Friday, October 06, 2006
listen to your doctor...(stayed home today)

Ok so I made a dumb decision by going to work yesterday (despite a note from my doctor demanding I stay off my feet until at least Monday). Sure I was doped up on Ibuprofen etc, but my broken toe can't scream out in pain when I make a stupid move. The only outlet it has is to get darker and swell up (which it did).


Oh and the Blood pressure thing (148/103) I took an extended lunch yesterday and went to my primary care physician (which I haven't seen in 4 years and wasn't too happy about me just calling in for a quick visit) took my pressure (6 times to be sure) and it was 120/82 which is completely normal. WTF?


He explained I was probably "worked up" etc. I still wonder what the deal was since I got a similar reading at my mother's. Eh I decided to get one of those monitor things anyway (while I have the cashage) since Doctors have been known to make mistakes and I don't want to just drop dead from a heart attack at my age (Dramatic I know, but heart attacks in your 30's are often fatal). yea so this is the lasssst toe post.

I tried to call my birthmother to ask if Hypertension was hereditary in my family. She changed her number. Knowing her, it was intentional. I mean why did I have to answer that Private number while drinking a couple weeks ago? (I was super friendly but I don't think she was impressed so much) She'll call me eventually, she tends to be on the overly dramatic side.

After work I went to Costco and picked up these:

(left to right Blood Pressure Monitor, Fatal Shore
(an early history of Australia's criminal settlement)

and Chantix (a potent new anti-smoking med mista Dr. suggested)

What I want to buy today....

(isn't she breathtaking??)
I've never owned a Laptop before. This is the Dell Inspiron E1505. I am customizing it to a 120G Hard drive and 15.4" monitor. I have a 17" at home (tower) but it's like another 250 to bring this up to that size. A little excessive meethinks. I was seriously considering a MAC but the price range is a little steep for my budget.
10 more useless things about me:

61. I was baptised Catholic, and made it all the way to my confirmation.
62. Like so many people today I don't attend church.
63. I've never been on a Motorcycle.
64. I can't wear sunglasses they drive my eyes crazy.
65. I have almost perfect vision
66. I am double jointed and can sit in a perfect (flat on the floor) W without any discomfort.
67. I wear Boxer Briefs mostly.
68. I'm super sensitive, people can guilt me into most anything (I'm getting better)
69. My most favorite band of all time is/was Nirvana.
70. For some strange reason I am fascinated by Joyce Meyer
(yea ok she's a nutjob but somehow I can't stop watching her if I should pass a TV and one of her infomercials is playing) I don't agree with a single thing the woman has to say but like a moth drawn into the fire.. maybe it's the motherly thing she's got going who knows)


SO everyone have a bubbly weekend...

hit the beach if you are somewhere warm...

and Giant Persian Hugs to you all :)

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Blogger patti_cake said...
Ooh I like the "have a bubbly week-end" wish!!! Take care of that toe hon!

Blogger daveincleveland said...
sorry you still hurt dude, and yeah the laptop is was the movie and your friend you hadn't seen in a while....hugs back at ya sweetie.....:)

Blogger "W" said...
Awe...I think the Persian hugs totally made my day!

Hope you stay off your feet, with your legs up in the air...oh wait...that's another fantasy...

Back to you...hope you get well soon and have an uber-fab weekend.

I've never been on a motorcyle too and wear boxerbriefs mostly...think we should get married?


Blogger Spider said...
Those pics belong on my Warm Fuzzy Friday...

I have never been on a motorcycle either...

And people can STILL guilt me into anything...

Blogger Doghigh said...
Same to you, babe!! STAY OFF THE TOE!!! (I should imagine your toe is screaming the same thing!)

Blogger GayProf said...
Boxer Briefs The underwear of gay men everywhere.

Keep off the toe -- Are you crazy?

Blogger Jim said...
Ouch, I broke my little toe last year, very painful and nothing to do about it but wait and take drugs.

Oh, that Dell, I got one over the summer, I LOVE IT :)

Have a great (horizontal) weekend!

