Friday, August 11, 2006

feeling a little embarrassed about yesterday's post, almost took it down but decided against it. I can play that clip whenever I want to hear how much of a dork I am when drinking. I'm not going to say much else about it except, here we go again, Day 1 . Let the countdown begin.

Damn this week flew by (of course having Monday off helped a bit) today should be pretty kool at work, it's just me and my sidekick (the nephew). My boss has taken every Friday off until Mid-September to use up his remaining vacation days, not a bad idea I guess. Things are getting a little strange at work, I mean it looks like my company might be having some serious money issues, we closed 2 of our remote warehouses in the past month and had major layoffs of late. Given there are four people in my department (IT) and three shifts, and also given that I've been there longer than all of them (yikes) I am relatively secure I am not going anywhere. But still... it's kinda scary when the company starts making serious cutbacks and they keep the reasons from everyone except the highest of management. I only heard about the issues because one of the DM's likes to talk a bit when out in a social atmosphere and after a few.
I know this will be overkill in the blogger world but jeeeesh, what about the recent "foiled" terrorist attempts out of London? If what they are telling us is in fact true (I have serious doubts these days about what is in fact the complete truth and what shit the media puts out there to brainwash and scare the living hell out of us, call me a paranoid freak but still...) that is some frightening shite. I was just there this past December, security was a breeze (unlike 2 years before in Rome where I was practically de-clothed in front of dozens of gawking onlookers - maybe I look suspicious I dunno). In any case, if everything is true.. my hat goes off to the UK for a horrific disaster well foiled! From what I understand many of the conspirators were native born Brits, how is that for frightening?
My jaw hurts this morning. When I drink, I grind my teeth, really badly. I believe it's because I have some wild ass nightmares, some details I remember, some I do not. All I know is that I have vivid, creepy nightmares. Strangely this doesn't happen when I go to sleep sober. Yet another reason to stop drinking (as if I need one).
Got my 40G Ipod charging so that I can take a long ass walk tonight when I get home from work. I've been filling it up lately and as of right now have 2,126 mp3's. I have to get tweaking because there are a few duplicates, and I want to make a new playlist or two.
today's clip is from The Touchtone Terrorists, and is pretty funny (well I think so anyway). Jack Torz has placed an add in a local newspaper that he is selling his spider monkey. An unsuspecting (aren't they always) gentleman phones him up to inquire, and well, it's pretty obvious Jack shouldn't own a Monkey, or for that matter any pet. Have a listen, you are bound to at least crack a smile. Have a great Friday everyone! Here is da clip:
Laters :)
S1 164
Blogger patti_cake said...
You gotta watch that drinking hon, and I too am a paranoid freak about the terrorist stuff. I won't even get on a puddle jumper plane.

Blogger The_Gay_Dude said...'s one of the things I love about you is your ability to show all sides of yourself....That's what I love in a blogger....I'm not saying others don't do it......but many seem to be fearful of it....To each their own....but I got a kick outta seeing your dorky side :P

Blogger Michael said...
Jim, I am the KING of being embarassed by what I post heh. I honestly thought the audiopost was cute to tell the truth.

As to flying and terrorists...I'm with you that I'm more scared of our own government and what they aren't telling us and what they're doing that they aren't telling. F the media anyway. Don't really truth them either.

Hope to talk to you this weekend buddy.

Blogger Jamie said...
Jim! I missed ya buddy! I'm back to blogging regularly now that we have our own place and internet service too!

I have alot to catch up on!!!

Talk to ya soon!

Blogger Donald said...
No need to be embarassed; we all do dorky things from time to time.
I do enjoy reading your blog. Take care.

Blogger JR said...
I have a problem controling the booze myself. I have been almost not drinking at all lately. My old man has dementia from years of hard drinking and he is super advanced and a heart break to watch. I think a cocktail can be enjoyed, but drunkeness is so bad on so many levels. Im sending vibes of support your way. I have a hard time with that all myself.

I found a book that is supposed to be great. It is a PHD who is both in PSY and Medical background. Her son was an alcholic and had depression pretty bad and took his life. She has you go through this really involved food allergy testing, herbal supplement regiment which boosts your emotions and energy and it is ongoing as she stated that 80 somthing percent of alcholoics have issues with depression. I think that is my and my family history. I followed most of it in the past and it did feel great, but now I am just not touching the stuff much. I want to be able to enjoy a cocktail, but then I worry i dont have the control to do just that.

Not that this is a way to say hey keep on drinking, but they sell mouth guards for sleeping to prevent gridning at your local Target, Walgreens or the like. It really helps with the grinding, trust me. Kalvin wakes me up at night and it sounds like he is chewing marbles. It is frightening.

Sorry, I guess I am Mr advice tonight...

I have been ALL about Persian music lately BTW. I had to look up what exactly Persian was, dont hate me, but I am so in the music I found online and my interest is sparked from knowing of you. What I have read so far online is very interesting about the culture. I love cultures outside of the US. Just wish we could all get along!

Blogger Kalvin said...
You guys and your huge iPods. I guess some of us are happy with little nanos. Maybe you could just podcast...why not? And then I can take you with me on the train!

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