Friday, November 10, 2006
I'm going to miss them..

so Nick (actually resembling his famous namesake above) & Jessica (her not so much) sold their condo (adjacent to mine) and these new people have started moving in. The former were an adorable couple (especially him, wow!!!) in their late-ish twenties with a little girl probably age 4. They were very quiet, I never heard them once in the year we shared the wall between us. They also never once looked at or addressed me in passing outside. I thought that odd, but perhaps they heard me (on those rare occasions where friends would stop by). Funny somehow I am going to miss them. The good news is that they sold for $20,000 more than I paid in Oct '05. The units are identical for the most part.
"Shut your goddamn Ass!!!"
"Jesus f'ing Christ I told you already"
and my personal favorite
"You stupid Bitch!!"
This is what I am hearing now. I sense stress in their relationship. A quick check online in Registry of Deeds for Hampden County revealed their names to be Brenda and Timothy (I had to know what the selling price was, I mean it is all relatative to what mine would go for). Yesterday I came home from work and the door was open, I could see inside, people were working and painting and a little girl was wailing somewhere (this is also a repeating occurrence, I wonder what that's all about). All I do know is that Tim (apparently) is not a very pleasant guy, I mean who talks to their wife like that? I never did, I might have ended up with an ottoman to the head (she was a big girl with a nasty temper). Come to think of it that was a suppressed memory, she did throw an ottoman at my head once, because of something my mother said. She missed tho (thankfully).
My cold is completely gone (except for a mildly irritating sniffle), and it looks like the toe is back to normal now (well it looks normalish and I have no pain anymore, just a slight twinge if it hits something, that might just be in my head tho)
I changed my pictures online (I do this pretty regularly) and it's like I'm fresh meat or something, not only do I have a date (mentioned already) Sunday, but this week coming perhaps 2 or 3 other possibilities. Things are looking up for sure. :)
In other news, my ex-wife phoned me up yesterday to tell me she will be carrying the kids on her health insurance as of January 1st. She works for one of the largest companies in the world, so I thought this would be great news (of course I will reimburse her the cost, which is far less than what I pay now). The clincher? I am paying now $70. a week health insurance for the kids and I (apart from the $175. weekly child support). Her policy will cost $45. a week, which also is a better plan, lower co-pays etc. This would be wonderful except that I would be left without Health Insurance (she can't naturally carry me on her policy since we are divorced). My single plan here at work is $45. SO..I was paying $70 for the three of us. Now, by reimbursing her, that would mean $45. to her and $45 for myself, totalling $90. When all is said and done I need to come up with another $20. per week. That's $80 a month I have already allocated to bills (I am on a very strict budget). Maybe she and I can come to some sort of agreement, at least I hope so. The most important thing I am concearned about is that I have them every weekend and am so sick and tired of having to keep them in a cooped up condo because I can't afford the $30 to take them to the movies, or $50 to bring them somewhere cool to eat. Let's not even talk about daytrips or vacations. rant..rant...rant I know. :(
more to come... I'm late and need a shower.
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Blogger Doug said...
I sense stress in their relationship.

LOL Really? I guess they're not renters?

Yay for a return to health! Begone evil cold and broken toe! Begone I say!

Got any painkillers left over? ;)

Sucks about the insurance. Hope things work out.

Blogger Jeepy said...
Sorry the hotty moved out :(

As for the health insurance, refuse to pay anything more than what your policy would cost. and would you also be covered on the policy? If not, do this mean you have to pay for 2 insurance policies?

Have a great weekend

Jeepy :)

Blogger john said...
I don't understand why two people would speak to each other that way. It makes no sense to me. And why two people would stay in a relationship that is obviously causing mental anguish to one or the other.
It's strange that anyone would consider it normal or acceptable to stay in a relationship like that.

Blogger madamerouge said...
good luck with the budgeting/negotiations

Blogger Michael said...
You mean you never knocked on Nick and Jessica's door asking to borrow a cup of sugar hoping Nick would answer the door shirtless (at the very least)?

Blogger Michael said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
yay persian guy is healthy again....good news...glad to toe is better also....soooo happy you got some date action going there cutie....and i hope things work out with the ex and the medical plan....smiles and hugs to ya...have a good weekend....:)

Blogger Donald said...
Glad to hear you're feeling better - have a great weekend

Blogger JR said...
Tell her you will reimburse her up to the amount of your cost for them on your health insurance or they can stay on yours. Or you can have double coverage where you pay your 70 bucks and she pays her own if she wants the coverage on her plan. I cant imagine you agreed to let her make changes to who covers them for health insurance in your divorce. It seems reasonable to me. You can pay the extra it was costing to have them on yours or they stay on yours... seems fair.

Please share your dating stories and you cant tell them about your blog. I use to date all the time, constantly and sort of miss all the drama that surrounded it.

Hope it is fun!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Annoying neighbors...nice. The budget thing sucks. It seems that every guy I know with kids has it tough with the budget thing.

Blogger patti_cake said...
Hope you get the financial thing straightened out. Just remember, she's a big girl with a nasty temper. Sorry that made me giggle.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
it must be very frustrating to want to give so much to your children but be stifled by $.
still I hope that they know the real values of their father.

"Things are looking up for sure. :)"
You deserve the very best, and I believe the best is out there for you.
We should start a "cottage" business or something. I need more bucks too.

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