Monday, September 18, 2006
forget the coffee, this will wake you up...

Yesterday was pretty eventful, ran over to The Big E, set up my window, and then picked up the kids. We headed to Grammy's and then went to the Eastfield Mall for some lunch and shopping. (actually the kids shopped, I just tagged along) You can see a video of some of this on my other blog here. We then headed back here (sans Grammy) and watched a couple movies. Nothing really of note except Jersey Girl (ahk it was horrible). I guess I bought it because (for one it was only $7.99) of the Kevin Smith thing. None of us could make it past half way, it was that bad. I thought I read somewhere that it was during this film that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck fell in love. Doesn't really matter, no wonder it was so cheap. I suppose that was the only redeeming quality of this flic, actually maybe not. In any case, Kevin what were you thinking??


Oh man do I need a shave, yikes... (beware MEGA spooky picture below!!!)

ok so now that I've scared the everliving crap out of everyone...
I need a shower (and yea a shave).
Hope everyone has a decent Monday.
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Blogger daveincleveland said...
yeah i saw that movie too., sucked....but i went to theater for it........oh and the pic, could you look any hot or cuter....i think not......:)

Blogger castor said...
Such a nice video with your family!:-)Thanks for sharing!

Blogger patti_cake said...
I heart Ben Affleck but i'm glad you warned me about Jersey Girl. Damn J Lopez almost ruined a good man, there! I can't stand her.
Oh please you look good whether you need a shave or not! :)

Blogger Polt said...
shave, don't shave, you're still hot either way, my man.

HUGS and stuff...

Blogger vuboq said...
*rowr* goatee-y goodness!

Blogger Kalvin said...
oh grow it sounds wonderful...

Blogger Doug said...
The video was very the way Grammy referred to "My Guys."

You need a pic of your unshowered bod to go along with a pic of your unshaven face. ;)

Blogger Larry said...
Whoah... it is a little scary but I still have this odd compulsion to rub it... :)

Blogger NeiLDC said...
Well, about the movie, i didnt see it yet but as you have say no, so i will not see it.

about shaving, hmm i like rubbing the beard... but if you wont like the look. Shave it! its up to you. you still hot!

cheers amigo!

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
naw. stubble is sex-ay.

Blogger Michael said...
Have to admit I'm in the same boat right now. The weekend came, and I said "F's the weekend", which ended too quickly and now I do need to shave heh. (and I didn't think that the picture was scary at all)

I had heard bad things about Jersey Girl from another Kevin Smith fan. Too bad. Hopefully he redeemed himself with Clerks 2 (which I didn't get to see yet)

Blogger Jim said...
Jersey Girl, ick, another BA movie that didnt need to be made. LOL

Dont shave, it looks good on you!

Blogger JR said...
I like the facial hair on you and I wont bother to see that movie.

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