Saturday, September 02, 2006

someone insinuated that I made that video perhaps in the presence of the guy above. If anything I was a little nervous, maybe that came across the wrong way I dunno. But sorry I hadn't had a drink (yet hehe) In any case it was fun to make, sort of adding another dimension to my profile and blog. Actually I wish more people would make these little clips. It was Larry the lovelemming who inspired me to figure it all out and post it. My main issue has always been finding a program to reduce my videos (without spending too much, my budget is tight).


Tonight is the Staind show down at Mohegan Sun with my younger son. We are both really siked about it. Did I mention they are local boys? Originating right here in the Springfield MA area. I'm taking him to dinner and then the show down there (they have an amazing buffet).

We're going to see Snakes on a Plane this afternoon. I am intrigued, and yea one of my idiot friends had Samuel L. Jackson "call" me to make sure I went to see the film. (Check out the site for more details) It's pretty funny, he even calls you by name and mentions the friend. What a cool angle!
Question for any former smokers...

What did you find most helpful in kicking this disgusting habit?

I'm sick of my clothes, condo, car, hell even (according to my aunt) my tupperware reeks of smoke. It isn't just me, I have a friend that is over a lot and he smokes quite a bit as well, it's like the home of a 2Pack a day smoker between us. I've really had it this time and well would love some input. I tried cutting back last time, and not smoking inside. It reduced my usage for a while, but eventually I gave in. It was just too inconvenient (and uncomfortable) smoking outside when the temps were 5 degrees F.

That's it for now... Everyone have a great weekend :)

Blogger Steve said...
Quitting's tough. I've made many (failed) attempts throughout the years, and right now, it's my last bad habit. Couple-a things: lay off the coffee and alcohol - smoking goes good with those things. And, try the only smoke outside & not in the car thing, too. Enjoy Stained tonight. Chris & I are off to Walpole to visit my sister today. Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

Blogger The Persian said...
Thanks buddy, I appreciate the tips :) Have a great time! Walpole NH?? My ex mother in law was from that town (and also adjoining Bellows Falls, VT). If you mean Walpole MA, well then I hope she's not in prison!

Have a great long weekend :)

Blogger daveincleveland said...
well my friend YOUR BACK! dude i have missed your blog, great to see you again...keep it coming....:)your friend dave in cleveland

Blogger Kalvin said...
I have to say, I've never really smoked inside, and when I used to live in Denver, and the weather was frigid, you better believe my smoking got less. I was completely confused by the pink elephant comment. Wish I could offer some help...

Blogger Polt said...
Never smoked, man (except a few times in college...but who didn't touch the herb in college?), but as for Snakes On A Plane...let me know what you thought. I thought it was hilarious!

elephant, schmelephant...I just like looking at you. Now that I have a camera that can do it, I know I've got to get on the ball and do iy myself.
Have a fun holiday1

Blogger MiKell said...
I think you misunderstood. My fault, I'm sure.

Pink Elephant = scary long fingers.

An attempt at humor gone awry.

Blogger NeiLDC said...
Nice that you have quit smoking. That was really a good job. If we are here in this bloger mates and they started with what you did. It will be a good accomplished. Why cant we make a campaign of QUIT SMOKING, and we keep on counting right. Anyway Im a non smoker so i help people how to quit them and tell what will be the benefits.. Staind was really a good band. I really like their "Its been a while". anyway buddy. i really sad but i have to be on the off state. i was on the deep moment so i wasnt able to carry on posting. See you soon!

Anonymous Thom said...
I quit a pack-and-a-half a day habit almost ten years ago, and it was not an easy thing to do. But two things helped. First was quitting cold turkey. I'd tried cutting back gradually, but that just did not work; I think that it just made the few cigarettes I was allowing myself more enjoyable and more important, which is of course not what you want to do if your goal is to quit. Secondly was nicotine gum. I never chewed anywhere near as much of it as the directions suggested, but it was really helpful in blunting my physical craving for nicotine so that I didn't give in and light a cigarette. It's hard enough to break all the habits that you develop with smoking without having a physical craving to deal with, too. (And then surprisingly, it wasn't hard at all to quit using the gum when I didn't need it any more.) Good luck!

I started scheduling my cigarette breaks. I would let myself have one when I woke up, one just before I got to work, one at lunch, and one as soon as I got in the car after work, and one after dinner. It let me feel in control. But the main thing was learning to deal with the stress that made me crace a smoke. Oh, and never smoke with coffee or alcohol. I found wacking off to be a much better stress reliever. Hard to do at work, of course, but there's always a way, if you're determined.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
you know i actually monitered this am when i got up, without even realizing it i had 3 before up at 4 i know i have to quit....any you guys want to help me???????

Blogger daveincleveland said...
daniel i like your idea of stress relief....but agree..hard to do at work.....but is doable...hehehe

Anonymous Anonymous said...
1. Clear your schedule for about 3 days or so
2. Quit smoking
3. Try not to kill yourself or others
4. After a few days of mind-numbing depression and irritability, the worst is over
5. Nicotine gum helps -- it's kind of expensive, but if it helps you stay quit for just a couple weeks, it's already saved you money compared to how much you'd have spent on smokes.
6. Don't bum "just one" cigarette from your friends here and there. Don't backslide, or you'll find yourself back in the habit.

I've tried to quit a few times, but I think I'm quit for good now -- since fall last year.

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