Friday, October 20, 2006
wonky freeking blogger...grr
I was kind of out of control last night. :)
But damn was it fun.
Sometimes you have to let loose.
I regret a call made to someone.
It wasn't
very late but
They weren't
so pleased and definitely let me know
I think I will remove their number from my cell (just in case)

I would like to thank everyone for their amazing comments on yesterday's post
I would especially like to thank Rob7534
for setting the record straight (in my opinion)
So it's Friday (the shortest day of my week--out at 3!!)
This morning two people subscribed to my Youtube videos!!

oh and.....look who's back :)

and I couldn't let today pass without mentioning my savior...

Happy 48th birthday
I hope I look half that amazing when I hit his age.
posting from work -- overslept (I wonder why) -- creativity today=nil
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Blogger Miladysa said...
Viggo is such a fit bit! ;]

Try not to beat yourself up about the call and have a bazzing weekend!

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Viggo...sigh. I loves me some Strider.

As for the call, don't be so hard on yourself. If I were the party in question, I'd be flattered as hell a good looking man called me regardless of the hour.

Have a terrific wekend.

Blogger Donnie v2.0 said...
Sounds like you were scandalous last night! Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Blogger Rian said...
if (creativity == nil) {
   try {
      creativity = new Idea();
   catch (WeekendException e) {
      System.out.print("Have a nive weekend, buddy! :-) ");


Blogger Steve said...
I don't want to hear anything about short days. Bastard. Today, I'm kinda doing double duty. Anyway, enjoy your short day and have a great weekend.

Blogger Mikey said...
Have a great weekend my friend!!!

Blogger Benji said...
for the record, your phone call did not bother me at all. i'm only insulted you think it did (after i said it was fine) and that you deleted my number in response.

Blogger Rob7534 said...
I don't know if I set the record straight, I've just been following the story from the beginning.

But I thank you for the link! I'm so ocd, I'm gonna go check my sitemeter and see if anyone used it!

God help me!

Blogger Jim said...
Good for you, you need a night like that :) (No you didnt DD to an old one did you? lol)

Blogger The Persian said...
miladysa: He is isn't he :)

dirk: I need to shut off my phone and hide it before dinking. It's just a bad idea to have it handy and in plain sight.

rian: lol that was cute!

steve: yuk, I hate double duty. I've been there.

benji: I'm glad to hear you say that. It really bothered me that I called. Just plain stupid.

rob: Oh I think you did, you made a very convincing argument. (as did others)

jim: yea once in a blue moon I need to let loose :)

Blogger patti_cake said...
Hey everybody needs to "let loose" sometime. Just be safe when you do it! Whee~ :O)

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