Friday, September 08, 2006
Only in America...
would some country yokel come up with the idea for this culinary masterpiece:

The Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger...

It's sweet like a doughnut, and then you've got the hamburger. You've read that right. It's a burger with cheese and bacon, sandwiched between a Krispy Kreme doughnut a heart attack waiting to happen. A burger so perfect, they say, tampering is discouraged. You're ruining it! You're not supposed to put ketchup on it! Bowers says to a diner. Well, I don't know. It's my first time,he replies. For a mere $4.50 it's breakfast, dinner, and a little dessert all in one. That it packs up to 1,000 calories doughnute donut alone has 10 grams of sugar doesn't seem to faze diabetic diner Floyd Schuetz. Oh, I'll have another one of these, he says.

read the full article on the CBS website ---> Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger

This reminds me of that Monty Python Spam skit where the lady asks the waitress " Would you do me egg bacon spam and sausage without the spam then" and the waitress exclaims:
(click above to hear her)
I have never had a Krispy Kreme doughnut and haven't eaten red meat in 5 years at least so maybe I am not the one to pass judgement, but still. I wonder what the company thinks.

on Self worth..

post removed, I guess I was in a funk toay.
No need to bring everyone down with me.
In any case, here is the song I uploaded
(click above to play)
S4 160

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Love Python!!!

I used to watch them in the '70s on the PBS station here!

I tried a Krispy Kreme once. Didn't see the appeal, which is probably why they're not around here anymore....

I LOVE Krispy Kremes, but something sounds very wrong about a Krispy Kreme hamburger. Very very wrong.

And I'm one of the biggest Python fans you'll ever meet. I have all the action figures, a stuffed Beast of Aaaaaargh, chocolate dead parrots, a can of Spam-a-lot Spam (autographed by the original cast - that play is HIGHLY recommended by the way). I think I'll watch Life of Brian tonight now that I think about it.

Blogger The Persian said...
I've been a mad Python fan since I was about 16. Back during high school I would drive my mother crazy reciteing skits (like Dead Bishop on the landing, The Spanish Inquisition, and Dead Parrot)

Rey that collection sounds amazing!!


Blogger Michael said... a person that can't even deal with the "honey baked" hams on holidays.....mixing meat and sugar is just WRONG! So, the idea of a donut burger is pretty disugusting to me.

And my god, I haven't heard that song in ages! I love Open The Door. I'm sure I have the cd somewhere but I had almost forgotten about that song. Thanks for bring back an old friend to me :)

Blogger Scott E D said...
say you love shakira

Blogger castor said...
Very funny! Ehyuuuk!!! Hahahaha!

Blogger Kalvin said...
POST REMOVED!? Aw, now I'm wondering what I'm missing. And I'm all about mixing meat and sugar. Most of Thai food is a combination of sweet and savory as is vietnamese food. And what about Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches? Mmm...delicious, but I think I'd pass on the Krispy Burger.

Blogger Steve said...
We used to talk about the Krispy Kreme shop on Kennedy Blvd. in Tampa on the radio all the time. They had this big, red neon sign that said *HOT* when the fresh donuts were ready. The coffee sucked, but the donuts were good. Hope you have a great weekend, by the way.

That looks so scary.I can't imagine eating one in a horror movie.

Sorry to hear you had a bad day.
Buck up buddy, you've got friends.
And I love your profile pic today. There's kind of a wild gleam in your eye.

Blogger Haider Droubi said...
i cant eat that one....

Blogger daveincleveland said...
don't think i could do that, love krispy creme but not the whole package, dude sorry your down, wish i could cheer you up.....heres a hug....have a great day

Blogger daveincleveland said...
oh and nice pic in your profile...devilishly evil.....very cute..........:)

Blogger tornwordo said...
I just threw up in my mouth a little. Hope today brings better moods.

Blogger Polt said...
Krispy Kreme's are okay, but they're not my favorite. That particular concoction is just WRONG!

PYTHON rules!

"She turned me into a newt!"
"A newt?"
".......i got better...."


Blogger Rian said...
As someone who even named his blog in dependence on a Python movie "Life of (B)Rian", I need to say that SPAM is disgusting. This Krispy Kreme Hamburger doesn't look much better either. I would taste it though, because it could also be a hidden treasure.
I hope you're feeling better today!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh my god, I'd rather see naked breatseses than that. I mean it's two great tastes that taste awful together.

OK, I never tried it... I'm just guessing.

I'm sorry you're feeling crappy. :(

Blogger JR said...
Ughh all that fat and crap. Yikes!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I will never, EVER look at a Krispy Kreme Donut the same way ever again. I mean...a bagel, maybe....but the creater of the Krispy Kreme cheeseburger must have been seriously hashing or something.

Blogger Jim said...
Ick, what brain trust thought about slapping beef on a doughnut?

Does that come with a defibilator and a side of Lipitor? lol :)

Blogger patti_cake said...
I like Krispy Kreme if I can catch them when the Hot Now sign is on and they are warm. That burger sounds dee-sgusting though. Ew...

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