Saturday, September 09, 2006
Becoming even more visible...

So I've decided to make a Video Blog. It will be linked from my profile, and when I get everything sorted out, will be posting a short video daily. I have had a video camera (not the same one hehe) since I was 15, and have always loved being behind the camera. I want to get creative with this, we'll see. Most importantly it will add a new dimension to my blog, which is pretty cool (I think) considering the anonymity here. Right now it's called "The Persian" but I am not so sure I like that title, any ideas?


Happy Birthday

Adam Sandler

40 years old today!

In tribute this super short clip of my favorite scene from Happy Gilmore.


I think I own every Happy Madison production, and it's strange because I usually don't like slapstickish comedy. As a matter of fact I can't sit through Jim Carey, Robin Williams or Will Farrel (ok Will maybe, he is funny on occasion). For some reason I love the Sandler movies, and so do my sons. Can't believe he's 40!!


S5 160

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Heh... I always thought he was kinda hot. His humor, though? Well, kinda has to grow on you, like athlete's foot. "Hey,Im crazy shoe-hand-man! Gimme Some Candy!". Still like him, but I'm just waiting for him to have his "eternal sunshine of the spotted mind" moment - cause I know he can do it.

Blogger JR said...
Titles take an eternity for me, but I will think hard... I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Blogger Adam said...
Yes! Hooray for media agnosticism!

Blogger Kalvin said...
I often wonder if it's easier to do "live" feeds as opposed to writing. I'm toying around with the idea myself.

Blogger patti_cake said...
Me & Adam are the same age (well i'm not 40 YET....) I heart him :)

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