Monday, November 27, 2006
such a great day...

Because I lost my wallet, and do not have my new Debit Card yet, taking out money on a Sunday is nearly impossible. Funds were limited (I had $40) and so the kids and I needed to do something homey. They have their own new PC, 3 gaming systems, tons of games and well there is always my 300+ DVD collection to keep them/us occupied.
We grabbed a quick lunch and then it occurred to me
Thanksgiving was over and why not put up the Christmas stuff?
My younger son was very exited, and offered to help.
He was as into it as I was, filling the tree with ornaments, untangling these beads my Aunt had given me, and giving me some pointers on where to put stuff. My mother used to collect these Christmas Houses from Department 56. She gave them to me to sell on Ebay a couple years ago and I never got around too it. My son saw them downstairs in the cubby space (I live in a condo) and insisted I put a couple of them out. I never have in the past, they really just seemed to clash with my place. I told him to pick out a couple and I would.

If you are wondering what that obnoxious dancing oriental statue is on the floor, it was my late father's. He was an interior designer and had so many very unique pieces. It's quite old and weighs probably 30 pounds (it fell over and almost killed my cat once).
Afterward my son asked me to drive around to the back of the courtyard so we could see how the tree looked from outside. It looked amazing! He was exited. :)
It was just one of the best afternoons I ever spent with my son. Each time I walk to the kitchen , passing through the living room, I look at the tree and think of him decorating it. If that doesn't put you into The Holiday Spirit, I don't know what would. It makes this place that much less lonely, like a part of him is still here. :)
so moving right along...
I had the most amazing 2 hour chat yesterday with this guy... we hit it off so well and perhaps will meet sometime soon. He's half Italian, is tri-lingual, has traveled extensively and is exactly my age. I haven't met anyone in forever that I had so much in common with and where the conversation flowed so easily. I even shared a couple of my Youtube videos (on the sidebar) with him. We'll see, I'm hopeful. Here he is... (it's the picture from his public profile so I think it's ok to post). It's not like I'm giving out his name or anything.

Like I said the day was just perfect.
and without further adieu...
Middle Eastern Monday
Pick your favorite Persian





Have a Great Monday everyone :)
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Blogger Tay Hota said...
count those blessing lucky man... so, I'd pick #3... love a crew cut, and reminds me of a dear friend I haven't spoken to in a very long time...

Blogger tornwordo said...
Hooray for happy Sundays. We got out the decorations yesterday too. And I like number 2. Reminds me of an old student of mine, Mutlag.

Blogger Lemuel said...
The inner joy that you had decorating with your son radiated through this post! We could feel it! A minor lesson you communicated: we don't need a lot of money to have real joy in life.

Good luck with the new friend! From what you told he seems very nice.

And I'll take what's behind door #3. O yeah! :)

Blogger chris-says said...
Glad you had a nice convo with that guy. Just try to keep in mind (while enjoying things!), not to start putting so much emphasis/pressure on how great and wonderful things are. That can lead to expectations; far better to have experiences.

So, when are you visiting us? :)

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said... sounds like you had a "perfect day"...:) I'm happy for you and your son - the tree looks great and I love the statue on the floor - when you get tired of it or if it kills your cat, send it to me.
Good luck with the new guy!

I pick number 5! Number 2 reminds me of Dorthy Hamil :)

Blogger patti_cake said...
Those memories of your son will be gold for both of you. Can't wait to do our decorating (hubs has to do MIL's first). Hope it works out with the guy too, he's a hottie!

Blogger Doug said...
Awesome tree! I'm so glad you had a great day.

And I pick the guy you chatted with. ;)

Blogger Spider said...
What a wonderful Sunday and a great way to start the holiday... and your new man is HOT! And I vote for #2...

Blogger Benji said...
it's a close one. i pick #3 but i thought #1 was nice too...

Blogger Stephen said...
Spending time with your kids is one of the greatest treasures ever, it doesn't have to be let's see where can we go, what can I buy them, just spending time with them is enough. It is something they will always remember. The tree looks great, and btw, so does the new freind. I hope it all works out for you. A couple of the guys really caught my eye, but it's lucky #3, something about his eyes.

