Monday, October 30, 2006
so quiet here...
I'm here at work on the 3rd shift, incredibly boring now that I've finished everything I need to do and yet I have three hours left until my boss arrives to relieve me (at 7:00).
Im bored silly
I am so tired of coffee (ehk I just finished my 4th yet I am still sleepy)
I just made one of my infamous "chair-bed's" (pics at the bottom of the post)
I met someone tonight offline, it was a disaster, I asked the person to leave. I have the worst luck with these sort of things. Maybe I should try a different approach like um, staying away from picless people. Ever feel like you spend too much time (albeit minimized) in chat rooms? Isn't that how you are supposed to meet people? After a while doesn't your familiar mug (even with constantly updated pictures) kind of give the wrong impression to people? (Hobag) I mean the only ims I get these days are from newbies. You also hear/read about these bloggers who connect via email and then all of a sudden they are together and wondrously happy. (I'm not begrudging (is that a real word?) them, just terribly jealous) How does such a thing happen? Where's the email from my future spouse? What's my alternative? Bars? Did you ever notice gay friends never set you up on blind dates, they usually scoop up the person first lol. Anyone out there want to set me up on a blind date? I'm a nice guy with at the very least a decent sense of humor. :)
*feels sorry for himself* (eh...maybe I'm just overtired and loopy)
This blog is getting dull I know
The little spanish guy Antonio with the big loud vacum will be here soon, so maybe I should drift off now while I can still can.
I just made the most incredible rubber-band ball. Isn't it amazing??

Let's talk about how Bjork really hates reporters getting in her bizness shall we? All is full of love my arse!

Even better let's talk about how that Numa Numa kid is still trying to milk it with a new video!...YIKES! He was so cute in the first one, now he's getting kinda creepy.

ok time for a quick nap before people get in on my aforementioned "chair-bed"

night night :)
S4 150
Blogger Steve said...
First comment! Yay for me! Anyway, you sure know how to keep yourself occupied at work. As for the meeting someone, I've said it before... so have countless others, and it is old and tired: hang in there. It doesn't always happen when we want it to, but it will happen. Calm down. Ooooooh, not only do you blog at work, you also nap at work. You truly are my hero. *swoon*

Blogger daveincleveland said...
nice rubber band ball sweetie.....hope you have a great monday.........:)

Blogger Doug said...
What Steve said (except I'm not the first comment). It will happen.

Yikes, Bjork kinda flipped out. I could never be famous.

Can you actually sleep like that? I prefer to sleep naked. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Don't get me started on the dating thing! We should probably switch ciies/homes for a while - you can get a fresh batch of guys in AZ and I can do the same in MA. Perhaps one would stick.

I love the napping at work idea, but I'd be affraid that I wouldn't wake naps tend to go on for a few hours.

Blogger Alan said...
Rubber band balls rock! Almost as much as paper clip necklaces.

Blogger Stephen said...
Your back has got to be killing you, if you didn't live so dang far away, I'd give you a back rub.

Blogger matty said...
Um, that can't be good for your back!!! I, too, would offer a back rub if you were not so far away. I would just lay on the floor were I you.

I hate blind dates. When they didn't work out my friends would judge me. I really liked I suggest it. Wasn't nuts about Didn't care for chat rooms unless I was looking for a one shot hook-up -- which seldom ever was desired.

Don't give up and keep the blog! Not dull!

Blogger patti_cake said...
I had the worst time when I worked 3rd shift back in college. I'm just not meant to be up all night.
Don't give up. You'll meet someone when you are ready. I don't know if chatrooms are the place or not...

Blogger Benji said...
you asked him to leave? that's hilarious. details!

Blogger potusol said...
I never made rubber band balls but I made the most intricate paper clip necklaces.

: )

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Like Matt suggested, maybe it's time for a dating service...

P.S. Look at the bright side, at least you don't live in the "Most Dangerous City in Massachusetts" like I do! ;)

P.P.S. If I had any single gay friends, I'd hook you up with them in a minute! :)

Blogger Jim said...
Frankly, I wouldn't want my gay male friends setting me up since they have such bad dating track records themselves, lol.

