Monday, October 16, 2006
100 useless things about me :)

Yeap, finally finished this list. So that I can link it on my sidebar .. here goes:
(oh and a special thanks to Chris for bringing up a certain "thing" (from this list) a couple times yesterday at the QBB get together. Was a little embarassing and I'll get you back for that :)
1. I am a Gemini (not that it really indicates anything, I don't believe in astrology)
2. I was adopted at age 2 1/2 months, yet given up at birth (she wouldn't sign me away)
3. I have a BA in History (It took me forever)
4. I was married (to a woman) for 6 years (this is Massachusetts after all)
5. I have two sons who live with their mother (and her boyfriend)
6. I've been to Europe 7 times (I need to travel in the US more often)
7. I am 6' tall and weigh 154 pounds (as of yesterday)
8. my adopted family are 75% Italian & 25% English/Dutch
9. my natural family is half Persian (father) 1/4 Sicilian 1/4 French
10. I found my birthmother (and father) by myself when I was 20.
11. I work in IT
12. I started smoking at age 21
13. I have 3 websites dedicated to Genealogy & Family History
14. I drive a 2005 Silver Nissan Altima
15. My father left my mother for a man when I was 2 1/2
16. My mother remarried when I was 7, she's still married to him.
17. I am a Tori Amos fanatic, altho I've only managed to see her live 8 times.
18. I met Tori once and handed her a genealogy I had done, she was floored.
19. I live alone (with my cat) in a 2 bedroom condo.
20. I am distantly related to Anderson Cooper through my Gram.
21. My adopted father was an Interior Designer with his own Boston firm.
22. My natural father designs Cabinets.
23. I have a size 12 foot
24. I have a unibrow
25. my favorite color is Green
26. I've been in two back-to-back relationships since my divorce lasting 3 years each and live-in since nearly day 1. The both ended badly and neither speak to me anymore.
27. I love Puerto Rican food and can make Arroz con Gandules to perfection.
28. The two most amazing cities I have ever visited were Copenhagen, Denmark and Toronto, Ontario.
29. I am not a beach person, I mean I love the ocean, but not sitting on a blanket roasting away.
30. I sleep fully dressed, even when I was not single. Which usually pissed my exes off.
31. I have a thing for very skinny guys. I'm not saying built, just very thin.
32. I have worked for the same company since I was 21.
33. My first car was an Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme, I was 17.
34. I am an only child, although I have a step sister.
35. I have very dark brown eyes.
36. both of my ears are pierced, which I did myself.
37. I'm considering removing them in the near future, but the gauge is pretty large.
38. My commute to work is 15 minutes.
39. I live 20 minutes from Hartford, CT & 45 minutes from Albany, NY but 2 hours from my own state Capital (Boston)
40. The farthest immediate relative I have lives 30 minutes from me (Gram), everyone else is about 20 minutes away. (Biological as well) No I am not an inbred hick!
41. I have a grey cat named Suede, named for a Tori Amos song.
42. I suffer from insomnia.
43. I have big hands, this girl at work used to call me ET fingers (behind my back of course)
44. The first celebrity I ever met was Yul Brennar when I was about 10.
45. My drink of choice always involves Vodka.
46. I spent my summers from age 17-21 working at a local amusement park called Riverside Park (Now 6Flags New England) Damn that place has changed.
47. My Ex is now a Newscaster for a local TV station (40 WGBY)
48. My most favorite food on this earth is Paella.
49. My biological grandmother (paternal side) was a diagnosed skitzophrenic who was institutionalized for 15 years and conceived a child while committed (my Aunt). She was later released, married and had three more children. She was a hoot let me tell you, but incredibly warm and loving.
50. I cry during sad movies.
51. I hate Asparagus
52. As a kid I had a fascination with Bewitched. So much so I once escaped from the babysitter and broke into my house thru the window to catch an episode she wouldn't let me watch. My mother always thought someone broke in, I haven't corrected her to this day.
53. I haven't eaten red meat since 2002
54. I have to have a fan going at all times, year round.
55. My favorite movie is The Color Purple.
56. My favorite actors (male & female) are Nicholas Cage & Parker Posey.
57. I have basic cable at home (by choice) because I seldom (if ever) watch television.
58. I spend way too much time in front of this PC.
59. Both my biological and adopted father's were at Fort Dix NJ at the same time, yet didn't know each other and equally managed to elude the trip to Vietnam.
60. I always write as opposed to printing, something I think I learned from my mother. I never realized how few people actually write things out until lately.
61. I was baptised Catholic, and made it all the way to my confirmation.
62. Like so many people today I don't attend church.
63. I've never been on a Motorcycle.
64. I can't wear sunglasses they drive my eyes crazy.
65. I have almost perfect vision
66. I am double jointed and can sit in a perfect (flat on the floor) W without any discomfort.
67. I wear Boxer Briefs mostly.
68. I'm super sensitive, people can guilt me into most anything (I'm getting better)
69. My most favorite band of all time is/was Nirvana.
70. For some strange reason I am fascinated by Joyce Meyer
(yea ok she's a nutjob but somehow I can't stop watching her if I should pass a TV and one of her infomercials is playing) I don't agree with a single thing the woman has to say but like a moth drawn into the fire.. maybe it's the motherly thing she's got going who knows)
71. I shower twice a day and have since maybe age 16
72. I never take baths. (well very rarely)
73. I live in Massachusetts (and am Gay) but have only been to Provincetown once.
74. I prefer Rhode Island to Cape Cod.
75. The US city I would most like to visit is New Orleans.
76. My favorite "ethnic" food is Mexican (funny having been raised by an Italian mother)
77. I love hot & spicy food, and am always running out of crushed red pepper.
78. Three of my biological grandparents passed away as a result of cancer, not great odds.
79. My electric bill last month was $186 and I don't know why!! (bet you didn't see that one coming)
80. My favorite era in History (it was my major in college) is the Tudor/Stuart period in England/Scotland. Completely fascinates me.
81. My favorite vegitable is the Artichoke
82. I don't like Lobster or Crab but love every other type of fish (especially the whites)
83. I was born on Flag day.
84. I had braces from age 10-17 (just off in time for Senior pictures)
85. I began college at Umass Lowell.
86. I finished and graduated with my BA from WNEC.
87. My favorite Beer is Killian's Irish Red followed by Bass Ale.
88. I am very well endowed. (I know that was bad, but it is something about me)
89. My favorite clothing store hands down is GAP.
90. My favorite type of book is usually a Biography.
91. I am very shy when meeting new people (how appropriate today)
92. I was born cesarean because I was breach.
93. My birthmother never had another child after me (she was 18).
94. I would attempt to prove #88 but that would be in very bad taste. :)
95. I'm extremely clumsy, injuring myself on a regular basis.
96. In high-school I was not very popular, keeping a very small circle of friends.
97. My favorite season of the year is Autumn (not a leaf peeper, has more to do with the air)
98. I have a huge DVD collection (over 300 at this point) none of which I could part with. It also makes for great material when the kids are bored.
99. I hate wearing belts (unless it's a necessity)
100. I've never been to a tanning booth or had a massage.

