Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ok so Ian McKellan is pretty much one of the most diverse and talented actors of all time. I re-watched Apt Pupil last night. (I've owned the DVD since like 2000) If you haven't seen it, make sure you do. It is disturbing and creepy but never the less a riveting film. Brad Renfro is a plus. In any case.. I have been working on the blog all night to get the template where I wanted, it's still a work in progress, would love to hear about any quirks.

Das ist Berlin

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Blogger Rich Brown said...
Wow, I've wondered what happend to your blog. All of a sudden it disappeared and I found you when I was following links from someone's blog. Hope all is going well for you.

Blogger Jamie said...
Ian McKellan was excellent as Gandelf the Grey in LOTR! He's gay too!!! :)

Miss you buddy!

Blogger Michael said... I'm curious what you've been doing to the blog because it looks kinda lean and clean. I like how you got the comments set up here too. Damn, are you using the new Beta version? (mind you I don't know enough about HTML to do much with mine so if it's all programming stuff KUDO!)

I really like Apt Pupil. Think it's one of the creepier films out there just due to the subject matter. If you like Sir Ian, you should check out his Richard III. Shakespeare set in a semi-fascist post WWII(?)England. He plays Richard is just amazes me.

How the hell are you by the way?

Blogger The Persian said...
actually I started out using this template generator program called psychic, then I started tweaking it (including taking the media player program that puts a play button next to any mp3 you upload)I love playing with html.

Rich: yea I've been back a while, I'm just not posting with the same rabid frequency. Hope you are doing well!

Jamie: Yes he was, he is such an amazing actor. I miss you too!

Michael: Thanks! Apt Pupil is mega creepy for sure, but still a great movie. I will have to see Richard III!

Blogger PJS said...
I loved this movie... and when I saw it I became mildly obsessed with the song you've posted here, "das ist berlin"

Blogger The Persian said...
We have things in common Parleymeister :)

Blogger patti_cake said...
Apt Pupil is an awesome movie, as is the book

Blogger Jeff said...
He is an amazing actor, I loved "Gods and Monsters".

Hope you have a great week and find a great bank!


Anonymous Dan Vera said...
Have you seen him in his own version of Richard III? It's amazing. He's just crazy good in that movie even tho' he's playing a crazy bastard -- one of Shakespeare's best. He chews the scenery whenever he appears.
I'm enjoying your blog immensely.

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