Tuesday, August 15, 2006

so I finally got around to doing that stupid ridiculous annual car inspection thingy Massachusetts requires it's residents to adhere to. I have been putting it off, as the $29 fee has not been in my budget of late. My old sticker expired in May, and if they pull you over, it's an automatic $50. fine (plus of course you still have to get the damn sticker anyway..) So I needed to use some of my vacation days before September 1st when they renew and yesterday seemed like the perfect opportunity to get it done. I am always terrible about it (like regular oil changes) I remember one time, I actually made it 16 months without going to get my car inspected! I managed to skip a whole year! It's not like I was worried, my car is only a year old and it took the guy 10 minutes to do it, but still. It's an inconvenience because the lines are nearly always long and the wait an hour or more. I went in at 8AM, there were two of us in line, not so bad. If I had to go after work forget it.


I cleaned like a fiend yesterday (it's about freeking time) and have to say I feel somehow much better today because of it. There is something about a freshly cleaned spotless environment which lends itself to a positive mood (not that I am jumping up and down positive, but it's something for now). I dunno, at least for me that's the case. Now to keep up with it so this doesn't happen again (easier said than done).


So we saw Pulse Sunday, it was bearable. No, actually it was cheesy as hell, there I said it. Ridiculous storyline, I know it's fantastical Hollywood but still, ghosts taking over the world via the Internet and Cell Phone towers? Don't waste your money, rent it if you insist. The only positive thing I can say is that it was very short and well.. had a very interesting cast like (for example) Ian Somerhalder....


I don't know what it is lately but (apart from the weekends) I am feeling completely isolated and kind of down. I don't even have the urge to go online (apart from the research I'm doing to pass the time). There seems to be a thousand things on my mind which are all serving to bring me into this sad place. I'm not even blogging daily as I usually do because I'd rather throw in a DVD and drift off somewhere. This summer has passed very quickly (the brisk morning air a clear indication fall will soon arrive) and I can't help but feel I haven't done a damn thing except eat, sleep, go to work and sit in front of this PC. I have hardly even been running since I hurt my leg a couple months ago (maybe it's more like a few months at this point). I need motivation.


oh and the dating thing, needless to say I'm not much into that either. I swear I am going to wake up someday old and lonely and ask "Where did all the time go?" Tick-Tock...


a special thanks to my friend who sent me this hysterical shite..


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Blogger Polt said...
Iam Somerhalder...YUM! Loved him in Rules Of Attraction!

Everybody gets down sometimes, man. It's part of life. Just so long as it doesn't drag on and on and on....

I'm throwin good positive thoughts your way today, so hopefully, that'll help.

HUGS, my man.

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...

Yes, the inspections are SUCH a ripoff now! I always make a point to go at the crack of dawn so that I'm either first or second in line. Otherwise, bring a book!

Blogger vuboq said...

You know what I think would help? Coming to DC and cleaning my apartment! You'd feel like a million bucks in NO TIME FLAT!

Blogger patti_cake said...
I was SO glad when SC got rid of the car inspections. It's one of the few good things they've done. Well, we finally got a lottery and now tattoing is legal. They're coming around slowly.
Sorry you are down, that sucks when you get to feeling that way. I am enjoying summer but can't wait for Fall. However we won't really "feel" Fall until maybe the end of October.

Blogger sirbarrett said...
I was worried that video was going to turn morbid and shocking. It was shocking anyway, in a light kind of way. Ha.

I'm excited about fall too. This summer was just a haze of heat and hustle and it kinda just passed me by but fall is usually that motivating time. Now that I'm not going back to school I see all those ads and it makes me nostalgic. I think I'll be vicariously motivated to do what I have to do though anyway.

Blogger Michael said...
Oh POO on being old and loney, you better belive I'll make sure that don't happen cause bubby, while I may be a dork...I stick around my friends :)

Yeah, PULSE was kinda weak in the original Japanese version too.

Sorry I haven't been able to get ahold of ya lately. I'll try and get ahold of you this week. So SMILE :)


About the cleaning thing, I agree. I feel so much better when I can't see mousetracks across the kitchen counter. It makes all the difference in the world to my mood.

Blogger Marko said...
Thx for the heads up on Pulse, looks like thats a rental too!

My motto on dating: You have to pull alot of weeds to get a good garden. Its very true...he he!
Keep trying!

That vid was pretty damn funny, lol!

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
All the things we have to do to drive our cars on the streets. We have something different here in Nevada... but it still comes down to one thing... mo' $$$$!

Blogger Kalvin said...
They actually fine you in CA if you wait to do it. Sigh. I'm sad to hear you aren't feeling well, but hopefully the fall will inspire you.

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