Friday, November 17, 2006
quick note, more later
I just wanted to thank everyone for their great comments on yesterday's post. I just replied to each of you in the comments area.


Does anyone know what happened with Larry the Lovelemming? It would appear he has deleted his blog and it's been scooped up by spammers. I know how this works all too well because my old blog (dry free lean) had much the same fate after I deleted it last May.

If he's created a new blog could someone let me know? I would appreciate it.

Thanks much :)
Blogger Rian said...
Unfortunately I have no idea.
But I was trying to figure out what has happened with him myself. :-/
That's a big loss.

Blogger kevin said...
I hope you are recovering from your night shifts. I think i am recovering from mine but i didnt sleep too well last night. Hopefully it will be a better nights sleep tonight.

Have a good one.
Kevin in New Zealand.

Blogger Signalite said...
Hey guys, hopefully without speaking out of my place, Larry quite simply needed a big break from it for a while.

Blogger Doug said...
I hope Larry's doing okay.

Blogger Jeepy said...
I heard something about the mother ship coming back to earth or something. Who knows??

Blogger Rian said...
He's now at
But you probably already know.

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