Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Waaaaaaay Back Wednesday....
This is a coin depicting the King Philippe II Auguste of France who reigned from 1180 to 1223. Among his many notable achievments was his participation with Richard The Lionheart and Frederick "Barbarossa" (Holy Roman Emperor) in the Third Crusade. He is also reported to have had a long standing homosexual affair with Richard (who was incidently the son of Eleanor of Acquitaine .. you might remember her depiction by Katherine Hepburn in the film The Lion in Winter.)

He is also my ancestor, through my biological mother. The line has been thoroughly documented and is published in several periodicals. Here for fun I will show my descent from King Philippe. I am the 26th generation. This would make him my 23rd Great Grandfather. So here it is generation by generation from My birthmother right to King Philippe.
Blanche (My birthmother)
Roger Honore TESSIER born 28 March 1922 Holyoke, Hampden, MA died April 13, 1991, son of Joseph Honore TESSIER & Blanche Antoinette LEMONDE. married 1950 Antonina LEONE
Blanche Antoinette LEMONDE born 28 April 1893 St.Jean Baptiste, Rouville,Quebec, Canada died January 5, 1972 Holyoke, Massachusetts married 1920 Joseph Honore TESSIER.
Telesphore LEMONDE, born 23 May 1868 in St.Jean Baptiste, Rouville, Quebec, Canada; died 09 October 1927 in Holyoke, Hampden, Massachusetts.married Odile Antoinette DUSSAULT 17 February 1890 in St.Jean Baptiste, Rouville, Quebec, Canada.
Ambroise LEMONDE, born 17 October 1817 in St.Jean Baptiste, Rouville, Quebec, Canada; died 25 January 1875 in St.Jean Baptiste, Rouville, Quebec, Canada. married 07 September 1864 in Saint Calixte, Montcalm, Quebec, Canada Emelie BOUCHARD born 1828 in Deux Montagnes, Quebec, Canada; died 15 October 1886 in St.Jean Baptiste, Quebec, Canada. She was the daughter of Joachim BOUCHARD and Marie Josephte LEGAULT.
Joachim BOUCHARD, born 1781 in St. Eustache, Deux Montagnes, Quebec, Canada; died 03 May 1868 in St. Augustin, Deux Montagnes, Quebec married Marie Josephte LEGAULT 26 November 1804 in Saint Benoit, Deux Montagnes, Quebec, Canada.
Michel BOUCHARD, born 30 January 1736 in Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada; died 23 June 1802 in Saint Eustache, Deux Montagnes, Quebec, Canada. married 14 January 1765 in Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada. Marie Veronique MIVILLE, born 21 June 1744 in Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada; died 07 February 1831 in Saint Eustache, Deux Montagnes, Quebec, Canada. She was the daughter of Pierre Francois MIVILLE and Marie PARADIS.
Pierre Francois MIVILLE, born 31 January 1702 in Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada. He was the son of Jean MIVILLE and Madeleine DUBE. He married January 1727 in Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada. Marie PARADIS, born 11 December 1703 in Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada; died 02 May 1751 in Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec.
Jean MIVILLE, born 05 September 1672 in Quebec, Quebec, Canada; died 30 December 1711 in Riviere Ouelle, Quebec, Canada. He was the son of Jacques MIVILLE and Catherine BAILLON. He married Madeleine DUBE 13 May 1691 in Riviere Ouelle, Quebec, Canada.
Catherine Baillon & Jacques Miville dit Deschênes, married 12 novembre 1669 Notre-Dame de Québec
Alphonse Baillon, sieur de La Mascotterie, & Louise de Marle, married 1635, région de Chevreuse (Yvelines)
Renée Maillard & Adam Baillon, seigneur de Valence, married vers 1580
Miles Maillard, seigneur du Breuil et de La Boissière & Marie Morant, contract of marriage 25 juin 1555...
Bénigne Le Bouteillier, dame de La Boissière & Jacques Maillard, seigneur de Champaigne, contract of marriage 16 avril 1516 Montivilliers (Seine-Maritime)
Jean Le Bouteillier, seigneur de La Bouteillerie, de Roquemont, de Vaux-sur-Orge et de La Boissière & Marie de Venois, married 1486
Guy II Le Bouteillier, seigneur de La Boiuteillerie et de La Roche-Guyon & Isabeau Morhier, married 1450
Catherine de Gavre d'Escornaix, dame de Vaux-sur-Orge et de La Boissière & Guy I Le Bouteillier, seigneur de La Bouteillerie et de La Roche-Guyon, m après avril 1419, vers 1425
Isabelle de Ghistelles & Arnould VI de Gavre, baron d'Escornaix, m vers 1380/1390
Roger de Ghistelles, seigneur de Dudzeele et de Straten & Marguerite, dame de Dudzeele, m en ou peu avant 1357
Jean IV, seigneur de Ghistelles & Marie de Haverskerke, dame de Straten, m peu après juin 1337
Marguerite de Luxembourg & Jean III, seigneur de Ghistelles, m 1284 avant juin 1289
Mathilde de Clèves & Gérard de Luxembourg, seigneur de Durbury, m 1253
Élisabeth de Brabant & Thierry de Clèves, seigneur de Dinslaken, m 19 mars 1233 Louvain
Maire de France & Henri I, duc de Brabant, m 8/22 avril 1213 Soissons
Philippe II Auguste, King of France
& Agnès d 'Andechs de Méranie, married June 1196
now wasn't that a fun read? Probably not to everyone,
but hey, it's a unique approach to Way Back Wednesday :)
So... I went out last night, for the first time in I can't remember. What makes it even more unusual is that I went alone. That is typically a scary thing to do in downtown Springfield if you are not looking to hookup (which I never am). I guess it's been a while, because I was like fresh meat. Even the bartender was making suggestive jokes (beyond the normal tip generator, this guy really wanted my number and it was kind of uncomfortable) and I had two twinks trying to talk to me, but I had run into a friend and was too busy catching up to really spend any time conversing with them. One was pretty hot (tall, thin, dark) and no older than maybe 23.
Eye candy, but not the sort of thing I would would want to persue. They were trying to do that whole "eye contact and hold" thing from behind my friend. Basically if you want to get my attention in a bar you have to either sit down next to me and strike up a conversation or buy me a drink.
We hit 3 different (of 5 possible) bars and it was pretty much the same situation at each. Must be the new cologne I bought the other day, or um that I actually ironed my shirt (I had no choice it was a wrinkled mess, tho I did consider just wearing it as is) In any case the night was a real ego boost which I kind of needed. Don't you love how that happens sometimes? I should go out more often. Well, on second thought perhaps that isn't such a good idea.
I got home at 2:30 AM and had to be up for 6:30. So I am posting this from work.
I'm really tired.
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Blogger Jeepy said...
Aww, I would have loved to have bought you a drink. I almost went out with a friend last night, but by the time we got ready and on the road, we were both tired and decided to scrap the plans for some reason and get an early start the next night (tonight)

