Tuesday, November 28, 2006
It actually sold...
my ex-wife and I at the old house, we were both 20
So my old shack finally sold. I am 10% sad, and 90% anxiously anticipating it being demolished. The closing is Wednesday, and evidently I am getting a new kitchen out of the deal.
At least that's what one of the trustees to the Realty trust which "owns" that old place and the strip mall beside it. My grandfather made up all of these things for tax purposes. None of us really own our homes in this family, they are all sort of independent entities with trustees and beneficiaries. Evidently when something is liquidated within one of these things, the beneficiaries can (at that point) take some sort of revenue from them. I am not clear on how it all works, but in the end they have decided to have my Kitchen completely redone here (it needs an overhaul). Wednesday night after the closing I am going Cabinet and counter shopping, how exiting is THAT?
So I had to go meet a former tenant of that old place after work last night so that he could remove a Canoe which has been in it's basement for years. Turns out, some renovations they did to the place 10 years ago resulted in the installation of three new columns in the basement. The fools boxed in the Canoe! So it was impossible to remove. I don't think the guy was too happy but what can be done?
A funny thing happened when I pulled into the parking lot of the Strip Mall next to the place..
This young guy
(maybe 20, backwards cap, very long hair)
pulls up right behind me
and starts yelling something..
I'm thinking, shit did I cut him off or something?
I was not in the mood for road rage..
then I hear what he's saying...
That is the fcking most amazing license plate I've ever seen...

and I am gonna take a picture of it right now!!!
Thanks I said "Go ahead"
and he did, a couple in fact.
It was kind of cute how he got all exited.

I came home soon after, a friend came over, we went for this super long walk (close to 4 miles) and then made these incredible Garlic-Lime marinated Chicken Salads and sat down to watch some TV (which I don't usually do, but was cool for a change). Wow... two words

Sendhil Ramamurthy

My friend has been going on and on about Heroes.
I guess I never really paid attention until now, and I think I'm hooked.
and the winner of yesterday's
Vote for your favorite Persian
is #3 by 3 votes.

He is actually very nice.
(altho I was thinking #5 would win for some reason)
S1 156
Blogger Spider said...
Congrats on the new kitchen - and WHAT does the license plate say?

Blogger Lemuel said...
I'm not sure I'm following all this financial and trust stuff (my idea of investment is to buy a meal at MickeyD's), but it sounds great for you. kudos!

Blogger Tay Hota said...
yeah, what does the license plate say? creepy that someone is insisting you redo your kitchen, very specific... #3 looks a lot like my friend Reza, although I haven't seen him in a very long time...

Blogger vuboq said...
hm... this is the first time I haven't voted for the winning Persian. I'm so sad. [I voted for #5, who SHOULD HAVE WON!]

New kitchens ROCK! I need to have mine redone at some point too.

Blogger Brad said...
And I would have been all like, "Duuuude, if you take a picture of my licensce plate you'll have to offer me a picture of something of yours that I find interesting as well."

Well, no I wouldn't. But it's fun to dream.

Blogger Scott E D said...
Your friend has been going on about Heroes? Which friend would that be?

The canoe thing is actually kinda funny. Sorry. I traveled here from Ur-Spo. In fact the canoe thing would have me rolling on the floor if I had been there. It's actually hilarious. Sorry it couldn't happen though, but, that is life. Now isn't it?

Blogger Stephen said...
Grandfather sounds like he was a wise man, congrats on the upcoming new kitchen, its fun picking and planning out new stuff. Number 5? you know you made me scroll down to have another look, I agree he's cute, but there is still soemthing about number 3's eyes.

Blogger Doug said...
What Brad said.

I hate all the financial pretzels things can get into. And it does seem very wierd that you get a new kitchen out of the deal. What if you'd just redone your kitchen?

Maybe you should put a sink in your bedroom and declare that part of the kitchen.

Blogger The Persian said...
spider: Thanks, I'm really quite exited! The plate was actually a bad choice and I haven't had the chance to change it to something new yet. It reads "VODKA"

lemuel: Oh I know what you mean, I get very confused at times.

tay: read above :) I suppose they are trying to improve the value of my condo, it is in the best interest of the trust to do so. I'm not complaining!! :)

vuboq: Yea 5 was definitely the one I thought would win, but 3 is pretty intense, don't you think?

brad: LOL My friend said the same thing!! You should have seen this guy...

scott: Yea I wonder...

butterfly: Yea it is kind of funny (altho the owner of said canoe didn't think so lol)

Glad you stopped by, I will have to check out your blog in a bit.

stephen: Wise yet at the same time tied us all up in paperwork! :)

Yes #3's eyes are killer

doug: Isn't it weird tho? I'm not complaining. My bedroom is fine, the kitchen needs the most work of any room in the house. But then again that is why it's being redone.

Blogger john said...
I'm curious about your license plate now.
Have fun with the kitchen. When my parents redid their kitchen, it turned out pretty awesome. I am fascinated by all make-overs (but not so much the Sunday night show).
I'm also wondering about the boxed in canoe.

Blogger patti_cake said...
Yeah you must tell us about the license plate!

Blogger M- Filer said...
Geeze, you miss one post and it's like the election is stolen all over again (memories of 2004). My late absentee vote is for #5. Recount!

Blogger Rian said...
It's a cool licence plate indeed. I wouldn't want to change it. In Germany we can't select stuff like that. There is a special scheme. For instance the first one to three letters indicate the county, then there are one or two addidtional letters, and then a number. But since the letter for Stuttgart is "S" you can find many cars here that say e.g. "S EX 1000" ;-)
... and congrats on the new kitchen.

Blogger Jimmi said...
Congrats on the house sell!

Blogger TigerYogi said...
I don't feel too sorry for the old tenant. He obviously hasn't used that canoe for a loooooong time!

So! Are you going to do an 70's Avacado or Gold interior for the new kitchen? ;P

Blogger snarl71 said...
WOW - I'm impressed that Massachusetts allowed you to have VODKA for a license plate. Too funny.

And congrats on the house sale.

Blogger NeiLDC said...
wow, id love sendhill... you look so cute on you pic of your 20s , you have a really nice smile... love it!!

Congrats all around, buddy! And hell, if I saw you driving around with that license plate, I'd want a pic taken too... well, you'd need to be in the pic, of course!

Blogger Jeepy said...
I love heroes!!

You have to take some pictures of your new kitchen!

Blogger Kalvin said...
New kitchens? Trusts? Beneficiaries? Alcoholics? Sounds lovely, but I'm wondering why the new cabinets. Why?

Blogger Joshua said...
Well Dude - what does your plate say? I didn't see where you told us! LOL. Congrads on the new kitchen!

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