Sunday, October 15, 2006
eventful Saturday...

We went to see The Illusionist yesterday. Arriving early (35 minutes) to the theatre we decided to get something from the snack bar, where we found working two very talkative guys, one of which inquired as to the film we were going to see. I replied and one of them said, oh that looks interesting, a lot of older people are coming in to see this. I kind of snickered to myself and then the other attendant (who was probably no older than 19) cut in and exclaimed "It was an an incredible film". He was correct, it was riveting. I have always been a fan of Edward Norton, who in my opinion is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, and he certainly didn't disappoint. My sons had not heard of and were completely unaware of this film before we set out to see it. I guess awaiting the release of The Prestige (a somewhat similar film, although with a much more celebrated cast) I jumped on the opportunity to catch this, and was glad (all three of us were) we did.
The attendant was indeed correct, there was not a soul in that theatre (apart from us) under the age of 60. One woman in our row had to be in her mid 80s. I am not sure what to make of this, but none present could have possibly been disappointed. From start to finish we were glued to our seats. Set in pre WWI Vienna, you have an exceptional illusionist & magician (Edward Norton) who discovers the fiancee of Austrian Royal Hapsburg Price Leopold is a woman he knew well as a child. His first love. He manages to use his skill and talent to make the best of the situation (given that the Prince is an alcoholic abuseful fiend). I recommend you not only see this, but in fact purchase it when the DVD is released. It is something you may watch repeatedly (as I will). The turn of events at the end leaves you breathless.
As a side note, my ex-wife has discovered this new blog. Thank you Stat Counter. :) I knew it would be only a matter of time, after all it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find this place.
Hopefully the issues of our last fiasco will not resurface, but if they should, let the chips fall where they may. I've nothing to be ashamed of, let her read on, should she so desire.
Apart from the film yesterday, we ran around quite a bit, hitting Barnes & Noble (where my older son pointed out an interesting book he discovered presenting The South as a victim & casualty of The Civil war (fascinating), while my younger son perused books on Music) Oh and what about this new book: (I found the title rather interesting, I'm sure the authors work wonders with it's subject matter, but still it was sort of an amusing title)

We had lunch at Red Robin, which is always a treat (apart from our somewhat negligent waitress who forgot our appetizer) I love that place. If you haven't been to one, make a point to.
We then proceeded to Costco (to get what I needed for last nights cheesecake) and then off to my mother's for a half hour to help her with a couple PC issues and program her newly purchased step & calorie counter. (She's always trying the latest new fad out, god bless her)
Last night while making the cheesecake (Cherry Swirl, here is my recipe) a bit of the butter from the crust hit the bottom of my stove and set all the fire alarms off 10 minutes into baking it. What a project it was to stop the alarms, try and wipe up the burning butter off the bottom of the hot stove and manage to save the cake. I think it was a success, we shall see. It split in one spot which I think kind of adds something to the visual. Here is a quick snap-shot taken just now:

The final installment (finally 100 entries) of:

10 more useless things about me:

91. I am very shy when meeting new people (how appropriate today)
92. I was born cesarean because I was breach.
93. My birthmother never had another child after me (she was 18).
94. I would attempt to prove #88 but that would be in very bad taste. :)
95. I'm extremely clumsy, injuring myself on a regular basis.
96. In high-school I was not very popular, keeping a very small circle of friends.
97. My favorite season of the year is Autumn (not a leaf peeper, has more to do with the air)
98. I have a huge DVD collection (over 300 at this point) none of which I could part with. It also makes for great material when the kids are bored.
99. I hate wearing belts (unless it's a necessity)
100. I've never been to a tanning booth or had a massage.


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Blogger Steve said...
You will probably not believe it, but my Mom has that Crowns book. Don't ask me why, but she does. The Cheesecake looks de-lish. Chris & I are looking forward to meeting you today, too.

Blogger Steve said...
By the way, Chris & I were just talking about the part in this post about the people working the overly-priced snack counters. We're wondering if it's some new thing where they chat-up the customers about what movie they're going to see and asking if - or recommending - they see *whatever* movie. The exact same thing happened to us recently. It's kinda like how the waitstaff at some restaurants actually sit down at your table while taking your order. That, however, is really annoying.

Blogger Donald said...
The cheesecake looks delicious, and the book looks very interesting. Hope the rest of your weekend is good and here's wishing you a great week ahead.

Blogger Benji said...
did people ask you for 94? lol

i'm willing to swish some listerine to get the bad taste out, if you do it anyway


as for your cheesecake, don't you become a mothballmarianne now HAHAHA :)

hope all's well

be good, sparky

Blogger madamerouge said...




Blogger Kyriell said...
prove it, prove it!! you know we're all dying to know. and now that your ex-wife is lurking, wouldn't it be fun to remind of her of what she's missing? or am i being unnecessarily catty?

Blogger Tay Hota said...
so I'm trying to catch up, you've stopped drinking, why? I mean, thats a good thing, but I want to read about it... can you direct me toward the correct entry? (lmao, I know I sound like the old woman in barnes and noble... iknow...) I'm so nosey ; )

Anonymous Anonymous said...
cheesecake yum, I make a mean lemon and sourcream one, we'll have to swap recipes :)

Blogger Marko said...
Awesome, thnx for the review on that film. I really wanted to see it but wasnt sure If I would be in to it.

I love when you do this kind of post, taking us through your whole day. One day I really want to try your cheescake.
And I think Ed Norton is awesomw, too. Different kind f movie entirely, but did you see Smoochy Must Die? He was hilarious in that as a kid TV host dressed up as a pink fluffy Rhino.
I laughed til I fell off the chair.

Blogger tornwordo said...
I admire you for not giving into bad taste. But I hate you for it too (wink).

Blogger daveincleveland said...
ed norton is indeed an awesome actor.....i am looking forward to seeing that was the weekend with the fellow bloggers........cheesecake looks yummy......and yes red robin is a great place......but you can't go there with out getting the onion rings....i know fried and grease but their damn good.........:)

Blogger Rian said...
That cheesecake looks so delicious. I was reading the recipe on your blog only a couple days ago. I think I have to try it soon.

And I want to see both movies (The Illusionist, The Prestige) as well, but I guess it'll take some months until they're in movie theaters in Germany. For many movies it's more than 6 months... :-(

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
I was intrigued by the previews for this but the only reservation I had was Jessica Biel. She seems to be nowhere near Edward Norton's calibur. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Blogger patti_cake said...
I really want to read that book Crowns. The house i'm buying was built before the Civil War and I want to find out as much as I can about it and it's past inhabitants.

You're Ex really NEEDS TO GET A LIFE

Blogger Jim said...
Thanks for the Illusionist review, I was curious about that one, now I must see.

You wont believe this but I got the book "Crowns" for a XMAS present last year. Special for me since I went to church in the south when I was younger and all I ever saw was the back of those ladies church hats :) lol

Blogger Doug said...
The Illusionist sounds great. I hadn't thought of seeing it, but now I will.

Hope all goes well with the ex-wife. Your attitude is awesome. You should be proud of who you are.

Even though you've reached 100, you're going to keep going, right? I mean, eventually you'll hit 1,000, right? Right? ;)

I wonder if #92 and #95 have anything to do with one another. Regarding #94, I'm not known for taste, so prove away!

*drooling over cheesecake*

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