Wednesday, August 09, 2006
My Ipod Collection (sans the Blue Mini & Shuffle I gave to my sons)
So I have this friend, who is (among other duties) in charge of The Lost & Found for a major rental organization. People often (unbelievably) abandon things. They don't respond to emails, voice mails and well everything a company can do (even a 3 month wait). Well "officially" it's the dumpster for their poor orphaned objects, my friend always manages to find a home for the more desirable of these neglected treasures (my younger son has recently acquired a brand new PSP with three games and two memory cards because of such a placement).
The inspiration for this post was the recent (just now) acquisition of a 4G Nano.
anyway... my ankle "injury" doesn't appear to be anything serious. Not even a twinge of pain all day. I suppose it might be because (unlike my last ankle injury, when I continued running the 4 miles despite the pain) I have been careful and have been taking it easy. Kids, pay attention, your body does actually start falling apart when you hit 30!
Ok so about my date the other night, it was ok. We talked for about an hour, grabbed a couple ice coffees, went for a walk (he said my pace was a little much to keep up with but the walk was pleasant enough) and then came back here and talked some more. He is in his 2nd year of recovery from both Alcohol (he was formerly a bartender) and substance abuse (he's done every drug in the book) and offered to take me to this local Gay AA meeting Friday. We'll see. I think I like him more as a friend than anything, but something tells me he is working toward something more.
Anyone remember the owner's nephew I'm working with? Well, in the last couple months that kid has livened up my department soooo much. We get along incredibly well (he's actually almost about as crazy as I am) He makes me laugh to the point where I almost fall off my chair (to the dismay of our common co-worker, my boss). I am really going to miss him when he starts college (in 3 weeks). Today is his birthday, I thought I would share the video I made of him trying to impersonate Sol Rosenberg from The Jerky Boys last week. He's got the voice down perfectly. You can view it in Quick Time by clicking the link below...
I thought as a birthday present (he might be reading this since he has seen my blog addy more than a few times) I would upload my MOST favorite Sol clip... click on the turnstyle to play


Laters :)

Blogger Steve said...
I remember you talking about the boss' nephew, but I must have missed the part about you guys getting along. And yeah, too bad he's leaving. It's too much of a story to tell here, but I have a friend back in Tampa who knows a garbage man (!) who finds the most awesome shit that people just throw out. Hope the ankle feels better.

Blogger Polt said...
Lucky you because...
1) you get free stuff
2) the ankle's not hurting
3) the date wasn't a disater
4) the nephew turned out to be a postive and not a negative as you feared
and 5) you're just so frickin cute and cool. :)


The bosses nephew sounds interesting. I'm glad your ankles ok.

Blogger toobusyliving said...
I'm gonna have to find a friend who works in the lost and found too.....I could use an Ipod to pass the time waiting for a date :)

WOOHOO! I found ya again! You were always one of my favorite daily reads. I am glad the Love Lemming had ya on his page.

-The Great Cranky One

Blogger Scott E D said...
You talk at a manic pace? Nah

Blogger patti_cake said...
Glad your ankle is okay.
Wow free stuff rocks! I SO want an ipod! Well, be friends with the guy and if it develops into something more.... *wink*

Blogger Kalvin said...
I do remember the little family involvement at the office, and I'm glad it turned out well. Hopefully the "date" will work out for the best between both of you.

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
It's amazing what people throw away!

Glad that the ankle's doing better!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm glad you're ankle is doing better! Thank you for yout comment on my blog! I appreciate it A LOT! OMG, what a CrAzY thing to discover! I agree there are some pretty messed up people back when! Thank you again! :o)

Anonymous Thom said...
And I thought I was bad with iPods... but of course I had to BUY mine!

If nothing else, at least you may end up with a new friend, even if it doesn't become more.

Blogger JR said...
He does a fantastic Sol. Wow...

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