Tuesday, September 26, 2006
it's not working out..

so I won't be making any more video posts, at least until I can get some decent capturing software. Windows movie maker just takes way too much time. It takes like a half hour to an hour to film, edit add effects etc. THEN it takes another 30-40 minutes to save as an Mpg, then another 20 to save to You Tube and then post. That's 2 hours+ every night, I don't have the patience nor time anymore. Oh well, it was kind of fun while it lasted.
Yesterday was my mother's birthday. I picked up the kids after work and headed up to her house. It was a nice evening, my two little nieces running around the place (they are too cute, even tho waaay too spoiled). I got her some Anti Virus Software & a Sarah McLaughlin CD. I think she was happy with the gifts, it's hard to find something for her, because she doesn't work and spends way too much time shopping. I'm having a harder time finding gifts for her the older I (we) get.
TMI Tuesday...
I was going to keep up with this, but they are getting a little graphic and I guess it's not my thing so much. Here's today's questions from TMI blog...

1. What's the longest you've ever gone without a shower?
maybe 3 days when I was camping with my parents once. I am middle eastern and well, showering at least once a day is a necessity.

2. Do you use a q-tip? If so, how often? Come to think of it not so much

3. Do you have any piercings, if so where? Any for sexual purposes?
Yea both ears. Two years ago I had two in each ear upper (cart) and lower, but the gauge was pretty big and it was hell to find a comfortable sleeping position because cartilage piercings never seem to completely heal.

4. Oral sex... give or receive?
I'm not going there.

5. Sex while on the period... ick?
um... well I guess when I was married we did on occasion.

Bonus (as in optional): Tell me your fantasy... details!
At this point a date would be a good start. :)

yea ok I know booooring ass answers, sorry.
The Persian guy keeps calling... I don't know why I am so hesitant to talk to him, but maybe it's because we met in a dark bar when I had been drinking. Honestly I have no idea what he looks like and his constant phone calls (despite the fact I've only returned one) are getting kind of well, I dunno, here is the latest:

A call from Michael The Persian Guy

What does everyone think? Yea I know he sounds kind of sweet but that was like his 10th call. We're supposed to do something tonight, although I may just cancel and tell him that I am not really wanting to persue this. ugh... What is that accent anyway? Anyone know? He says that he is half Persian & half Italian. My friend tells me he doesn't look Persian/Middle Eastern but then again he had been drinking that night as well (altho he apparently wasn't as bad as I).
I woke up late and need a shower. Laters :)
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Blogger Rian said...
I'm sad to read that you're giving up your video blog. I really loved it. But since I know how terrible that program is, and how much time it needs, I totally understand. So ... I say thanks for the videos and your patience with the movie maker so far. But don't you ever dare to abandon this blog! :-)

I think that guy sounds nice. If I were you I would probably have dinner with him, or maybe just a beer or whatever, and then you find out how he really is. Maybe he's nice, maybe not. Unless you don't want a date at all, you have to figure it out. It could be the date you're mentioning on the TMI bonus. ;-)


Blogger The Persian said...
Thanks Ryan, I enjoyed making them. I will be getting a chunk of money within the month (The Big E)and I plan on buying a better program, then maybe I'll start doing it again.

About the guy...I'm still undecided about tonight. He just seems really aggresive.

Blogger Scott E D said...
Just go out with him and don't overthink it.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
will miss your sexy voice and handsome face each morning but better programming will help alot, as far as the date goes ..i can't put my finger on it but just makes me feel uneasy......not sure why, but just do, really aggressive bothers me........just my opinion friend.......:)

Blogger patti_cake said...
Um ten phone calls would feel like I was being stalked...
Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom!

Blogger vuboq said...
I think he sounds kind of nice, but -as I'm slowly learning- you should trust your intuition and go with your gut feelings.

Blogger Stephen said...
We are going to miss the video's but certainly understand, that is alot of time invested in making them.

Blogger Doug said...
You could do your videos just once a week so you're not so overwhelmed.

Regarding your friend Michael, it can't hurt to meet him. You could even plan a limited amount of time with him, perhaps make plans with another friend afterward. That way, if you like him, you can plan a second date. If you don't, you don't have to create an excuse to cut the date short.

If you don't at least meet him, will you regret it later?

Blogger Mikey said...
Go with your gut feeling. I agree with doug...give it a try and your gut will tell you what to do next. I am new here, but I was really enjoying the video blog..maybe once a week is a good idea?

Blogger Michael said...
Well ya know, he didn't sound too enthused on the phone message. I say don't do it but, that's my gut instinct as well ya know?

Hopefully you find the right software cause ya know, I really enjoyed being able to see you on video. Made me feel like you were here, I was there kinda ya know?


Blogger tornwordo said...
He sounds a bit Indian who learned English from a Brit.

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
It's probably too late to give my two cents but.... i say make the date. if, after meeting him sober, you still don't feel comfortable don't go on another one. :-D

Blogger Rob7534 said...
Is he by chance Canadian?

Blogger potusol said...
A boy's gotta eat. You might as well have some dinner companionship and see what's up.

: )

Blogger castor said...
I like your private videos, but 2 hours for making one of them is really to much!!!
Concernig that "Perian guy" I think you should meet him and then you'll see if it would make sense to be in contact with him or not ... :-)

I just kept on seeing greek cigarette smuggler, or maybe diamond smuggler. Maybe he's a pussycat, and maybe some of it's just cultural, but it feels a little bit funny to me. But you met him, I didn't.

yeah, I super liked the videos. I hope you can find the right software to put it together.

Did you know that when you play the phone call in iTunes the genre comes up as Blues?

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