Sunday, September 24, 2006
my Saturday...
so we saw this double feature (unexpectedly) last night..

We actually only wanted to see the first film, but when we were getting tickets the clerk informed us that if we stay in the theatre, Covenant would immediately follow. The first show began at 7:40 and the second ended at about 1130. We got home by midnight and I was wiped out so went to bed. They stayed up a little longer.

I really love John Heder, I can't explain it but add Billy Bob Thornton and you have a very entertaining film. I wish I could say the same for The Covenant. It was horrible, we stayed because it was free and we had nothing else to do I guess. It had a pretty "interesting" cast however...

One thing that struck me as odd was the abdundance of shirtless, pantless, rather excessive shots of these guys above. It was almost as if they were trying to make up for a really bad storyline by shocking your senses numb with butts, perfect abs, and 20 year old half nude guys.
Ya know, it didn't work for me. Mission failed, horrible horrible flic. Don't even bother watching unless you are obsessed with the beautiful male form. In that case turning off the volume will not lessen the experience. Better yet get a Corbin Fisher subscription.

The Persian guy from yesterday's post keeps calling. I haven't listened to the voicemails, I am with my kids and really this is our time together, he will have to wait until tonight for my call. I wish I remembered what we talked about or what he looked like. Shit I didn't even know his name until he left the first message yesterday afternoon.
UPDATE: Ok so I called him back, he has a strong accent, definitely middle eastern (I am not convinced he's Persian yet) there is something fishy about this guy I can't put my finger on, my friend thinks so as well. He says he's 32, and apparently (because I can't for the life of me remember) my friend was a bit more coherent Friday night and agrees with him looking about that age. When I called tonight all these phones were ringing in the background and he was asking me NOT to hang up please, and yelled to someone else in the room to "take that call". I said something smells funny. The plan is to have a longer convo tomorrow, and then possibly meet up Tuesday (my only free night this week coming).
There are (believe it or not) a couple other guys I've met online (while a bit inebriated) of late. I need to stop going online during and after drinking. I make promises that I don't keep when the next day arrives. It might seem to make me a shady person to some, but actually it's that I am two different people. No really, I am. One is outgoing and I get lots of ims online, and then the other wants to delete all my screen names and profiles the next day. Let's not even get into the pictures I take and put up. Ok ok they aren't that bad comparatively speaking.
I better quit before people get the wrong idea. Be back tomorrow. Time to make my daily video.
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Blogger Mikey said...
You sound like a great Dad!

Blogger Marko said...
You are a great dad!


Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
OK. The Convenant was HORRIBLE. I felt like they should have given me my money back PLUS extra for wasting two hours of my life. Wasn't it odd that all of the guys looked alike? I had a difficult time differentiating some of the characters because they were all the cookie cutter model types.

Blogger Michael said...
Well I have to admit, I'll wait now for the video but....*sigh*....they did look kinda cute.

Ya know, my gut instinct tells me to not take that guy's call or call him again. Don't know why but you're right, that sounds pretty dern fishy to me as well. Just be careful ok?

Talk to you soon.

Blogger Rob7534 said...
I have the same battle with myself, whether or not to delete the online profile(s) and just call it quit sometimes, and go out to the bar more often!

Having said that, I want links to your profiles with those pics of questionable taste! =)

Blogger daveincleveland said...
i was gonna see the convenant, but will wait for rental, glad you had a good time with da kids....thats always important......hae a great day buddy....:)

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Anything Pagan/Wiccan oriented on film tends to stink to high Heaven as the film makers don't have a clue as to what they are doing!

Why are you suspicious of Mr. Persian? Maybe he gave you his work number?

More details please after the longer talk... ;)

Blogger patti_cake said...
Hon I know you know this but just be careful who you meet.. i'm just sayin' :)

Blogger . said...
Hmmmm...I never got into the whole getting drunk and then getting on line...MY problem was getting HORNY and then getting on line. Got me in toooo much trouble.

But I say at least check it out...the guy in the pic was pretty hot!

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