Sunday, November 19, 2006
not worth your time...
The kids and I saw "Let's go to prison" yesterday (their idea). It looked amusing enough from the trailer, and I suppose it did have a couple funny moments, but in the end we were disappointed.
The storyline was very weak, twisting and turning constantly throughout the film, it was an effort to follow along. It had the feel of an independent artistic venture, yet had all of the ingredients of a typical cheesy Hollywood B-movie. We hardly laughed.
Had an exiting weekend for the most part, I made (frozen) pizza & chicken for the kids Saturday (which I haven't done in ages, usually I take them out to get something a bit more healthy). I so love having lunch here with them, sitting across from one another at the table, chatting away, it's times like these which really make this place feel like a real home. Working the 2nd shift for most of my 6 year marriage I missed out on so many of those simple yet wonderful moments. About 2:30 we set out to see the film mentioned above and then afterward I took them back home. It was an amazing day even tho we really didn't do much. Oh and my older son has made the honor roll with a cumulative average of 97% for all his classes. He's such a brilliant kid, and I am so very proud. :)
I went out Friday night with my friend Chris who I hadn't seen in a while. A new bar opened in Springfield called R-Bar . It is in the same place as another Bar which existed around 2000 called auntie Em's, and honestly I do not see the difference. What I do like about it is that it's clean, very tastefully decorated, un-seedy (unlike the other 4 Springfield "clubs") and packed to the hilt. Of course this is to be expected the first weekend. One of the owners likes me a lot, he used to bartend over at The Pub. I got home around 2 which actually was probably a bad thing given i needed to be up no later than 9.
Saturday night two other friends came over, and once again we went out in Springfield (yikes) because they had not been to the aforementioned R-Bar. We had a good time, although one of my friends tends to get a little out of control (actually he's more of my friend's friend than mine thankfully, we aren't very close).

(the friend of a friend)
The night didn't end so well, he and I had a fight, said things we regretted and we probably won't be hanging out anytime soon (which is fine with me). I think I will take a break this coming weekend from Bars, I have been going out a bit more than I care to of late.
Well tonight is my last night of Third Shift! Yay... :)
I think Suede misses me when I'm gone all night...

Isn't she too cute?
she was named (by my ex) for this song...

off to take a nap, need to go to work in 3 hours or so (11pm)
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Blogger matty said...
Oh, I love that song, "Suede" -- but, then -- I'm am about of a Tori-Head.

I saw the new Christopher Guest film, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. It was ....horrible! I mean it was bad! I was soooooo bummed. It, too, had a few funny moments with Fred Willard/Jane Lynch and Jennifer Coolridge --- but a few funny moments does not a good film make.

My boyfriend is going out of town again and I'm going to be lonely this week so I've made lots of plans!!!!

I like your cat!

Blogger Ur-spo said...
indeed; cute cat!

Blogger john said...
Thanks for the heads up on that movie.

Conversation/moments during lunch are always awesome with loved ones. It doesn't matter if it's frozen pizza or gourmet food.

Blogger Jason said...
Suede is a cutie, and I love me some Tori!
Congrats on your son getting honor roll!
Hope you have a good holiday :)

Blogger Kalvin said...
Suede is so adorable. I wasn't really planning on seeing Let's Go to Prison, so I'm not worried. Now, did you make chicken and pizza at the same time?

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Suede is adorable.

Congrats on getting off the third shift grind. That schedule sucks.

Blogger madamerouge said...
I spent Sunday morning watching Tori videos from the Fade to Red collection. It just seemed like a Tori kind of morning.

Blogger Doug said...
Yay! No more third shift! Many congrats on that! Out of morbid curiosity, when will you have to do 3rd shift again?

Suede is a cutie! She's like: why are you taking my picture?! And where have you been!? ;)

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