Online dating, ick, IMHO, its worse than bars in some ways.

I'm sure Freud would have some smart-ass comment about that rubber band ball, lol :)

Blogger GayProf said...
Well, the on-line connection worked for my Liar Ex (Who Told Many Lies) -- while, of course, he was still married to me. Jackass.

Anyway -- I have never quite found the internets the right venue for dating. It all seems to be more about fantasy than reality.

Blogger rich said...
it's when things get dull that writing becomes interesting... just saying.

Blogger The Persian said...
Steve: Yes I know what you have said (and it's true) It's just that I get incredibly frustrated at times, and where else better to vent?

dave: It was too much fun making :)

doug: Isn't that the craziest clip? I think it was a bit excessive but who thinks of these things when suffering from a cranky child and jet lag. Especially since the reporter had evidently been in her face a while at that point. And yes I sleep like a baby, the chairs are very comfortable.

steve: Great idea, but this isn't exactly the best time to come to New England, snow will be falling soon!

alan: Hmm...I will have to try one of those neclaces in two weeks when I'm on third again. This time it will be a full week!

stephen: Well you are always welcome out for a visit, the only thing I ask of course will for be a backrub *wink*

matt: Seriously those chairs are soft and comfy, I sleep like a baby. I would love a blind date, it seems all I ever find these days are people looking for hookups. Even the people who appear not to at first soon show their true colors.

patti: Neither am I, and this could never be a permanent thing. I mean I am a night person, but that's a little much.

benji: I sure did, tried to tell you yesterday about it in AIM but you were kind of busy. We'll talk soon. :)

Jeffy: Now you are the second person to mention these interesting neclaces, I am intrigued.

hanuman: I sure am close enough, I could be in The South-End of Springfield by foot in 20 minutes (just over the bridge). This whole "most dangerous city in Massachusetts" thing has really taken me by surprise. I mean I grew up here, and things were never this bad. Well, if you should happen to meet any single friends, send one my way :)

jim: Oh I agree online is worse than bars, it's just that I hate bars lately (especially the few near me). I wonder what Freud would say about my ball ? lol

gayprof: Oh yes, I've heard tell of this rather dubious EX. As far as the Internet thing, I have never had any long lasting relationships from chat rooms or online dating sites. I've always done better in a Club or Bar. But these days I avoid them for the most part. It just isn't fun anymore.

rich: Sure that is true sometimes, you tend to think about more interesting topics when your head is not clouded.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
everything and everyone (at least in blog-land) gets into dry spells and doldrums from time to time.
Best to either take a small break or merely trot along until the Muses return from the holiday in Las Vegas.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think I'm being safe saying that if they don't have a pic - and maybe multiple pics, then they might well be hiding something. Especially if they sound (in their description) totally sizzling hot, the question must be asked, if you really are all that, why so camera shy? It's easy to block out a face or other distinguishing feature (which is something that IS understandable).

That's when the problem is clear - it's not about a guy being "unattractive" or anything, it's about lying in a big way about something that will be real obvious the minute you meet. What's the rationale there - that the other guy will say "oh, well, you're here so I'll just have to make do". I would never want to be looked at as a booby prize that someone just has to make the most of.

As for being viewed as a ho... well, isn't that what manhunt and the others are for? Seriously =)

Meeting through the blogs is a different thing... other than the subset out there which are fakers, for the most part, people reveal parts of themselves on here, and that is a connection that manhunt will never offer, frankly. And so, yeah, seeing people connect in this way seems much more likely.

But still, I'm sure it doesn't happen a whole lot, so I wouldn't sweat it.

Blogger Spider said...
That is THE BEST rubber band ball of ALL TIME...

and yea, you will find someone - and when you do, make sure he has a brother for me please...

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
Mate.. firstly I keep telling you your in the wrong country!.. secondly why is it that we think being in a relationship with someone is all wonderful? DO you need someone else there to make you feel complete? Because if its the reason then that will never happen, and if your lonely to be honest get a dog. I dont mean to sound hard mate but you know I will always tell you what I think, at this point in your life with what is happening for you do you really want to be in a relationship with someone? Seriously get everything sorted out in your life, start to love yourself more and you'll find that more people will come into your life. Mate.. your such a beautiful man, you dont need to get on here and start begging people to date you. It should be the opposite! They should be begging YOU!.

