Tuesday, September 05, 2006
I so hate being back at work today. Even three day weekends aren't long enough these days. (Ok so I'm a lazy sod but still). It seems for some reason my life is flying by with an ever increasing pace. This always happens when I'm drinking on a regular basis. It's like I get home at 4 and woooooooooooooooooosh I'ts time to get up and go to work again, then it's 4 again and I'm driving home, only to repeat the cycle. I really want to join a gym or something, get into a cleaner routine. I should start walking, after all I have an Ipod (or five) and could catch up on some of my favorite podcasts.
I just found out my old house (some of you might remember the posts I made about where I used to live before moving into the condo) is being sold, ripped down and a Pizza shop will be built on the lot. That old shack holds so many memories, most of which are negative. My ex-wife used to say it was cursed. I think she's not so far off the mark. The man who built it (by hand evidently, and not so well) died in the upstairs bedroom, I think he haunts the place. Nobody who has ever lived there has been happy (myself included)... here is the list:
1. The builder Ezra Granger and his wife Mildred (he left her a widow at age 47).
2. My parents (they moved in just before I was born/adopted) and divorced by the time I was 3.
3. My single dad (after the divorce). He was a broken lonely man and died of a cocaine overdose while living there, age 41.
3. My spinster Aunt. She is still unmarried at 58.
4. My ex-wife and I (I'm not even going to go into that one)
5. My 1st BF (we did so well until moving into the house after my ex-wife and kids moved out)
6. My 2nd BF (sadly I think we were doomed to fail since day 1, we never spent a night apart in the three years we were together) He "officially" moved into the house after about 2 weeks. Talk about an intense relationship.
7. Me (after those three relationships above) I think Ezra came with me cause I'm still not exactly in the best place.

anyway the house is owned by this realty trust thing created by my grandfather and the trustees have decided to sell. I want to be there when that wrecking ball hits.


that's about it for today...

except one question for some of you....

Is You Tube's deviant little brother (and near namesake) becoming a huge part of your free time? Ugh...it's like I can't stop going there!! I've even neglected my blog because of it. Maybe I should get out more, start dating.... yea ok, I'll get right on that.


S1 161

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Are we talking about the service with a similar name that starts with the letter "P"?

I went there a few times, but, found it very slow loading and mostly just "teaser" type of stuff.

Not worth the effort! ;)

Blogger daveincleveland said...
jim i live in a similar home, my parents home that i was born and raised in, grandfather lived with us and hated my mother for taking his son from him, dad had some tendencies i think,toward our side, parents had unhappy marriage, at her deathbed my mother told me that i don't want the house cause its bad luck, but hey, what did i know, moved in with my wife and 2 kids in '85, have been there since and i do say things have sucked since, and now that she has found out about me, we are in seperate rooms but still the same house, and strapped financially to where we can't get out from under...all i can hope for is a fire...hehehe

Blogger The Persian said...
It's not similiar, it's nearly identical name look and feel except this one shows what YT will not. :)

Dude Tube is pervlicious. I wonder if the same people own it along with the g rated site.
That house should be torn down quickly. I know it's subjective, but maybe some houses and places do carry "vibrations" from past events.

Dude Tube is pervlicious. I wonder if the same people own it along with the g rated site.
That house should be torn down quickly. I know it's subjective, but maybe some houses and places do carry "vibrations" from past events.

Blogger The Persian said...
It appears there are quite a few of these Tubes!


Blogger vuboq said...
Isn't the internet a series of tubes?

Anyway, the thing I find amazing is that the week after a holiday weekend always seems to LAST FOREVER ... even though it's only 4 days. *gah*

Is it go home time yet?

Blogger Kevin said...
re: your comment ...


Blogger Jeff said...
raising hand-yes I spend too much time there as well :)


Blogger Derek said...
I spend way too much time there.

I didn't want to go back to work today either

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
I think you should be there when the house goes down. Maybe it'll be symbolic, or just put some bad memories to rest.

Blogger Miladysa said...
At first I was sorry to read the news about the house but after reading the entire post I am hoping it gets demolished soon!

Blogger tornwordo said...
Wow, a cursed house. If you go watch, maybe something *weird* will happen when they wreck it. Also, what's you tube's little brother?

Blogger Doghigh said...
Oh god I know! The hubby and I had "fun" perusing it a couple of weeks back.

And re: the house...maybe you should have some sort of ceremony to mark it's end and welcome a new beginning for all involved?

Oh and THANK YOU for that very sweet comment about my pics from MA! It's amazing what sunglasses and a shady beech forest can do to shed years from one's face! :-)

Blogger Dave said...
God bless ALL tubes.

Blogger patti_cake said...
I definitely believe some places are cursed. Hmmm wonder if they'll be bolt of lightning when the wrecking ball hits or a flash of fire and you'll smell sulphur and brimstone maybe...
I think I read "too" much.

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