Saturday, September 23, 2006
the long road home..


ugh last night was the worst. I've lost another friend to substance abuse. I posted a while back that my dad passed away when I was 15, the result of a cocaine overdose. As a direct result (I was rather traumatized as you can imagine) I have never touched anything. I've smoked a couple times, but honestly I don't enjoy it. One of my best friends had a problem before I met him, he was in recovery when we met. He's fallen off the wagon since. When he's back up here and we're hanging out, things usually get ugly. and then this...

I have another friend that has started using lately. Never around me, I wouldn't tolerate that, but most nights otherwise. Last night he, I, and another friend went out. (my ex was there and he got fat) At least one dealer (who he is evidently familiar with, and who I really pissed off I guess by pushing him off a bar stool, accidentally of course) He disappeared (the friend who uses) and then left us in downtown Springfield transportationless. It was a 5+ mile walk home, and he could have cared less. I still can't believe we made it here in one piece.

Ohh and last night I saw this guy out, walked up to him and asked if he was Persian. I mean there aren't many in this area but he WAS! Half Persian & Half Italian (like me). He was too kool, and gave me his number, which I can't locate this morning. Well I really haven't looked, I guess I've been pre-occupied with other things. Truthfully I don't remember what he looked like, but my friend tells me he resembles this guy(the one on the left, which is possible since they are locals who own an Oriental Rug company) :

I need to go back to bed, I'm just home from the Big E and very tired. The kids are staying over tonight, my ex-wife has a wedding to attend. We will definitely have some fun.
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Blogger Kalvin said...
Hey, stop making fun of the ex for getting fat. You can just send him to me :). Sorry to hear about your friends. That does suck. What about taxis? And I think I would be sober after 5 miles...or passed out in the gutter.

Blogger The Persian said...
We didn't have taxi money on us, and well guessed that the friend who deserted us would pick us up on the way. He kept telling us he was on his way and we kept walking, and walking and walking. I can't believe we walked 5 miles, we were pretty hammered, I think I fell down at one point because I have a scrape on my arm and a huge ass bruise on my side.

Blogger Polt said...
huge ass bruise? That could be a HNT right?

.....oh, it's a huge-ass bruise on your arm.....okay, don't wanna see that so much..... :)


Blogger Michael said...
Dude that sucks! Sorry to hear about your friend as well. Been down that road once or twice before...well not with a 5 mile hike on my hands but still.

Hope you're not too sore today. I think my legs would have been killin me! Have a great weekend buddy. I'll try and get ahold of ya sometime soon. (if I can drag myself away from the podcasts and my own walking heh)

Blogger The Persian said...
Polty: it's on my side, and it's not so pretty.

Michael: I'm not so sore, I am used to long ass walks. Well at least my legs aren't. I just took a nap (having reached home at around 3AM, and seem to feel much better)I have the kids overnight so best time to reach me is like sunday night or after. Oh and I am sooo glad you are using your new little friend, if you find any podcasts you like, let me know I'll check them out.

Blogger Rian said...
Sorry to hear about your friend. I've lost two friends for the same reasons. I was thinking of one of them just this evening when I wrote about our visit to a hounted house. Anyway, have a nice weekend together with your kids.

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Hey Jim

I'm sorry to hear about your friend as well. Yes, you were very lucky walking around downtown Springfield at that hour! Eek! :(

P.S. Good luck with "Ten Percent Charlie's Big Brother"!! ;P

Blogger Donald said...
Sorry to hear about your friend. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with the kids.

Blogger Derek said...
bet ya'll did have fun, sorry about your friend.


Blogger Marko said...
Hey bro, I have been there. Sendin you some HUGZ!

Blogger daveincleveland said...
sorry about your friend man.....i tried smokin once, first time at about 32, realized i could really really enjoy this and never touched it again

Blogger Jimmi said...
It is amazing how much drugs consume the gay community. There are too many people that get sucked in at young age. It makes me sad.


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