Friday, September 29, 2006

Me: Hello
Mike: Hey Jim, how are you doing? I had a wonderful time the other night
Me: Yea?
Mike: I searched and found all of your genealogy sites, amazing work, I had no idea!
Me: thanks, I've been at it since I was 16. Keeps me sane sometimes.
Mike: Yea. One problem tho, I cannot seem to locate your blog, I've searched everywhere.
Me: oh
Mike: What is the address?
Me: well, actually it's annonymous and I like to keep it away from the eyes of my family and friends.
Mike: ohhhh ok, I understand.
That will teach me to share my first and last name. I felt compelled to as he did first. I mean how can you not in that situation? I know he's harmless, and kind of sweet. I mean we did have an amazing conversation about our common Persian heritage and also some related interests. Maybe I am being too hard on him, he is closeted and from what I can gather has not had much experience, only "experimenting" for about two years. It's just the hookup thing I am not comfortable with. Yea of course I have done it in the past (very very rarely) but why is it that some people have only one thing on their mind? I think I totally surprised him when I started talking about history, genealogy and my political views. As a matter of fact he said "I was totally not expecting this conversation". I bet he wasn't. Ugh...
10 more useless things about me..
31. I have a thing for very skinny guys. I'm not saying built, just very thin.
32. I have worked for the same company since I was 21.
33. My first car was an Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme, I was 17.
34. I am an only child, although I have a step sister.
35. I have very dark brown eyes.
36. both of my ears are pierced, which I did myself.
37. I'm considering removing them in the near future, but the gauge is pretty large.
38. My commute to work is 15 minutes.
39. I live 20 minutes from Hartford, CT & 45 minutes from Albany, NY but 2 hours from my own state Capital (Boston)
40. The farthest immediate relative I have lives 30 minutes from me (Gram), everyone else is about 20 minutes away. (Biological as well) No I am not an inbred hick!
Am I ever going to make it to 100? The facts are getting more and more boring.
Today is physical inventory at work, I am sooo not looking forward to it. Since I am in IT I don't actually have to go into the warehouses and count, but I do need to key punch and process the counts through our system. The one thing I hate about this twice annual event is that every salesrep in the company (60something) is in my office, and they are needy people. I suppose the day will go by rather quickly.
today's gem comes from The Old Gary Craig show in nearby Hartford, CT. An elderly man get's stuck in his craftmatic adjustable bed. I think it's pretty decide :)
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Blogger daveincleveland said...
physical inventories can be a real drag depending on what your physically inventoring..hehehe...have a great day, say hi to mr bean for me and don't let the sales reps get to ya today

Blogger Doug said...
I think the 100 details is challenging, too. Maybe that's part of the exercise. And I don't think yours are becoming boring. They're details, they are what they are.

I'm not too much into crank calling, but today's was pretty funny. I loved the sound of him pressing the buttons over and over.

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
Good conversation goes so much farther... It's a good thing :)

Blogger Miladysa said...
I hope he does not find the site.

He reminds me of some of the dates I had when I was single. My friends and I named them 'pizza men' because after a few dates they would always suggest "a night in with a video and a pizza" and we would know what pizza [us] they had in mind :]

Blogger Spider said...
My nearest relative lives 800 miles away - and I LOVE it like that!

Blogger Mikey said...
I am enjoying your lists...I am skinny, with almost black eyes, and my nearest realitive is 500 miles away

Blogger The Persian said...
dave: They actually finished rather early and the whole office just emptied a few minutes ago. I am so glad it's over.

doug: I suppose when they are all joined together the list might be something a bit more interesting.

purpletwinkie: Yes I agree, and we really did have a great time talking, it's just that I don't want anything more than that, and well I am pretty sure he does.

miladysa: I hope he doesn't either, because I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings. That Pizza story is hysterical, I think you hit the nail (in my situation) on the head.

Spider: Wow 800 miles! I don't know what life would be like without constantly having my family around. I suppose it would be much lonlier.

mikey: Thanks, it's kind of fun. Almost black, yes that's how I would describe my eyes as well. First your pictures and now you tell me this? I'm in love :)

Blogger GayProf said...
I live 20 minutes from Hartford, CT & 45 minutes from Albany, NY but 2 hours from my own state Capital (Boston)

Silly Easterner -- Do you think 2 hours is far? In Texas, my town was considered "close" to Austin because it was 90 miles away. My sister lives in South Texas, a drive of about 7 hours to the capital.

Now, submit before the glory of Boston and never question us again. ;-)

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
I agree with Doug. They may seem boring to you, but for us their interesting tidbits of information. It would be like reading a novel and skipping all of the descriptive parts and reading only the dialog. Sure you know what's happening, but it's not as rich or interesting an experience.

Blogger Jim said...
If all of my family were that close, I would have to move, lol :)

Your evolving list is not boring, just pulling back the curtain bit by bit.

Have a great weekend :)

Blogger Ryan Charisma said...
I love the list almost as much as I love "Persian" mens!

Blogger Kalvin said...
I love that you're keeping the blog anonymous...and yet not...maybe you should give him someone else's number in the area that gay and into closeted guys...

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