Thursday, November 16, 2006
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this is a rushed post...
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I need to make this brief :)
I have been noticing of late something which troubles me. The fact that so many of my fellow Americans have such strong opinions about what is happening in both Israel and the Middle East (apart from bringing our men and women home from Iraq unharmed) yet haven't a clue as to how events have unfolded (at the very least since the late 1940's) serving to bring us into this "era of terror". I very much encourage those interested to try and pick up something unbiased on the subject of Israel & Palestine, it will definitely have an impact upon how you view current events in that part of the world. A great number of us tend to dismiss History, assuming that it can be ignored (given that situations exist currently regardless) without realizing that if you don't understand (even in the most general sense) the root of the situation's origin you can't possibly hope to effect positive permanent change.
Like this (pretty much unbiased history) which I heartily recommend
you can find it (among other places) on Amazon here.
sorry to ramble on, I just wanted to mention this since it's been on my mind..
One more night!
Sorry that I haven't been to many of my favorite blogs (aka those listed on my sidebar) the last couple days (which I miss), my life's been turned kind of upside down with these weird hours. Plus I slept yesterday almost 10 hours and then was all groggyish for the rest of the evening before coming in. Work was hectic last night (42 minutes left at this point) so I am rather quickly throwing this post together.
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Blogger Polt said...
Yeah, Americans have a very self centered point of view when it comes to the world.

Oh, and the sweet...looks like you could use a backrub. :)


Blogger john said...
Have a happy Thursday. I hope you get all the work you need to so that you can have a great weekend.

Blogger Jimmi said...
I agree with you! So many people dismiss history, and turn around and make their own judgments based on media, and pretty much hear-say. This is also very true in instances where they want someone to be made out to be a hero as well. I just have this sick feeling that G.W. Bush will end up looking like a Gem in about 100 years and people will say what a great leader he was... Yeah live in the times people!

Blogger Ur-spo said...
most american know zilch about history, let alone the middle east's history.
Doesn't stop'em from voicing opinions.
I try very hard not to form an opinion until I get as much background as possible.
Taking a course on middle east history would be fascinating to do.
I'll consider this book.
thanks you

Blogger patti_cake said...
I agree with Polt, most americans (myself included) have a very self-centered view of the world in general

Blogger daveincleveland said...
i have tried to keep abreast of world news but usually don't look much past the newspaper and that is always always a one sided biased yeah, like most other americans poorly informed of the real happenings in the world......happy HNT....sweet sweet pic of you man, and yeah, looks like you could use a backrub...have a good weekend buddy

Blogger Doug said...
So true! I know very little about how the middle east got to where it is today. I will definitely be checking out that book.

And very nice HNT! Here comes the massage! ;)

Blogger liquid said...
This is a major frustration of mine as well. Especially because political leaders have been using the public's ignorance of why the middle east is what it is today to their advantage - explaining away terrorism with statements like "They're just jealous of us" or "They're evil and crazy", "How could anyone target US? We've never done anything to THEM..." to rally people around reduced civil liberties at home, and military intervention rather than political, economic, and diplomatic intervention abroad.

It never seems to occur to people to ask themselves a simple question: What would motivate someone half way around the world to suddenly wake up one day and dedicate their life to blowing up themselves and other people they've never met thousands of miles away? Simple jealousy? Religion? Mass hysteria? Please. The population really needs to get their heads out of the sand. How can you effectively deal with a problem if you don't even understand what the problem actually is?

Sorry for the rant.

Blogger matty said...
I agree. I have been pushing my boyfriend to study the history that has brought us to where we are. I started studying it all when I was in college.

It is a sad conflict that has been going on for so long.

As you stated so well --- the point is --- before forming an opinion one needs to understand the subject matter upon which the opinion is formed. Sadly, I think most US citizens don't get that.

...the point of your post.

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
It is very interesting to see as an outsider of your country the views held by people inside your country about outside your country. It was also very interesting being in your country watching the news which consisted of what is happening inside your country only and Israel, as if both countries were joined at the hip.

It was also interesting to see while I was over there how some people didnt even know where Australia was, let alone understand the reasons behind foreign policy.

I think the media feeds the masses, almost like the movie "Wag the Dog", how easy it is to get a group of people and a nation to believe in something for political reasons. Fear and ignorance will always drive the majority of people.

Knowledge is power. It's about time people start to think for themselves rather than let someone else do it for you remember as part of a "fast food" nation, it isnt only what is put into your mouths that can be junk food.

Blogger Mikey said...
I agree!! A person should do some research and form their own opinion on any issue.
Happy HNT

Blogger madamerouge said...
where is this hnt everyone is referring to?

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Happy HNT.. Hope your schedule permits a more rested life for you soon.

Take care buddy.

Blogger The Persian said...
polty: Unfortunately that is true (for the most part) they also have a tendency to take what the media/government feeds them at face value. Which is in fact far more tragic.

john: Thanks :) I am actually much more well rested today.

jimmi: There is no doubt in my mind (and I have been saying this myself for some time) that GW will be exposed one day, hopefully it will be during his lifetime.

ur-spo: I think it is wonderful you do not take what is fed to us as factual. As I said, we must come to understand more than what is happening at this exact moment if we ever hope to resolve our differences.

patti: I agree, but the fact that you are aware of this is one step forward.

doug: More importantly it is how Israel as a Nation came to be which will certainly result in a new perspective. Let me know what you think of the book.

liquid: Spot on man!!!! Yes, this is exactly what I am getting at, we put too much faith in the assumption that our government (and media) has our best interests in mind and are honest with us. Your second paragraph is especially important...I suppose the answer lies in the efforts of our government to dehumanize these men and women, dismissing their acts as the work of a unified fanatical group such as Al Qaeda or even more dispicable, as a result of their individual religous fanaticism, which is spurred on by a "dubious faith" which advocates "excessive" violence.

Thank you so much for that "rant" it was greatly appreciated.

matt: It is certainly a tragic conflict for all involved, and I applaud your efforts to enlighten your boyfriend that it is only through understanding (even in the most general sense)how things have come to pass that we may hope to have any impact on change and resolution.

Cesco: But you see we are joined at the hip, and few here in this country realize how much the father & protector of Modern Israel the USA is. If only more people sought to understand that fact and how it came to happen.

I have encountered the geographically challenged often in my family, friends, and even remote acquaintences. It always saddens me.

Fear and ignorance yes, I agree, will often drive the masses unfortunately. Great "junk-food" analogy mate! Hah :)

mikey: If only more did just that!

madamrouge: I didn't like the picture so much, so I removed it sorry.

steve: Thanks! I have one more night of this shift and I am back to days, at least for a couple weeks *sigh*

Blogger Jeepy said...
Just seems like anyone you talk to is either on one side or the other, no one is in the middle anymore. What ever happended to being neutral?

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