Blogger liquid said...
great way to spend the Sunday. Who says you need a lot of cash to have a good time?

Blogger Jimmi said...
Oh very nice that you got to decorate with your son's. We put our tree up yesterday too, but we haven't decorated it yet. It needed to settle first before we put the lights on.

Very cute guy you talked with there. Hope that works out :)

Ok for Persian Monday, I am going with #5. (What is UP with #2's Hair?) LOL

Blogger TigerYogi said...
Definitely #3!!!

P.S. The new guy looks cute! Hopefully this one will work out!

P.P.S. "If you are wondering what that obnoxious dancing oriental statue is on the floor, it was my late father's. He was an interior designer and had so many very unique pieces. It's quite old and weighs probably 30 pounds (it fell over and almost killed my cat once)." I think it's fabulous! If you ever want to get rid of it, let me know!!

Blogger potusol said...
Ok, I'm going with #5........

We're decorating next weekend. We did get our tree though, a nice shiny aluminum one (big surprise).

: )

Blogger Scott E D said...
I am very surprised you haven't looked up the history on the obnoxious dancing oriental statue. You may feel differently about it after you do.

Please note that have refrained from making any comments about it nearly killing your cat.

Blogger vuboq said...

i need to dig out all my Xmas decorations soon. All hail the purple tinsel tree!!!

Blogger Steve said...
Glad you had a great day... keep us posted!

Blogger Marko said...
I have to say # 5!

Great post, Im glad you had a great holiday. Mine was good but I have to say, Im glad its over.

Cute pic of that guy, hes very cute, go for it!

Blogger GayProf said...
Five? No way, people, it's got to be three or nothing.

Glad you had a good weekend.

Blogger Sorted Lives said...
Your tree is beautiful. It warms my heart to know what a wonderful father you are to your boys. What a great way to spend a day!

Blogger Kalvin said...
My favorite is the profile pic of your new interlocutor. I'm glad the holiday is going well!

Blogger Jim said...
Ah, Christmas decorating, I guess its time to get all 4 of my decorations out.

Hmm, either Persian 1 or 3 but since Italian Guy's picture is right above, I'll pick him (good taste :)

Blogger Rian said...
I love your tree. It's very nice.
Putting up the Christmas tree now sounds so very odd to me, because in Germany we're putting it up at December 24th. But I knew you do that right after Thanksgiving, because all my American friends always do as well.
I would (like Kalvin) pick the guy you were chatting with. But I guess he's yours. I'm glad you had a great conversation with him. So my next choice would be #5...

Blogger snarl71 said...
I vote for #3.

And what a great Sunday that sounds like. I did similar things, as you know (tree decorating).

I enjoy doing it every year - I'm such a geek!

I'm so glad you had such a great time...sounds like a great father/son day overall!

And congrats on the this fellow geographically close to you, too?

Blogger Ur-spo said...
I want a smile on one of these fellows!

Blogger Polt said...
I dont really like any of the guys,but I'll vote for #3, i guess. Unless I can vote for the guy you meet, he's kinda hot, no?


It sounds like you and your son related on a very deep level this weekend.
#2- The '80's hair is kind of cute.

Good luck with the chat guy.
Keep us posted.

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
Number 1!
and great to hear you had an amazing day.. especially since you didnt have to spend any money and it all came from ther heart!
Cute boy the italian as well.. hope things go well for you with him!
love ya

I agree with Ur-Spo....OMG he is a hottie. What could those arms of his do? Gay or not that is some eye candy. Um....sorry, us chicks don't see hot guys to often.

Blogger Jeepy said...
Very festive!

Oh am I too late? I vote for number 4!! I love his ears :)

Blogger Jason said...
What a hunk. You guys would make a great pair. Good Luck!

Blogger JR said...
Sounds very nice and see no money required. On the picking of a Persian: I go 1 then second coice is between 5 and 3. Can't decide who is my runner up.

Interesting. I learn something all the time. Thanks and visit us at Christmas Cheer

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