Wednesday, November 08, 2006
So I started this yesterday...
(a documentation of actual events, non-fiction)
My quick Synopsis
(I give nothing away no worries)
On May 13, 1920, a 21 year old Harvard University student named Cyril Wilcox took his own life by filling a third floor bedroom of his parents Fall River, Massachusetts home with lethal gas, shoving blankets in the doorways and window sills then lying down on his bed to take an eternal nap. His mother (who had been on the first floor the entire day) was obviously not aware of her son's emotional state and only discovered his body hours after it had expired.
Cyril's brother Lester came across 2 letters within days of the young man's suicide. Essentially they revealed that not only had Cyril been associating with homosexual students at Harvard, but that he also had been involved in a relationship with an older well known Gay Cafe owner from Boston. His reaction, fueled by an enormous sense of loss was to contact both of the young men who wrote the letters, gain "evidence" and present his findings to The President of Harvard.
Having graduated Harvard himself in 1914, Lester Wilcox still had some formidable contacts. Through one of these he gained an audience with President Lawrence Lowell and presented his findings. The result was a witch hunt unlike the school had ever endured.
A "Court" was set up to oversee the interrogation and application of disciplinary action to all of the students who fell under suspicion. Nearly all of these men were under the age of 22, most often wealthy and connected, and all but one, hesitant to admit to the "court's" accusations.

The book is amazing in it's detail of both the background & "testimony" of those "accused". It also paints an incredibly vivid picture of just what life was like for those who dared experiment with homosexuality in such a rigidly disciplined environment. I was completely riveted, having finished better than half the book in one sitting yesterday. The Cold I am suffering prevented me from finishing it last night.
I am at work, feeling a tad bit better. For some reason I am famished, eating everything in sight. I had two power bars and a blueberry muffin for breakfast. Yesterday was much of the same, my appetite is insatiable the last two days, despite feeling like a walking zombie with a congested head and runny nose. I wonder what I should have for lunch....hehe
I was so sick yesterday I forgot to vote (I was home for most of the day in bed).
My state (MA) has elected it's first black governor!!

(Deval Patrick)
I met four people (worth mentioning) online yesterday (not in person, I mean chatting). Two turned out to be freaks, but one... maybe, who knows. I have a date Sunday evening before work. At least I'm still getting out there, lately I've been losing interest in even going into chat.
If I was completely myself when I got up (and not 15 minutes late) this would have been probably more interesting. It's hard to write these things at work, all eyes upon you.
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Blogger Rian said...
I'm glad you're feeling a little bit better.
... and enjoy your date on Sunday. ;-)

Blogger Doug said...
I suppose the book answers the question, "How much can one person do?" A lot, apparently.

Hope you feel *a lot* better soon! In time for your date, anyway. ;)


Blogger john said...
I hope you feel better.
The book sounds really interesting.
I should start reading novels like that--or at least novels with some aspect of gay life.

Blogger Steve said...
Harvard's Secret Court sounds really interesting. Sorry to hear you're still feeling like ass. And yes, details on Sunday's date will be expected ASAP.

I've been wanting to read that for some time.
Glad your toe is better.
I hardly Ever connect through chatting.

Blogger Donald said...
Glad you are feeling better. Your new Governor is a very handsome man. I hope he's a Democrat. As for your comment on my blog about Tom Ford, he's a fashion designer.

Blogger MiKell said...
His new blog is back up, and linked on mine. The real one, not the blogger one.

Blogger The Persian said...
Thank you Mikell, I truly feel like an ass now.

I assume this is Chai's blog address?

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Glad you're feeling better. Good luck with the date and new Gov. I think I'll be picking up this book too. Always looking for the next read.

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Oh yea...prop 200...stupid! I commented about it on my blog comments.

Blogger madamerouge said...
I want to read that book.

Blogger Kalvin said...
Oh my, I hope things are going better. Beyond that, I also hope the contacts turn out well. It's strange how people love a good witch hunt. They still do it at BYU. Not like they used to, but then again, unfortunately, without knowing all the details of this book, I think what happened at BYU was much worse. Could be totally wrong though! Hooray for governors of color!

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
As soon as I stop feeling like crap, I'm going out to pick up that book.

Hope you are feeling better!

Blogger Will said...
I read the secret court book about a year ago and couldn't pout it down. I blogged about it at the time--you'd have to slog through the archives to find it, but it's one of a several books about Harvard as one of the great centers of gay life and culture not only in the Boston Area but nation-wide. The other two are about the glory days BEFORE the crack down. Both were written by Douglas Shand-Tucci and the titles are "Boston Bohemia" and "The Crimson Letter: Harvard, Homosexuality and the Shaping of American Culture."

Shand-Tucci also wrote about Isabella Stewart Gardner, Boston's great social rebel, art collector and patron, and fag hag extraordinaire.

The secret court book is engrossing, horrifying and an absolute must-read. Thanks, Jim, for putting it up on your blog to remind our readers of it again.

Blogger Marko said...
That sux that you couldnt vote, I was so sick after halloween, uggh! Hope your feeling better!

The election couldnt have turned out better I think, it was pretty damn close though!

Blogger Doghigh said...
Glad you're feeling better!

I am also THRILLED that my hometown state elected Deval Patrick!!! After being disgusted with the Mitt Romney years I can feel good again :-)

Blogger Stephen said...
The book sounds really interesting, a topic many of us can relate to. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather, hopefully the tide is turning and you are on the mending side now. Good luck with the upcoming date.

Blogger Jeepy said...
Sounds like an interesting book. I didnt ote either, I never registered after I moved. M. Jody Rell in Ct won, I would have voted for her anyway.

Jeepy :)

Thank f-ing God - I have been searching for a decent book... well, not so much searching as waiting for one to drop in my lap - and here it is. Thanks!

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