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Do we now have to address you as "Your Majesty"? ;P

There's a bar scene on Tuesday nights in Springfield?! Who knew?

Blogger Miladysa said...
Oh you knew I would LOVE this as a fellow gene junkie & I did!

The first question - where are we related? ;]

The second - what is a twink or is it more information than I need?!

Blogger Doug said...
Your lineage is impressive, both the lineage itself and that you know it. I don't know much beyond my grandparents.

It's good to know how to get your attention. I know you like vodka drinks. Anything in particular?

Blogger Steve said...
Yeah, an ego boost like that does wonders. By the way, being the cologne whore that I am, I'm curious... what did you get?

Blogger patti_cake said...
Yay for the ego boost! Don't go out TOO often or the magic will wear off :) Glad to hear from you I was wondering where you were.
And I love the geneology stuff!

Blogger The Persian said...
Jeepy: Yay free drinks :) I was only drinking draft Bass last night, it would have been cheap!

hanuman: Why of course you have to address me as HRH. I was surprised how many people were out at The Pub & Sin City last night. I had a blast.

Miladysa: I'm so glad you liked this rather different approach to WBW. We may be related, who knows! They say (and with good reason) nearly every European monarch can easily be traced to another. The families intermarried so often.

A Twink is (and of course not everyone agrees) usually a young person under 25. Of course there are 60 year olds who might consider a 30 year old a twink.

doug: Thanks! I have other Noble/Royal lines as well, over the course of time I will put up other interesting ancestors.

A traditional screwdriver is my favorite.

steve: yes it sure does. It was T by Tommy and I'm loving it.

patti: I don't plan on going out again for a while. I have been sort of aprehensive about it now that I am in my 30's and it's been a long time since I went out regularly but I guess I was wrong, it still can be fun!

Blogger daveincleveland said...
dude you amaze me with the way back history stuff.....impresses the shit out of time come to cleveland and i'll show ya the town......:)

Blogger Michael said...
And here you thought no one would notice you? Jim, you're incredibly attractive damn it! No wonder folks were hitting on you!!

And it sounds like a lot of fun too. Now I didn't get hit on at any of the places in NYC, but sometimes it's just important to get out of the rut and go out. (which I'm slowly learning) And I didn't get home til late myself last night. Sounds like we're both paying for a bit of a night out eh? :)

Talk to you soon buddy! *hugs*

Blogger Kelicious said...
oh the French....

Blogger Derek said...
I knew you were from royalty.

Blogger chris-says said...
Oh, you little tramp (from a long line of tramps)! J/K
Sounds like a nice night out.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
I love geneology like this.
My father's side traces back to Eleanor and Henry II as well (through John) so that makes us COUSINS!

It's always great to get a lift like that. On my mom's side, I'm descended from King Charles II, on the wrong side of the sheets, as they say. So are a LOT of other people. Charles II got around quite a bit.

Blogger Kalvin said...
Where's your King Richard?

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
I don't know how you manage with four hours of sleep. I probably would have called in. You're a mad man!

Blogger The Persian said...
dave: I'll take you up on that when I ever get to Cleveland!

michael: you need to call me sometime soon I want to hear all about NYC! :)

Kelly: what's wrong with the French?

derek: You did? :)

chris: Tramp? Me? nah

ur-spo: Wow fascinating, I don't descend from Henry II but my ex-wife (and kids) do.

daniel: Ok I am reading a book about his (Charles II) infamous mistress Nell Gwyn right now, I am really interested to hear how you come down from Charles. Let me know please!

Kalvin: I wish I knew :(

Blogger The Persian said...
Ted: Yea I don't either, it was rough. I can't party like I used to.

Blogger gayborhood gringo said...
As you know, I've been far too preoccupied to check out any other blogs really. That whole family tree was interesting. It makes me want to learn about my ancestors, although I doubt I'm connected to anyone as interesting.

As for going out, it's always nice to have people hitting on you. It does take some getting used to, but you learn to love it quickly. ;op

Alright, my work day is over now, so I should be heading home.


Blogger mr ratburn said...
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Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
You live in Springfield? Wow!
Do you get to hang out with Homer?

PG, do I now have to bow to you?

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