Thursday, November 23, 2006
Happy Turkey Day :)

1. My two sons. They are the lights which illuminate my soul. When I am with them nothing else in the world is evident nor matters. Even in my darkest days I need merely look at their photograph and the sadness instantly dissipates. They are the base from which I draw every inch of strength I possess.

2. My mother. I am thankful to have had (all of my life) the deepest love and unconditional support of the woman who may not have given me life in the biological sense, but rather has , with love and tenderness, shaped me into the man I have become today. Thank You Mom :)

3. My Gram. While she may be failing these days, not always remembering exactly who I am, I am ever thankful to have her in my life still and cherish every moment we spend together. My Gram, like Mom, has had such an impact on who I am today and I love her dearly.

4. My Stepdad. We may have had our early ups and downs when you married Mom (I was 9), and I fought you at every angle you tried to become a loving father figure, I look back and realize everything you have done for me was (and still is) out of love. It took me until I reached adult hood to understand this, I was so afraid that my father was being replaced that I did not see who you are, the most beautiful soul you possess and how much I truly and wholeheartedly love you.

5. My Aunt. There is hardly a day we don't speak and never a moment I do not appreciate the gifts of love and support that have poured from your heart. You never had a child of your own, and are the closest thing to a second mother I will ever have. I love you.

(Gram and Auntie)

6. My Friends . I am so very thankful to have you in my life, you center my existence and bring so much laughter and happiness into my world I would be lost without you.

7. My Cat. She is loving, affectionate, and makes my nights all that less lonely. Would you believe she talks to me? (I'm not crazy lol, she actually tries to tell me things, especially when she is angry at being evicted from the living room (see cat scratch video on the sidebar)

8. My Home. I am thankful to own this Condo outright, the perfect location, size and layout.

9. My New Car. The most amazing vehicle I have ever owned, I still cannot believe it's mine and for the first time in my life with no car payments!

10. My Degree. I am thankful to have finally finished my degree (BA in History). It was a very long road, but each time I look up at that frame above my desk here I get a feeling of accomplishment. (Now to use it and get out of my current job for something better!)

11. My Blogger Friends. I would be lost without all of you guys, each and every person on my sidebar is special to me (I've been trying to tweak it down a bit because it's so big, but I never can!!) *Giant Persian Hugs*.

12. My health. I am thankful to be healthy, free of any major ailment or disease (apart from the occasional broken toe) and have the energy to keep up with my growing sons (and that is a serious workout!!)

13. To be an American. Yes I know this may sound like a cheesy thing to list to some people, but it's true. I am incredibly thankful that I live in this great Nation and am equally proud to be an American Citizen.

So last night my friend came over, we had a couple spirits and made two of my Strawberry Swirl Cheesecakes (one for my family, one for his) The recipe can be found here. It is quite the crowd pleaser, I encourage some of you to try it! (I get hounded constantly for them lol)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!
and also...

Happy HNT :)
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Blogger TigerYogi said...
Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Hon! :)

Blogger Mike said...
Happy TG & HNT

Blogger Polt said...
You're kids are just aDORable! That picture of them made me smile too! :) Oh, and HNT photo had me smiling as well...but for a different reason. :)

HAPPY HNT! and Happy Thanksgiving!

Blogger Stephen said...
Your blogging friends would be lost without you, it is us that is blessed by having you in our lives. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Your HNT post today has made my Thanksgiving a whole lot better.

Blogger Doug said...
You are quite an amazing guy. Loving, thoughtful, and kind. I hope you have a warm, safe, and fun Thanksgiving!


Blogger Stealth said...
What a great HNT!!! I love the series and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Blogger Moosekahl said...
Glad someone took the time to reflect on all they can be thankful for and even with a photo series! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day. Happy HNT

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Happy thanksgiving Jim - this is a great list - and the pic, well, what can I say...feel free to send full naked thurs pics to my e-mail :)

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
Hi PG, I feel so bad that I havent been around much, I just got really busy in September because I belong to an art co-op now, and it's a ton of work, but I am getting some awesome exposure for my clothing line....

Anyway, I just want to tell you that I really appreciate your blog, you, how awesomely cool you are, what a wonderful family man, and just a peach!

Take care PG, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Blogger Jimmi said...
Great post and so nice to hear! Happy Thanksgiving!

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
Wed ont celebrate this here.. but i think we should be thankful everyday .. So Jim Im thankful for you!

Blogger Darin said...
Happy T Day

Blogger Donald said...
Happy Thanksgiving to you. My mom passed away a month ago, but I will always be thankful for the 53 years I had with her. PS: Love the HNT pic!!

Blogger patti_cake said...
Happy Thanksgiving Hon, it's heartwarming to read all that you are thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving, Jim. You have a a bounty of goodness in your life.
The way you love your sons moves me so deeply.

Blogger Mikey said...
Happy Thanksgiving...great list!

Blogger LEE ANN said...
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy HNT!

Blogger Ur-spo said...
great list;
Yours was special as it reminds us that despite it all, this is a fortunate country to reside in.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jim.... It's great to see that you took the time to reflect and really understand what the day is about - not just eating and relaxing.


Blogger Michael said...
Jim, I'm thankful that you're my friend reguardless of the fact that I rotten about keeping intouch. You are a most amazing man, truly! What a great list :) Well you know you're on mine too. (as you can see on my site hehe) I'll call ya this weekend so we can catch up.


Blogger purpletwinkie said...
Hope your Thanksgiving was fun. Have a great weekend.

Excellent post mate! You really seem to have your priorities together - and it was a nice reminder about what the day is really about. And that cheesecake looks deadly delicious...

Blogger Steve said...
What a nice post, Jim. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Blogger Jeepy said...
you have so much to be thankful for. Nice HNT!

Blogger . said...
Oh...VERY NICE! Hairy legs are UBER HAWT!

Blogger Lemuel said...
That was fantastic, Persian! So beautiful and from the heart.

You have two beautiful sons, they reflect the beauty of their father.

You whole list was captivating.

...And then we get to the cheesecake! LOL! So, why wasn't I notified in advance?! [he mocks indignation.] (Gonna have to try to make some myself!)

P.S. a degree from WNEC? My younger son very nearly went there. He was accepted and had aid, but he also got from his first choice (BU) so he ended up there. (graduated in 2004). WNEC has a very beautiful campus!

Blogger madamerouge said...
and AGAIN your hnt photo slays me


Blogger Chris Tuttle said...
Wow. Now THAT is a HNT photo. I think I'm gonna have to join in this HNT game!

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