Friday, October 13, 2006
Happy Friday the 13th :) *bonus video*
(just a gratuitous scary old lady pic to mark the occasion)
ahh tis Friday, and yet again I woke up 15 minutes late. Damn meds, they keep me up half the night and when i finally do sleep (which is around 3AM) my body shuts down completely. I wish I could stop taking the stuff, but my toe hurts like a bitch and is swollen.
The Blogger get together is Sunday, Darin says I should take my Video Camera, and sort of become his on-site reporter. I am seriously considering it. Wonder what the people who will be present would think? Sounds like an amazing idea. But ya know some guys are camera shy. At the very least I will be bringing my digital. What would YOU think if you were going and the Video idea came up?
That person I have a crush on is everywhere today. Everytime I walk down the hall we pass each other and sort of intentionally look the other way. Like we both know what's going on yet are uncomfortable. It's kind of funny. Here is a pretty good likeness: (except for my crush has a bowl cutt and is a bit older)

Today marks the 10th day of my sobriety. It may not seem like much to some people, but it's pretty significant to me. You can always see how many days sober by the S at the bottom of my post (ex. S10 155). The second number is my weight, just for the hell of it. After Sunday there will be a C in between these two. indicating whether I've fallen off the non-smoking wagon, and to what degree (# of cigs). Keeps me organized and is purely for myself, but now you all know what those numbers mean. I've been asked before.
I am so going to get fired (posting from work) so I'll wind this up with yet another...

10 useless things about me


81. My favorite vegitable is the Artichoke
82. I don't like Lobster or Crab but love every other type of fish (especially the whites)
83. I was born on Flag day.
84. I had braces from age 10-17 (just off in time for Senior pictures)
85. I began college at Umass Lowell.
86. I finished and graduated with my BA from WNEC.
87. My favorite Beer is Killian's Irish Red followed by Bass Ale.
88. I am very well endowed. (I know that was bad, but it is something about me)
89. My favorite clothing store hands down is GAP.
90. My favorite type of book is usually a Biography.

That's about it for today. Hope everyone has a decent weekend.

S10 156

(excuse my loopiness.. I was on Percosets)

I have to admit the well endowed thing made me blush but made me curious! Other than that I am just going to call you Bridget Jones, if ytou have not read the books check them out, she keeps a daily diary with S,C and W category it is very funny!

aka The Great Cranky One

Oh, you just HAD to throw that in there, didn't you, to make them drool in here. That little fact that you don't like lobster. LOL

And congrats on your 10th day! I've tried it, but couldn't get past Day #3.

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...

Now you're going to HAVE to post some photos!!!

Otherwise, we have to assume that you're bragging!!! ;)

Blogger Kelicious said...
Wait, that's not a picture of me! You should definitly take your video camera.. get Atari drunk and film him when he talks with his eyes closed.

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Well, now you know I will need some photographic proof of your statement.

I mean, I'm sure you have a great smile after the braces, but still, I'm one of those show me guys.

Blogger Doug said...
Why is the lady in the first pic carrying a faggot in her arms? ;)

I think the video camera is a great idea. If someone doesn't want to appear on film, they can say so, or you can edit them out.

Congrats on the sobriety! I know how difficult it is. You have my hopes for the smoking thing, too. Giving up two at once has got to be a real bitch. *hugs*

One of my favorite beers was Bass. My all-time fav was Bitburger on tap. I actually bought a kegerator so I could get a keg of Bigburger. Bad, bad idea. My liver is still suing for back-taxes.

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
congrats on day 10!

Blogger Jeepy said...
Congratulations on day 10!!

I'm just curious... whats the difference between well endowed and very well endowed?

Jeepy :)

Blogger Joshua said...
Congrads on your 10th day!!!! And I hope you have a blast at the blog convention :)

Blogger Benji said...
jeepy, about fifty bucks

haha, jk

Blogger vuboq said...
RE 90 - mine too!
RE 88 - *rowr*

*smooches from London*

Blogger chris-says said...
Eh, I wouldn't run screaming, but I'd be skeptical of the video camera. I just never see the point of someone having to stay locked behind it (aka- hide). Far more fun to just let people be themselves, rather than make them feel like they have to perform.

Blogger Rian said...
Wow, 10 days. Conga rats!
Your list is really interesting *smile*
Have a nice weekend with the other bloggers.

Blogger Kalvin said...
Aw, UMASS. And I love artichokes too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
well done day 10!!! i should consider joining u on cutting out the smokes, maybe after this carton is finished

Blogger Mikey said...
Your just a cool guy!! Congrats on your accomplishments!

Blogger Mikey said...
opps you're
and would you believe it is one of my pet peeves.

Blogger NeiLDC said...
im waiting for ur stories for this coming sunday! have a good weekend!

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
Lookin forward to the pics! and... you know how proud i am of you! (notice im commenting)..
have a great weekend bello.xo

Blogger daveincleveland said...
hey handsome.sooooooo very proud of you.........thats a major step, perhaps we could quit cigs together...or get a bunch of us to quite all the same time.........and yeah, take the camera, you should record this and perhaps make an annual event....and get more of us to come...could be fun....have a great time buddy.......:)

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Congrats on each day at a time.

Oh, we need proof of #88

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
Oh man OG, I broke my toe too! Maybe not as bad as you, I just taped it to the other one....but man did that hurt....rolling on the ground type o agony!

Um, number 88...wonder how much attention you will get from that! :P

Nice to see you PG
OOhh guess what I am getting for my birthday? The Tori Piano set!!! Yes yes, I saw the box that came in the mail before hubby could hide it! Woo hoo!

Blogger Darin said...
I can't wait to see the video from your blogger meet and greet!!!

Blogger Miladysa said...
lol! Naughty but nice :]

Blogger Steve said...
Yay, pain medication! Chris & I fell honored to be mentioned in your video, too. We're looking forward to meeting you - we'll probably have a lot to talk about. See you Sunday!

Blogger Steve said...
Ooops - *feel* honored. We feel honored. (Chris just came in here and corrected me after I posted the comment. Jesus H. Christ! I just woke up for a nap! See you Sunday.)

Blogger Chox said...
You are absolutely adorable. :-)

Blogger Marko said...
Congrats on the 10 days, good for you man!
That pic of the kid, he looks like Justin from Queer as folk, or resembles him, lol!

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