!!" made Kelly feel so much better. Um, that says heaps to me about what Kelly thinks.

Blogger Chris Tuttle said...
Ya know, I didn't really get what this whole deal was about either, until I saw this...

I can't really say I like Gayken, cause I can't stand him for numerous of my own reasons, but Kelly... she'd lick just about anything, what's her problem with Gayken?

And I agree with thepersian, that does say a lot when Howard Stern calls and makes you feel better.

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