Thursday, October 05, 2006
I caved....
I lay down for about two hours yesterday and woke up in incredible throbbing pain from my toe. I must have moved it the wrong way while asleep. I took a Vicodin, and within minutes felt like I no longer had a broken toe. Hell I even felt loopy (in a good way). 4 hours later (as directed by the prescription) I took another. By 8 last night I was in a very nice place, it was wonderful all around.
I went to bed at 10, and couldn't sleep for more than an hour. I was tired but my body wouldn't shut down for long. I had crazy odd dreams many of which I do not remember. I couldn't sleep yet I couldn't drag myself out of bed because I am exhausted. Exhaustion from what? I hardly exerted myself yesterday and got a full nights sleep the night before. Hopefully this coffee will work it's wonders, I have to be to work in 40 minutes.
on a positive note my toe feels great this morning, and surely the Vicodin has worn off.
I think I'll stick with the Ibuprofen from this point on, like Percosets, this stuff is not for me.
I'm supposed to go see Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The beginning tonight (it's a sneak preview I think) with this guy I've known on and off for about 6 years. We've never dated, he was kind of not my type, but we did get along pretty well. It might be just the distraction I need. I've changed (physically and emotionally) a lot since 2000, who knows if we will still get along.
so I kind have let myself go these last few months, in terms of keeping the Persian/Sicilian body hair in check. Yea it's a struggle, I'm cursed (or blessed depending on who you ask) with an abundance of hair. I go thru phases where I trim and then don't trim. Lately I haven't done a thing, so if you wan't to see some naturally smooth chested guy don't click the link below you might just have a stroke. I had nearly the same amount even in my late teens, I dunno if it's a maturity thing these days but I like the way it looks kinda. I am also of lately finding myself drawn towards the same, who knew in a world of waxed/plucked/shaved/buzzed bodies this could happen? This is from last night, during one of my awake moments.

Happy HNT in any case :)

Anonymous Benji said...
you're my new favorite drugged-up persian dad :)

Blogger Steve said...
Why don't you take your shirt off, Jim? Oh. Kidding. I kid. I guess we're kinda opposite. I have a somewhat hairy chest and never thought much about it until a couple of years ago, and now I don't really like it. I shave now. Regularly. Happy HNT, and I hope the toe is feeling better.

Blogger lime said...
oh, i'm with you. i hate percocet. it makes me so dizzy. sorry about your toe.

i say go with the natural hairy look you were blessed with. it's who you are.


Blogger Spider said...
Glad the toe is better, oh yea, BTW... WOOF WOOF WOOF!

Blogger patti_cake said...
HHNT - lookin' good :)
Hope the toe is better. It doesn't sound like it but it hurts like a @#$$%

Blogger Doug said...
Very hot!

I love the hair, and I'm naturally smooth. I have 1 (count 'em, one) chest hair that's not on my nipples, and it's kinda on my abs, so it's probably not really a chest hair.

Blogger Roxi said...
Man.. vicoden makes me loopy too.. and I had the weird crazy dreams like you did..

I take it for my bercitus.. Inflamation of the joints..


anyway.. Hot HNT..


Blogger daveincleveland said...
love it love it love it......I shaved for along time and said screw it, thats what God gave let it grow.....not quite as much as yours but still...glad the toe is better......enjoy the movie and let us know how it was.........:)

Blogger Polt said...
Yes, actually I DO like. :)

Glad to hear your toe's not hurting anymore. And as for the movie...ugh, not my type at all, but I hope you enjoy it. And have a good time, a good distraction with the guy. You deserve it.

HUGS and stuff...

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Glad to hear that you're doing a little better!

Jeez! I miss reading you for a couple of days and look what happens!!!

I hope it heals quickly!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, I think it looks fine. :)

Blogger Mikey said...
You know I love hairy look amazing! Good to hear that your toe is not hurting too much! Take care

Blogger Larry said...
Natural body hair is far better than shaved anyway, IMO. I think you look hot :)

Blogger GayProf said...
I do love my pharmies.

I like the chest hair. As a teenager, I would killed to have chest hair like that (I had odd ambitions when a youth).

Blogger Spitfire said...
yay for your vicodin - I hate broken toes and where was my vicodin when I broke all mine??

it makes you so happy and warm!


*grin* enjoy the massacre

-Texas Spitfire

Hey Fur-Daddy!
I just want to go on record as an official Fan of the Fur.
(very nice pic)

Blogger Donald said...
Very nice picture!!!!!! I am a fan of hairy guys!!! :-)

Blogger Derek said...
can I be your camera. You know Tony's word today was Envy. I should of put I envy Persian's camera, especially on HNT day.

Blogger Kalvin said...
Aw, drugs. Horray!

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
Mate!!!!!! if this is you on drugs.. damn ure hot. :P

Blogger madamerouge said...
blessed blessed blessed blessed
(as am I for having clicked)

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
There you are PG! I was just thinking about you today, I need to relink you, OK?

Woweee sir, you reall are fuzzy! I just have one thing to say!
"Kelly Clarkson!"

40 yo virgin reference..

Im just kidding, I think the fizz is kinda cute!

Blogger nickwallacesmith said...
hey, hairy is sooooooooooooo hot for some/lots of people - enjoy - don't worry bout it. nick

Blogger tornwordo said...
Nice HNT shot! And I hope your toe heals quickly. It took me five weeks before I wasn't limping anymore when I broke my toe.

Blogger Isolde said...
How did I miss this? I thought I posted a comment about the toe and the pain...??? And NYC?
Well at any rate, better late than never, I hope:

Blogger Donald said...
I just looked at the pic are so sexy!!!

Blogger Kelicious said...
very very very much a blessing I would say after looking at that picture!

Blogger Marko said...
If you see Texas ya gotta post a review, I didnt even know it was coming until the other day.

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...

I vote for the hairy look.

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