Blogger Polt said...
I htink I'd need a third chair in the bed, to prop my feet up with, so I could sleep.

I don't think the blog is boring, although I'm sorry you're bored.

I met Freddie online 17 months ago, and we chatted online and on the phone for 15 months before we actually met. And now things are wonderful. But it wasn't an immediate we-meet-online-and-are-in-love deal. Friends, yeah. In love, took longer.

I think maybe you're worrying about it too much. Everytime I started a relationship with someone, it was when I wasn't looking for one.

HUGS and stuff...

Blogger Mikey said...
Your blog is never boring!!! wacky clip

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
I was set up on a blind date by a gay friend. It was a bust from the get-go. The guy took one look at me and you could see the digust on his face. Oh, the curse of not being pretty enough. After dinner, he hopped in a cab before I could even say good night.

Blogger The Persian said...
ur-spo: I agree sometimes there is an unusual effort necessary to post something, but I've taken breaks in the past and it never lasts very long (I'm addicted!)

atari: Spot on buddy, there are very few legitimate reasons (apart from outright deceit) for not having some sort of picture. I should know this already, sometimes these guys are convincing however. Yes, I've actually met people who used that "I'm here so hopefully you will want to make the best of it" scheme. The sad part it probably works half the time.

I have long detailed profiles on Manhunt & Gcom, they spell out clearly that I am not there for a hookup. In my case 99% of the time it's not why I am there. Sure there was a time, but eh not so much anymore.

I also agree that probably bloggers meeting each other and having something substantial come of it is a rareity, but of late I've seen it happen quite a few times.

Spider: Isn't it tho! :) If I find someone who has a gay brother sure, I'll send him your way.

Cesco: Mate I was a bit overtired and kind of feeling sorry for myself when I wrote that. I couldn't agree more about the loving yourself first point. Self assurance is always an attractive trait, no matter who you are or what you look like. People are drawn to it. You keep being honest, set me straight always. love you xo

Polty: Yes, usually there is a third chair, but they bought most of us these ugly black leather highbacked armed chairs now which do not quite fit together well (plus the arms prevent me from spreading across lol). I was lucky to find the two I did.

You and Freddie are one of the situations I refer to in my post (along with Stevie & Chris). You two have something amazing. And you are right (here we go with the cliche again) it's always when you aren't looking. *hugs*

mikey: Thanks buddy, and yours is one of my favorites!

dirk: I'm so sorry that date didn't go well (I remember you mentioning it vaguely on your blog). Screw him, he wasn't worthy anyway. You are one special guy. Too bad we didn't live closer, I would love to meet you (of course I would insist you bring your mother, she is one funny lady) :)

Awwww, my snoozy persian...I can think of something much more comfy than those silly chairs.

Blogger madamerouge said...
Did you ever notice gay friends never set you up on blind dates, they usually scoop up the person first...

Yes. 100%.

Blogger chris-says said...
I could think of a few people I could attempt to set you up with, but not knowing anything about what you're looking for, that makes it tricky! Maybe you should post a wish-list. It *is* nearing the holiday season, after all.

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
First of all, Happy Belated Birthday to your son!

I love the "famous chair bed" goofball!

Do not fret, I think this time of year is busy, and people aren't blogging as much...just relax about it...

Personally, I got lots of stuff to blog about but trying not to "make myself" do it!

Take it easy PG!

Blogger Jeepy said...
I love the "chair bed". I agree with you on the numa numa kid... what the F happended??

Blogger NeiLDC said...
hey Jim,
who told you that your blog is boring, nobody, would anyone in this bloggers world say that his blog is boring, could you please raise your feets. lol. anyway keep calm bro and relax for a while ok!!!
that chair are good. take a siesta then!!

Blogger comment4U said...
Oh, that is so funny! I love your rubberband "project" and bed-chairs! lol

Blogger Donnie v2.0 said...
Geez, I wish I could make a chair-bed at work - that would friggin' rock. You lucky bastard.

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