Tuesday, August 29, 2006
U.S. waistlines continue to grow


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The gravy train -- make that the sausage, biscuits and gravy train -- just kept on rolling in most of America last year, with 31 states showing an increase in obesity.

Mississippi continued to lead the way. An estimated 29.5 percent of adults there are considered obese. That is an increase of 1.1 percentage points when compared with last year's report, which is compiled by Trust for America's Health, an advocacy group that promotes increased funding for public health programs.

Meanwhile, Colorado remains the leanest state. About 16.9 percent of its adults are considered obese. That mark was also up slightly from last year's report, but not enough to be considered statistically significant.

The only state that experienced a decrease in the percentage of obese adults last year was Nevada.

"Quick fixes and limited government programs have failed to stem the tide," said Dr. Jeff Levi, executive director of the trust, in explaining the rise.

Health officials warn that the incidence of obesity in a particular state doesn't mean it treats the issue less seriously than others. States have different challenges to contend with when it comes to obesity, said Dr. Janet Collins of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"Populations are not equal in terms of experiencing these health problems," Collins said. "Low-income populations tend to experience all the health problems we worry about at greater rates."

Thank you CNN (read the full article here)

(what is that exactly the man pictured above is getting into? A trailer? Who knew!


Thanks so much CNN for pointing out we (as a nation) are perhaps indulging a bit too much in the Ice Cream and McDonald's department. Perhaps it's a depression thing, after all you never seem to fall short of pointing out the incredibly sad situation in the middle east.

Ohhh...and guess who's birthday it is?

Happy 48th Birthday Michael!
I like to remember a time (I was very young) when Michael was somebody kids (like me) looked up to. Damn he was big back then, what the hell happened? While the guy has some serious issues these days (or so we are lead to believe by money hungry trash and the media which can't help but bring their "claims" to our attention), I won't forget who he was back then. I used to have this Vinyl extended mix when I was 10... I danced all over my room, even knocking stuff over. I don't think some of the younger people of today (under 25) even realize how incredibly big he was, bigger than Elvis. What went wrong...?

I think this French Kid pretty much illustrates my point. Watch the whole thing.


Blogger JR said...
Thank you. Day two was not fun at the gym, but this motivates me. I am still so confused though I lived in CO my whole life save last year and it seemed like there were tons more fat people there than here in CA. Maybe it doesnt account for rural versus urban or altitude maybe makes an impact. Still it seems like CO had tons of fatties.

Blogger Steve said...
Chris & I were in the car the other day when a song from Thriller came on. He did that album before he became a freak-a-zoid and it was HUGE. He's 48, but I think that's 14 in Michael years.

Blogger Polt said...
He looks pretty good for a man (?) of 48.

What was different with him back then? Well he was black then. And he was a he still. :)

Blogger Scott E D said...
I wish you could see me rolling my eyes.

Blogger patti_cake said...
That guy looks like he will tip the trailer over once he steps up into it!
Michael Jackson was so awesome "back in the day". Who knew he'd turn into such a FREAK

Blogger madamerouge said...
Colorado the leanest? Neat.

Blogger Dave said...
I'm embarassed to admit it, but in junior high, I FORCED my Mom to sew me a shirt that looked like something Michael wore to one of the award shows. It was this red and blue double-breasted thing, had shoulder pads and big silver buttons. I was SO proud of it becuase I loved Michael so much. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of wearing it to school once. Needless to say, I learned quickly to mask my future affection for the King of Pop.

Blogger Kalvin said...
Was this supposed to be a message to me? But hey, I think SF has the msot in shape men of any city in the US. Why do I always have to be surrounded by people thinner than me?

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
LOL Ive just had the strangest conversation with my 10 year old daughter about MJ and "mom, how did he make himself white?"


He definitely has talent! What the hell happened to that poor dear man?

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