Tuesday, October 10, 2006
so exited...
Some may remember my recent Ipod post (I have this friend who among other duties, is in charge of his company's lost & found department). Well he knows that I have been Laptop shopping for about a week now. It turns out that someone has abandoned this beauty and never called in to claim it! The standard waiting time has expired and due to space limitations, they have to dispose of it. So as of last night I'm the new owner of this beauty:

ok so it's not the model I was shopping for, a little dusty and needs a proper cleaning but who am I to complain? I've just been to the Dell site and picked up a few accessories for it as well.
The guy from Sunday night called me and invited me over again. I think maybe Wednesday or Thursday, I am pretty happy about that. He has a hot tub and wants to make sure I bring over my suit. Would you believe I've never been in a hot tob before? Well, at least not at someone's house, this should be fun. :) The only thing about him I am a little apprehensive about is that he seems somewhat closeted. I get the feeling that not many know that he is gay, and definitely not his family. This sort of worries me if it should ever become something more (ok aren't I jumping the gun here). I'll just see what happens, one date at a time.
Day three of the Chantix, no side effects yet! As of Sunday I will be smoke free.
Speaking of Sunday, there is this Massachusetts Blogger get together I can't wait to attend. Among others I will be meeting Will, Steve, Chris, Gay Professor, Karl & (I think) Atari. There will be others as well, but I am not familiar with their blogs of yet. Not knowing anyone apart from blogging (and I am very shy in person) I will probably be nervous and quiet, but still I am am completely exited! I've never met a fellow blogger before.
10 more useless things about me...

71. I shower twice a day and have since maybe age 16
72. I never take baths. (well very rarely)
73. I live in Massachusetts (and am Gay) but have only been to Provincetown once.
74. I prefer Rhode Island to Cape Cod.
75. The US city I would most like to visit is New Orleans.
76. My favorite "ethnic" food is Mexican (funny having been raised by an Italian mother)
77. I love hot & spicy food, and am always running out of crushed red pepper.
78. Three of my biological grandparents passed away as a result of cancer, not great odds.
79. My electric bill last month was $186 and I don't know why!! (bet you didn't see that one coming)
80. My favorite era in History (it was my major in college) is the Tudor/Stuart period in England/Scotland. Completely fascinates me.
I am sooo late. ugh
S7 155
Blogger Benji said...
'morning - good luck with the guy, the smokes, and the new laptop...

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Wow. Congrats on the laptop! How crazy lucky can you get?

Much luck with the fella and the hot tub. Don't expect too much or read too much into it and just enjoy yourself.

Hope you'll share your experience at the Blogger get-together. Have only read the Prof's blog (which I enjoy a great deal) but I'll be checking out the others you mentioned.

Finally, I never find your 10 facts useless.

Have a great day!

Blogger Spider said...
HEY - the Massachusetts Blogger get together sounds like a BLAST! Take pics and please post them...

Blogger Timmy said...
I wanted to try the Chantix, it was just too expensive for me to try. I instead tried the patches witch didnt work. I am still a smoker. I am sure that next time I will opt for the Chantix or something else more expesive! Good luck with that!

Blogger patti_cake said...
Just take it one date at a time like you said..... Have fun in the hot tub (I love them!)

Blogger Mikey said...
Shower twice a day...you are a clean guy!! Congrats on new computer and have fun in the hot tub!

Blogger Steve said...
Congrats on the laptop. What kind of porn was on it? Bring it with you on Sunday and I'll show you mine if you show me yours... laptop, that is. Oh, and #72: I couldn't tell you the last time I took a bath.

Blogger vuboq said...
Hot tubs are great ... as long as they are well-maintained. The Cheating Cheater had one on his deck. fortunately, he was quite diligent about making sure it stayed clean.

As for baths, I hate them, but my friend's shower is broken so I've been taking one every day here. Yuck.

*smooches from London*

Blogger daveincleveland said...
dude thats an awesome deal...can't beat it........hot tubes are indeed great......very relaxing....have fun this weekend....hope your day goes well...:)

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