Blogger Will said...
Everywhere I go today and leave a comment, you've just left a comment before me. :-)

VERY happy you're going to join us of the QBB and we get to meet you in person next weekend!

Blogger Doug said...
Was someone at the doctor's office cute (besides you)? Maybe that's what you were "worked up" about.

And do what "W" said...find someone to prop your feet up on. ;)

Have you never been on a motorcycle for a reason, or is it just a random fact?

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
You must be taking more than ibuprofen to ignore a doctor's note saying NOT to go into work. You can lay on the couch, watch really bad TV and just relax for a change. You've got a crazy schedule, so enjoy the rest while you can.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
note to daveincleveland, must get boxer briefs....maybe thats my problem...hehehe

Blogger Mikey said...
Only on a motorcycle once and it scared the s%$t out of me. Never again! Keep your feet evevated as much as you can this weekend...wink

Anonymous Thom said...
Getting a blood pressure monitor was an excellent decision! That way, you can see whether those high readings were just anomalies, or whether they are more consistent. Plus, when you take it yourself, you are less likely to feel stressed and suffer from "white coat syndrome." Also, my doctor always recommends that I bring mine in from time to time when I have an appointment just to check it against his to make sure it's accurate. Hope it shows you have nothing to be concerned about!

Blogger Marko said...
I hope you start feeling better. I love that laptop, I have never had one but Im thinking I need one!

Blogger Derek said...
I'm ready for my Persian hug now. Hey man, that's me on Spider's blog, the one you said you didn't know.


Blogger Polt said...
Ya know, even with a broken tow, I found the photo of your feet and bent knees pretty sexy...

course,that probably says more about me than you, right? ;)

Hey, dude, if you're giving out Persian hugs and gonna be on your back anyways, well..I could come for a visit. :)

HUGS back atcha, sweetie. Stay off the foot!

Blogger The Persian said...
patti: That was my older son as a toddler, I love that picture.

dave: I didn't end up going to the movie, the toe etc.

W: You would have to move up here to Massachusetts first, is that a proposal? *wink*

spider: ahh thanks, I love that theme you do on Friday.

doghigh: well it's nice to see you around every now and again, I am always wondering what you have been up to. I stayed off the foot all day for the most part.

gayprof: Yea boxer-briefs seem to be pretty popular among gay men. I know, it was crazy to go to work yesterday.

jim: You got the Inspiron? Everyone I talked to seems really happy with it. I can't stay horizontal all weekend, but I'm going to try as much as possible.

will: I had the day off today, I needed to check up on everyone. Yes I am very exited about meeting you all!

doug: Nope, nobody was even remotely cute at the hospital or doctor's office. I just get nervous in those places, as I suspect many people do.

Ted: Yea I don't know what I was thinking, I just didn't want to leave my coworker alone. It's a hectic department to handle solo. I did enjoy the time off today, did completely nothing. :)

dave: Exposure is your problem, but I guess that can't be helped so much.

mikey: I know what you mean, I've known two people who had horrible accidents. One girl almost died!

thom: I will sleep better being able to check now and then. Excellent idea about having it checked out periodically as well. I will do that!

marko: I've wanted one for years, it's just that I always have the funds allocated elsewhere. This year is different and I have decided it's time.

derek: It was the angle of the picture that caused me not to recognise you, I feel really bad about that.

polty: Did you now? That's cool, although I didn't feel so sexy in that picture, just vicadin numb!

Blogger Rian said...
At the risk of being too late ...
I'm sorry your toe causes still troubles, I hope you'll get better soon.

Did you know we share 62, 64 (funnily enough, during summer everybody wants me to wear some--why do other people care about MY eyes???), 67 (well, no surprise, I'm gay) and 68? By the way, the toddler picture is very cute.

And thanks for the Persian hug, that's what I needed today. Big hug back.

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
I'm with you on #68. I get guilted into things allllll the time.

Yes, the Dell is breathtaking. I love my laptop and even though it is barely two years old, I am looking forward to the day I can upgrade without guilt (see above).

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