S13 154
Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
I let out a sigh of relief when I read #98...I have about that many too and thought maybe I was just obsessive-compulsive or something.

(Then again, maybe we both are...)

Blogger patti_cake said...
I could read 100 more. I love learning about people!
*grinning at #88*

Blogger GayProf said...
All we wanted was some concrete evidence.

It was great meeting you yesterday! You seem like a sweet guy.

I have a friend who sleeps fully clothed like you do and it was always a bone of contention with his bfs... When I sleep, I like sleeping as unobtrusive as possible.

But when you say fully clothed, does that include a belt and socks? Jes wondrin'...


Blogger Will said...
There were often two or three separate conversations going on simultaneously yesterday, so I assume the topic of conversation was the infamous #88. I think it's great and quite refreshing that you just come out and say it.

And yes, as the gayprof says, it was great to get to meet you fnally!

Blogger Polt said...
#43 - an HNT in the future, perhaps?

#54 - Me TOO!

#66 - an HNT in the future, perhaps?

#698 - Me TOO!

#88 - an HNT in the future, PLEEEEEEES? :)

#94 - well, yeah, but, :)

HUGS and stuff...

Blogger madamerouge said...

query by browsing?
queer bloggers of Boston?

Blogger The Persian said...
dirk: yeap you could say we have gone a little over the edge :)

patti: yikes 100 more? I had to really go places I didn't want to in order to complete this list *wink*

gayprof: It was great meeting you as well. You are a fascinating guy (and pretty cute as well).

rey: Belt no, socks yes. If it's really hot I'll do a tshirt and boxers. I don't really know why I feel the need to be clothed. It's a comfort thing somehow.

Will: Thanks, I was running out of material! :) And it was wonderful to finally meet you, I very much enjoyed the dialogue that was going on yesterday at the table after dessert. You (like GayProf) are a very interesting guy.

polty: erm...

43--Great idea :)
54--Good to hear I'm not weird(well for having a fan going)*wink*
66--nah you don't want to see that
69--Wow! Thats too kool :)
88--Yikes, no way! :)
94--You're bad Polty :) (still love ya anyway)

madamrouge: Yeap Queer Boston Bloggers. Great bunch of guys, was my first time and they all made me feel so welcome. :)

Blogger Kelicious said...
I'll give you a massage ;)

Blogger The Persian said...
Kelly: Do I have to make an appointment or just catch the next flight out? hehe

Blogger Jim said...
See, that wasnt so difficult.

79, mine was bigger. I win, I win! :)

88, its a Persian man thing, and I've done exhaustive research into this matter ;)

94, maybe on a selective case-by-case basis ;)

98, yours is bigger. You win, you win! :)

Blogger chris-says said...
Ooo, I can't wait to find out how you plan to do that!

Blogger Miladysa said...
Congratulations with the 100! I too love the Elizabethan and Stuart eras :]

Bad news regarding the ex in the post below - what is her problem?!

Blogger Spider said...
I think this list is incomplete until you complete #94...

Blogger Doug said...
Awesome list!

Perhaps Kelicious and I can fly up there and give you a four-handed massage. ;)

Blogger Ur-spo said...
great list; I felt sorry though to hear you have never had a massage as they are very lovely

Blogger Kevin said...
ummm ... yeah, #88 has been proved ... ya just gotta know where to look :)

Blogger Dave said...
Great list! Whenever you're ready to remedy the travesty that is #63 on your list, you let me know! :)

Blogger Regal said...
Good list - It's appx a 20 minute drive to work in Hartford for me. I love Rhode Island, esp. the beaches and my favorite foods are artichokes and paella. Nice job!

Blogger Chris Tuttle said...
Wow, now that's a great list! I've been building mine for months now, and keep forgetting to "go back" and write more and finish it once and for all.

BUT, since it seems we actually have a lot in common, I might have to take some cues from you!

Great site, just found and looking forward to reading more!


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