Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Happy 37th Gwen, I'm still not over you stealing Gavin away but eh.. he's fading out of the musical scene pretty quickly (not for lack of effort his bands these days just can't make a successful go at it anymore) I got to see him three times before Bush disbanded, and even have him on film talking on his cell in front of my hotel room just before the Hampton Beach Casino show (NH) back in '02. This has always been my favorite pic of him..hehe wonder why?

Figuered out the Big E money etc, I did pretty well, less than last year, but there has been a very steady decline in profits the last few years. Oh well, I just paid every single bill I have online and have enough left over for the NYC trip with my son and a couple other things I need to do/get. I love this time of year :)
The TMI site is getting waaaay too smutty, I won't be participating anymore. Good for them tho, that people can be that open about their experiences. It's just not really who I am.
oh well how about.....
another 10 useless things about me?
(I have to get to 100 eventually)
51. I hate Asparagus
52. As a kid I had a fascination with Bewitched. So much so I once escaped from the babysitter and broke into my house thru the window to catch an episode she wouldn't let me watch. My mother always thought someone broke in, I haven't corrected her to this day.
53. I haven't eaten red meat since 2002
54. I have to have a fan going at all times, year round.
55. My favorite movie is The Color Purple.
56. My favorite actors (male & female) are Nicholas Cage & Parker Posey.
57. I have basic cable at home (by choice) because I seldom (if ever) watch television.
58. I spend way too much time in front of this PC.
59. Both my biological and adopted father's were at Fort Dix NJ at the same time, yet didn't know each other and equally managed to elude the trip to Vietnam.
60. I always write as opposed to printing, something I think I learned from my mother. I never realized how few people actually write things out until lately.
"Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm."
- Winston Churchill
S1 152
Blogger cb said...
Hey! I like your 10 more things list (however, I disagree about asparagus).

I love the Color Purple too (makes me sob) and Parker Posey is wonderful.

Blogger Spider said...
I also hate asparagus - there is NOTHING useless about that!

Blogger daveincleveland said...
#54 for me too....have to have that constant noise all the time even if the windows are open, gets too quiet middle of the night....course i do love asparagus, why i ask myself, why, but i do......:)

Blogger patti_cake said...
Keep up with the 100 list! Love it!
I love the Color Purple too. I could watch the move and read the book over and over and over.....
Glad you did well at the BigE !

Blogger Doug said...
Hmm...a few differences have cropped up.

Asparagus is my favorite veggie.
Nicholas Cage is one of my least favorite actors.

So, to settle this, I think we need to have a tickle contest and the first person to squeal like a pig on helium loses and has to either eat asparagus (you) or watch a Nicholas Cage movie (me).

Or, we could be un-American and just agree to disagree. But we should still have the tickle contest. ;)

Blogger daveincleveland said...
great way to settle things, non violent tickle contest.....could be cool....:)

Blogger The Persian said...
cb: It's the only veggie I don't like! I don't know why, it just makes me gag. The color purple touches me every time I have seen it (which is more than a few times)

spider: We appear to be in the minority on this one. :)

dave: Yea I need the sound as well, but most importantly I can't stand stagnant air.

patti: Thanks! I haven't read the book yet, my bad.

doug: never mind the agree to disagree thing I want a tickle contest. :)

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
I am not a big asparagus fan either, but as friend cooked it in orange juice once (I know...orajnge juice!) and made me try it. And though I hate to admit it, it was actually pretty good that way.

Blogger Kalvin said...
Aw, asparagus! Poor asparagus. I love it. Send me all of your asparagus.

Blogger Marko said...
Who knew it was her bday? That is a hot ahot of Gavin.
Lovin the factoids about you!

Blogger Mikey said...
I wanna watch the tickle contest! I love white aspargus but not green (weird)

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
I love Gwen. She rocks.

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
How funny... I just wrote this in a blog post a few days back... "I can quote every line from the movies The Color Purple or A League of Their Own."

Yes, I've see The Color Purple more than any other movie... evah.

I think you mentioned that you saw it in an earlier post, but Parker Posey is the ONLY redeeming quality for the movie "Adam & Steve"... What a dumb, patronizing film... but Parker took the weak script that she had and did the best she could.

Blogger Jimmi said...
HEY!!! That is MY favorite movie!!!!

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