Thursday, November 30, 2006
Happy 145th Birthday...
Great-Great Grandmother
Marie Martine Moreau Tessier
born 30 November 1861
Saint Alexandre de Iberville,
Quebec, Canada
That's right Sheila, she was from Canada...
lots of famous people were...

Avril Lavigne
Pamela Anderson
Romeo Dallaire
Shania Twain
Nelly Furtado
Estella Warren
Shannon Tweed
Keanu Reeves
Celine Dion
Alanis Morissette
Peter North
Bryan Adams
Neil Young
Jim Carrey
Natasha Henstridge
Jennifer Tilly
Sarah McLachlan
Leonard Cohen
(Peter North wow!!)

in honor of AMAZING Canada
which has given us sooo much
(including my very special Canadian blogger friends)
Happy Canadian HNT!
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Blogger "W" said...
I will be thanking Canada today...for all those beautiful people (well mostly beautiful)...and more importantly for HNT Canuck style. YUM!

Blogger Stephen said...
Gosh, you sure do know how to make Thursdays a day to look forward to. (((hugs)))

Blogger M- Filer said...
Is Peter North that famous 80's Porn Star? I think you have a bit of a porn star buried deep down inside you. I love it!

Blogger Doug said...
Oh so yummy! Your HNT's are very inspiring!

And happy birthday to Grandma Tessier!


Blogger TigerYogi said...
Peter North, who used to do 80's gay porn, and then went on to do straight porn, and denied he ever did gay porn!!!

Hello! It's all on tape Peter!!!! ;)

Blogger The Persian said...
Yes wasn't his "other" name Matt Ramsey?

Blogger Kevin said...
Woof, eh?

Blogger Polt said...
Damn lucky Canadians, getting show like that for thier HNT....

How about a Pennsylvanian HNT next week! huh, huh?


Blogger Jeepy said...
Canada EH?


Blogger Kalvin said...
Hooray for Canada!

Blogger Spider said...
I am not sure which was better - the pic of Peter North or YOUR HNT pics - I think I am voting for yours!

Blogger patti_cake said...
Thank You Canada also :)

Blogger matty said...
Ah, you know --- as an uncertain 13 year old boy in Texas I got a post office box and ordered a gay porn ---- I was soooo in love with Peter North for a while. ...then I moved on to Pierce Daniels. ...I wonder if he was from Canada.

Gay Canadian porn stars.

It's a good thing.

I'm looking forward to hearing you on Dan & Jimmi's podcast later in the month!!! Neat-O!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
This reminds me of a very smart friend of mine who had a very dumb moment. We were driving and he saw a car with a bumper sticker, it read: "SKI CANADA" on it. He read out loud, "SKI CA-NADA? What's CA-NADA?"...DUH, it's Canada dude! He felt like a dope -

wanted to share my little story...

Oh, and your pics...HOT, HOT, HOT!

Gumbo for a private pic :)

Blogger Ur-spo said...
i am proud of my canadian roots, on my father's side.
I think sometimes to retire there.

Blogger Mark Leslie said...
Right on! This Canadian thanks you for the wonderful tribute Canada HNT! And a Happy HNT at you!

Blogger Michael said...
I may not have told ya, but I always love the picture you post. You've actually started me trying to find out more aobut my family (both sides). And Canada? Hell man....Toronto Blue Jays are my boys :)

Course now it's gonna be harder to get a hold of you since you'll be a Podcast celebrity ;)

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
Hi PG! Didja know Im half Canadian?
Yes, it's true!
That tshirt is so cool! I want one.

Im sorry, you are so sexy, but I am dying to buy you some boxers! Dont listen to me, it doesn't matter what kind of undies I like my men to wear, I'm not your kind of girl! :P
Boy...whatever! Heh!

Have a lovely weekend PG!

Blogger liquid said...
Wow - CANADIAN HNT. I've never been prouder. lol!

(Actually, I live about 30 minutes from where Mme Tessier was born)

Blogger jetboy747 said...
Wow! Imagine being a Canadian in China taking a peep at you! Thanks for that. Now I miss Canada.

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Canadian HNT is some good stuff!

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
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Blogger madamerouge said...

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