Sunday, August 13, 2006

hm...why am I having the worst time making up my mind? I think we are leaning toward Pulse, but The Descent got very good reviews. I can't remember the last time two excellent horror flics were out at the same time that we actually wanted to see.
The only drawback for me is that The Descent reminds me for some reason of this god-awful flic I bought on On Demand called The Cave ..
Well I am still at it (day 3 in fact) things are looking very good.
I find that distracting myself with projects help the most, and you would not believe how I am doing it this time. So many of you know I am into genealogy .. well that's definitely an understatement. I have a couple genealogy sites and am pretty much the one anyone in my family or circle of friends turn to when they need help. I love it, there is some kind of bizarre rush in uncovering pieces of your ancestral past (whether what you find makes you smile or gasp in horror). I've been at it since before I was old enough to drive (hell even before Jr High). I can remember sitting there at age 11 or 12 with a tape recorder drilling my poor nearly senile 85 year old great grandmother for details on her life and family. I remember the most exiting part was her telling me about the arrival (in New York) of the Titanic victims. She was staying with an Aunt at the time (she was 14 at the time of the sinking) and they all ran down to the pier and watched (as best they could) the people coming in. I mean how fascinating is that?
Anyway, I have been diving in (to genealogy) head first lately to pass the time and currently am extracting into an Excel database the baptisms & marriages from the church records of the Sicilian village (just outside Palermo) where my biological grandmother was born. I have copied the records (thanks to the LDS church) from 1527-1905 and am hoping by putting all the families in a database through extraction (they are in Latin which I thankfully can decipher pretty well) I may share this with others researching this town and find relationships. I already have about 15 cousins worldwide thanks to this endeavor. Here is what one of the records look like:

It is a marriage record for Gaspare LaLamia to Lauria Manfre, 20 April 1655
Oh well, you get the idea, 400 years of records to extract can keep a guy busy. I'm not saying I will do the whole stretch at once, but it's a constructive way to spend my evenings (I think anyway), plus I really enjoy working on this project. Too many people dismiss genealogy as a boring endeavor, trust me, it's soooo not. Every piece of the puzzle you uncover leads to another. In the end, it reads like a Saga of Hollywood proportion (ok maybe that's a bit dramatic, but still!)
I can't believe I am up this early and already drinking coffee, I mean it's Sunday and I don't get the kids for another 4 hours. I am going back to bed for a bit. Hope everyone has a happy and safe rest of the weekend. I know I (we) will...
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Blogger Marko said...
Thats so awesome how you are so much into your heritage. I need to do some investigating on my heritage.

I watched the Descent on Thurs. and I wasnt all that impressed with it, kinda let me down.

Blogger NeiLDC said...
I was happy for you because you have the time to do things like this. You dedicate everysingle moment.. and it was really nice that in the future maybe someone else may use this and it will all because of you! Smile!

Blogger Jim said...
I was luke warm to Descent, kinda predictable and not so scary.

Glad you are able to keep yourself busy with something you obviously love to do, Jim. If you run out of your family history (very doubtful) feel free to investigate mine, our family tree digger has hit a Russian wall.

I've never had success tracking down my fathers side with any certainty. My mom's side is havily documented.

Blogger Kalvin said...
I don't know how you enjoy reading that stuff. Maybe it's because my mother forced me to do things like that. I hope you went to see the Descent because from what I hear that movie is really good, and pulse is supposed to be about as enjoyable as a yeast infection. Hope you had fun with your kids.

See, I saw the Descent and I LOVED it... I'm a huge horror fanatic and hate how all the new movies that are coming out are all about the shock value and how painful you can make the deaths appear, i.e. Saw II, Final Destination III, Hostel, Hills Have Eyes, etc.

Meanwhile, with The Descent, as derivative as it was (it recalled Alien, Alien 2, Alien 3... ok, all the Aliens except the bad one with Winona), it was incredibly well done... It was so disorienting that you didn't know WHAT to expect... and when you expected something to happen, it didn't.

And the acting was pretty great too... I didn't think it was predictable at all.

While I haven't seen Pulse yet, how scary can a movie about haunted email be?

And on another note, I'm always amazed by your ability to trace your genealogy... It's such an amazing thing to be able to follow where you came from. Meanwhile, I can't even keep track of my nephews' and nieces' ages, much less what my great-grandparents names are.

Blogger patti_cake said...
It is VERY interesting to me and i'm in awe of your progress! Hope you had a nice week-end and let us know which movie you saw and how it was.

Blogger Michael said...
I'm dyin to know which one you went to see because I want to see both of those movies. Granted, I saw the Japanese version of Pulse and it was kinda..?? well it was ok but the American one actually looks a bit better.

What an amazing book! I may not be that much into my own geneology, but let me tell ya as a bibliophile, that just rocks!:)

Hope to catch ya later on. Miss chattin with ya.


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