Friday, September 15, 2006

things I'm learning...

Lesson #1 :Don't Drink Vodka in sizeable quanities
Lesson #2: Do NOT Blog under the influence
Lesson #3: Don't make videos under the influence, you will embarrass yourself
Lesson #4: Never post comments on Blogs while drinking you will look like an ass
Lesson #5: Do NOT message people on You Tube when drinking.. BAD idea

well that being said (and out of the way) Happy Friday :)
Today is the first day of The Eastern States Exposition aka The Big E.
It's a huge event lasting 17 days, starting today and winding up the first week of October. My father's family has had concessions there (Food, Beer, Wine, etc) since before I was born. When I was about 18 my grandad started having me help him with the Cigarette end of it. We had machines then (since removed because of Minor's having access to them, it's a town ordinance and with good reason) until a few years ago when we switched to selling them out of the back window of our main food building. I also sell Beer and Drinks (Soda, water etc.). In the beginning I would work every day, but in the past few years I've reduced my time spent there to weekends, and partial days at that. It's my business, I pay someone to work the window when I'm not there, and I keep 100% of the profit. Since we are basically the only Tobacco vendor at the fair it helps out finances every October. Anyway... They usually have some semi big Musical acts, although this year's highlighted artist I've never heard of (not surprising as I know nothing of Country Music)

so I should get going, instead of Crank Call Friday this week, I am putting up a song I can't get out of my head. I walk around saying "uhn tis uhn tis" all day long. People must think I'm strange (what else is new). Seriously, if you aren't familiar with The Bloodhound Gang (honestly their older stuff is better, I mean who can forget "You're Pretty when I'm Drunk" or I wish I was queer so I could get chicks" ) but this track is addicting, have a listen and you will see what I mean. Would make an amazing club hit, hell it probably already is.

Blogger vuboq said...
What happened to Lesson #5?

And, I'm a little hurt that there were no drunken comments on my blog this morning. *sniff*

Blogger The Persian said...
um, well I started out with 6, then removed one. Thought it best to keep that one private. Oh and next time I will be sure to run over and lite up your blog :)

Blogger Polt said...
"I wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks" is AWESOME! So is "KIss Me Where It Smells Funny!" These guys crack me up!

Should I be surprised we have similar taste in stupid music? :)

Blogger Doug said...
I love the Bloodhound Gang's reason for being. They couldn't get laid so they formed a band. Gotta love honesty.

I'm not into country music much, but isn't Brad Paisley a little hottie!

Blogger patti_cake said...
Oh I heart Brad Paisley. His wife is annoying though (Kimberly Williams, she played in Father of the Bride and is currently on some sitcom with Courtney Thorne-Smith and Jim Belushi)
Have a GREAT week-end Jim!

Blogger Kalvin said...
I have problems with those lesons myself. Hope you have fun selling cigarettes.

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
You're Pretty when I'm Drunk... Oh so true. Happy Fry Day.

Blogger Jeff said...
I have blogged drunk and commented drunk! I just couldn't stop myself-it was fun at the time until I read it back the next day LOL

I love the bloodhound gang-their videos are so fun-I had a crush on the lead singer for a few months.

Have a good weekend and dont blog/comment drunk like me! Jeff

Blogger The Persian said...
Polty: Yea I'm a HUGE Bloodhound gang fan, ever since I first heard Fire Water Burn back in the late 90's

doug: a little :)

patti: Thanks for the Brad info, very interesting! You have a great weekend as well!

Kalvin: Yea so do I, but I keep trying!

purpletwinkie: hehe that song is hysterical!

jeff: Oh yea, the day after is scary!! I'll keep trying. :)

Blogger Marko said...
LOL, I cant blog when im under the influence, it would make no sense at all!

Oh my, Im allergic to country.

Hope you had a great weekend bro!

Blogger msliberty said...
LOL! I tend to make a lot of spelling errors when I blog under the influence. I've caught myself the next morning...very embarrassing, indeed.

Blogger Derek said...
I love me some Brad!

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